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  1. kingscollector2

    selling cards

    selling many of my hockey cards i have a wide variety of cards
  2. kingscollector2

    lets trade

    who wants to have an internATional hockey card rade with me u send the 1st 20 then ill send 20 then we keep going back and forth
  3. kingscollector2

    Most hated team in NHL.

    personally my most hated team in the nhl is s***sburgh
  4. kingscollector2

    hockey cards

    ya the old hockey packs are one of my favs to get haha i actually have like doubles or triples of my gretzky cards and i even have a zetterberg rookie haha
  5. kingscollector2

    hockey cards

    i have somewhere near 3 gretzky cards and probably 75 different marty turco And patrick roy cards not to mention the many ron hextalls i have