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  1. Holland trades back, I am calling it.
  2. Cool, he's had a couple cool goals. That doesn't make him anything more or less than a middle 6 winger.
  3. Call me when AA scores 80 goals in a season. Also Brett Hull knew his place in the world. He didn't try to do everything on his own at the expense of turn overs, or wasting time. He would get to his position wait for the pass and score. AA tries to do everything, which kills a lot more plays than it makes. And, having watched him from the CHL on, this is a common story with him; he tries to do too much on his own. Because of this he has also had problems with consistency. And that will get worse as teams start to build game plans around defending him. Looking back at scouting reports things like this are said: Guess what? 5 years later, he still has a lot of those issues. I am not saying he's not good, but he is a supporting cast player in the NHL, and an asset that can be used as trade bait, especially with Mantha, Svechnikov, Bertuzzi, knocking on the door on a team that already has Tatar, Nyquist, Larkin, Helm, Abdelkader, among others in the top 9. Holy homer glasses. There is no way he scores 40. Looking over the last 5 seasons, only the most elite goal scores pass 35 goals these days. And AA plays sheltered minutes. People who try to play the goals per 60 minutes game are those who know nothing about hockey. This isn't baseball where all at bats are against the same pitcher and defense. This is hockey, where when and how long you are on the ice drastically changes things. There is no way that he ever is a 40 goal scorer.
  4. His career to this point is a testament to him not passing much. At no level has he ever pilled up assists, not the CHL, AHL or NHL. And given a huge sample size in those leagues plus now the NHL, I doubt it'll change.
  5. Tell any of this to teams like Chicago, who, somehow, are able to flip established fair to good talent into prospects which keep them out of cap hell, keep them young, and give them assets later for bigger trades. Detroit needs to learn how to trade from a place of strength. Yeah, you might have to package a Nyquist and AA with a middle pick for a player worth getting back, but this team is deep on the wing and can afford that. Instead Holland sits on all his players hoping (somehow) biding his time will make the holes magically disappear. In the end you sell high and buy low. Right now AA stock is high, and Detroit is in need of a few more chips.
  6. 3-5 years ago it was being massive. Chasing trends rarely works. And you can't train away low hockey IQ., or else Abdelkader would be a Hart candidate.
  7. AA is severely overrated because he can be flashy. He has two problems though that make him a classic future whipping boy: He has very little hockey IQ and he floats. To the first, watch him with the puck. He rarely passes. When he does, they're usually s***. He often tries to do it all by himself. Most of the time that ends with him losing the puck. High hockey IQ players can read plays, make passes and read defense a lot better than he does. The evidence shows this has been a common problem for him throughout his career too, look at his stat lines, he doesn't get many assists. Everyone screamed for him to get OT time, but the few OT games he played all were the same. He got the puck, kept it, and eventually lost it. Even when there were obvious passes, he held on to it, waiting to do it all on his own. Next he is a huge floater, especially for someone as fast as he is. Watch him in any given game, when the puck is in the d-zone he will float around the blue line hoping to get a pass and breakaway. In the transition when the other side has the puck he doesn't backcheck. With his speed he could easily get back to the d-zone and negate a lot of plays, but he coasts. Once you notice it, you start pulling your hair out, because it's infuriating watching him just not give a s***. He is on my list of players that need to be flipped ASAP, because I doubt he ends up as anything more than a middle six winger and Detroit has way too many of those already.
  8. A lot of old names here. It's too bad that 10 years later it all feels so unreal.
  9. So first Holland is gone, so half my problems are solved. #1 Try to snipe Anaheim or Nashville's defense scouting and development group. This team hasn't developed a real top pairing D-man in over a decade. #2 Trade the any of the following in such a way that prospects/picks come back: Abdelkader, Tatar, Nyquist, Smith, Nielsen, Helm, Howard, AA, and Jurco. These are all complementary pieces. None solve any problem Detroit has now or in the future. #3 Play the next two years as a total youth movement. The team won't make the playoffs, but high draft picks, chemistry and experience>>>>first round exits. #4 Move Blashill back to GR, he was great there. Find a coach that has already handled transitions before. #5 Continue to rebuild until the team is closer to the floor than the ceiling. Once cap flexibility has returned then start to move towards contention through FA/Trades.
  10. Helm's contract, taken right now, in isolation isn't terrible. But, that's not how the world works. The contract is too long for a player of his caliber, on a team with a very easily tapped replacement (AA), for too many years, with a player with injury issues on a team with lots of players with on long term contracts with injury issues. Holland right now is the anti-Bowman. Instead of learning from successful teams on how they deal with the cap, namely trading middling players when it comes close to their paydays and trusting the youth/cheap players to fill in the gaps, Holland has signed or tried to sign every impending FA in recent memory to lifetime contracts. This has left Detroit being the literal worst team this season in dollars spent per win, and will cripple the team down the road when it comes to negotiating with future players.
  11. Abdelkader is too much of a brainless banger to get it. Give it to Danny D.
  12. To those who want Okposo: He's looking at a contract of at least 7 million according to sources and there are rumors that with Stamkos gone that could balloon to near 8, as a lot of teams need to answer scoring concerns. He's got a skill set that has been shown to potentially age like milk and wants a massive contract, well beyond his worth. This could be David Clarkson level bad contract before it's over.
  13. As I said, they both had major red flags. One season of good production shouldn't lead to a long term high dollar contract. And with new league rules on concussion protocol, signing anyone coming off of a head injury isn't a smart idea. Especially one that declined right before they went FA.
  14. Stamjesus the one who was supposed to resurrect this team from the dead.
  15. The American economy, where a lot of these signings occurred, though, is doing wonderfully. I could see your argument if Stamkos was on the board, but with Stamkos off the board Staal becomes one of the top centers available. This was a win-fall for him.