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  1. First, it seems that they have been treating him for awhile. But with these type of things (at least enough to get him on the ice) will be so life altering that it makes sense that he would eventually have to hang them up over it. And I say that with literally two post-graduate degrees to my name in relevant fields and working on my third.
  2. You do realize that he had more goals than any player on Detroit this year? And did it in 13 less games?
  3. Exposing Mrazek screams that Holland wants to sign a UFA to get this team back to bubble status. There is no other reason why he would do it.
  4. But, I fear the flesh may become weak again
  5. AA should stay on the third line. He's still too defensively irresponsible, streaky and greedy to be in the top 6.
  6. How would Detroit even pay what he wants?
  7. Ejdsell is a 21 year old who hasn't cracked SEL yet. The chances of him being a top center are low, and beyond that Chicago and Nashville both want him as well, so it's not even a done deal. Also top centers are a lot harder to find down the draft, boom/bust defense prospects aren't nearly as hard to find.
  8. Unless the best d-man isn't a project player (spoiler alert they all look that way this year), I would draft them lower in the draft this year and focus on getting some centers.
  9. The press release calls him a left wing. If he were used as a center they would call him a center. Especially because he was drafted in the OHL as a center. He was converted to a winger.
  10. It says he wasn't used as a center. He played as far back as juniors on the wing. His skill set and his usage makes him a winger.
  11. He's not a good center. His skill set doesn't work well with being a center. As for the OHL he was listed as a center but he played left wing for the colts:
  12. AA hasn't played significant time as a center in a few years. He was never a very good center in the CHL, because he isn't very good defensively and doesn't distribute the puck at all. He was moved to wing and has pretty much stayed there since. AA is not a center prospect, he is a winger.
  13. This team needs centers much more than D or Ws. They literally have nothing outside of the NHL that resembles a C prospect.
  14. Holland trades back, I am calling it.
  15. Cool, he's had a couple cool goals. That doesn't make him anything more or less than a middle 6 winger.