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  1. Battle of the yellow jerseys for the Final?
  2. Put all these old guys back on the team and we probably would have made the playoffs.
  3. I grew up in Michigan and I never went to a game, it sucks. Would have loved to go this year but being deployed here ruined it. Ugh.
  4. Rather be eliminated than back into the playoffs and lose in the first round..again. It's definitely going to be weird not seeing them in it though.
  5. Wish I was able to see a game there.
  6. Good old days, I miss that NHL.
  7. Man that would be awesome.
  8. Nyquist wins!!
  9. Washington on course for another playoff elimination, unreal.
  10. Add this to the many face palms we had this year
  11. It's definitely weird watching their games on tv. No fans behind the net, and those cars parked in the corners..wtf?
  12. If Chicago wins game 7, they'll go on to win the Cup. A repeat from a few seasons ago.