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  1. I hope there will be more especially Sunday....actually, I expect it.
  2. finally! thank you mantha
  3. saved by the buzzer.... sigh
  4. oh god, its going to be one these games... make the other goalie look good
  5. wow... we cannot get into the zone.
  6. Are they still getting paid after this?
  7. Hmm... There was an article stating red wings giving up free goals. Looks there will be a second.
  8. GDT

    whelp, Petr did his job...
  9. GDT

    shoot somewhere other than the gut... just saying
  10. GDT

    Dear hockey gods, please give us one bounce in our favor
  11. GDT

    urgh... one and done team right now... I will be shocked if we get a goal tonight.