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  1. Regular season holtby.. where you go???
  2. I'd be pretty cool with liljegren at 9. He seems like he has a pretty high ceiling.
  3. I think we can pretty much say goodbye to Tippett, Mittelstadt, and Makar.. would be stoked if one of those three fell to us though.
  4. Sucks but at least Colorado got 4th for how terribad their season was
  5. It's not often a 5-5 game goes to double OT what a snipe for the win too!
  6. RIP
  7. PK stepping up big for the preds! If he stays hot, this series could be over before it really starts.
  8. go Oilers go!
  9. The s*** post of all s*** posts read this yesterday.. got me sooo good. The comments are all pure gold too.
  10. Go preds! Have a bracket pool of 30+ teams and I'm the only one that had them beating the Hawks. Also have them winning the next round.. I want those points no one else in it can get
  11. Go McDavid and friends!
  12. Caps in 7. This is gunna be a good one.. probably with a lot of OT again.
  13. No that was if he came back before age 35. The post retirement rules change after that.. 35+ and he can come back no matter what, without restrictions. I'll look for a source on that. I don't know what happened to the quoted part but the above was re:"Either way isn't it impossible for him to come back? Like all 30 teams have to vote to allow him back. If so no way NJ allows it." edit: here's an article that talks about the post 35 rule change or whatever..
  14. What do they want? How much for Panarin & Keith & them holding half the cap hit? Should be cheap, right?