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  1. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    Yeah if all offers are the same, I'd bet he picks there. Sounds like the Islanders may give him a blank checkbook though.. So I feel like it's mostly between those two.
  2. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    He also met with Colorado.
  3. amato

    News From Around the NHL

  4. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Are the flyers one of those 432 likes? They picked the perfect time to strike
  5. Wayne Simmonds is about the only guy I want.. on a 1 or 2 year deal. Maybe Stralman if like you say we are down 3 veterans (maybe even if we're down two of them), again on a short deal.
  6. amato

    Rumors Thread

    whaaaa. I don't believe whoever that is. I was thinking he'd get 6mill x 4 years ish. I want him on the wings but only for two years max, so I guess what I'm saying is I don't want him on the wings
  7. amato

    2019 Pre-Season

    Ahh makes sense. are those guys really not attending their teams preseasons though? I know pod for sure isn't playing in the nhl next year but still seems weird.
  8. amato

    2019 Pre-Season

    why not?
  9. amato

    Red Wings Development Camp Complete roster for dev camp.
  10. amato

    Red Wings Development Camp

    Schedule announced. Should have rosters sometime before tomorrow. There is a more detailed schedule in the link above. HYPE!
  11. amato

    2019 Draft

    He wouldn't. But just saying that it's not 100% decided that he's going back to the DEL next season. Either way would be good, I'd just rather him start in the AHL for callup potential.
  12. amato

    2019 Draft

    I believe when he got drafted, Seider said something along the lines of he'd go where ever the wings management decided he should. I hope he starts in Grand Rapids
  13. amato

    2019 Draft

    glad we got to see our pick hah. hope they talk to him in like 15 when they're done talking about hughes again
  14. amato

    2019 Draft

    a player AND an awesome nickname for one draft pick? that's just good value.
  15. amato

    2019 Draft

    Sounds like we drafted an aggressive pest with some scoring ability? Love it!