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  1. Injuries, bad performances, etc can cause roster changes.. there's a (probably pretty small) chance that a team that passed on him before would trade "future considerations" for him. That's essentially for free too. Slightly off topic: does anyone know of any evidence of "future considerations" paying off down the line? To me it's always seemed like a legal/formal way of giving away a player and not much more..
  2. Pretty unlikely.. but who knows, things change. I don't blame him for wanting back in the NHL is mostly what I was saying.... The second part of my post was mostly a joke. Would be happy for him if he did manage to get playing time on a contender though.
  3. can't blame him.... who wouldn't want to in his situation?
  4. Can't say I blame him.. go get you a cup drew
  5. Alright mrazek! There's a save that might actually make the sports center top ten
  6. Yeah nice to see them give a s***.. especially in a game I can actually watch most of
  7. Did they give him the extra two because he really sold that high stick?
  8. What a shot! That's why ya play until the buzzer kids
  9. So it does. weird. Google has failed you.... first time for everything?
  11. Based on your list of protects, I think Vegas would take helm. Just a guess obviously.. who knows what else they do around the league. Maybe they'd take howard depending on how the goalie market shakes out. Sproul would be a possibillity too of course but I don't think he'd top their list of red wings expansion picks.
  12. I'd love to have either Duchene or MacKinnon (I believe it was duchene, not landeskog that Colorado was rumored to be open to trading) because a top center is another big need for us but I think the price will be way too high for either of those guys for me to be comfortable with a trade. Honestly I don't know if we have the pieces they'd want.. Plus, a top five pick would likely be a center anyway (or liljegren, who I'd also like).
  13. Fair enough. I thought you meant straight up but yeah, I'd be fine with giving up the first in a package for ether.. I'd really like to win the lottery too though
  14. Pitt plays more offensively and tries to win high scoring games.. sounds like a place Smith might strive. If he were traded there, I wouldn't be surprised if they re-signed him for next season too. In a heartbeat! and I'd take OEL over Trouba any day.. not that I think Trouba is bad, I'd love to have either. But I'd be extremely shocked if ARI ever traded OEL.... especially for just a first.
  15. Green needs to be protected and then traded at next years deadline if we're sellers then. He'd be one of the best rentals on the market.. Losing him for nothing isn't worth the cap relief imo.