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  1. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There's gotta be more to this, right? Does he just not want to play for Toronto??
  2. amato

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    There's no C in TAAAANK *
  3. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    Yeah it'd have to be big. 8x7 sounds risky but he's definitely got the potential to make that pay off big time.
  4. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    Maybe he would've signed a big offer sheet
  5. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    We'll see. We have a far more competent GM. That Keller deal is insane. Or maybe that's what they had to do to convince him to stay in the desert. Who knows.
  6. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    I wouldn't have been upset if we signed him to that contract, but I'm glad we didn't do it. I think he's easily worth the money but I don't think I'd want him for four years.
  7. amato

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Guess the refs are playing their prospects too....
  8. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    Are we sure we've even figured out how to preheat the oven??
  9. amato

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    He had a great career, and did a lot for us, but I do not think that 55 should be retired. I don't think it'll be used for a little while, but Kronwall doesn't quite feel like he belongs with the 5, 9, 19 etc. group.
  10. amato

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    So basically "we'll let you dip your feet into a front office role and see where you belong" Glad to see he's sticking around. Congrats on a great career.
  11. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    Yeah I'd be all over that trade if I were Yzerman. And, honestly, while I think Puljujarvi is worth more than that, I can't really see Holland getting much more than that for him.
  12. amato


    The Seattle Starbucks. Bettman about to get the jersey ads he wants
  13. amato

    Hall of Fame Boards

    Part of me still thinks the rest of you are one person and I'm just sitting here watching you debate yourself.
  14. amato

    Reddit red wings thread

    Was starting to think you shut down this site to get us to go to reddit, @jimmyemeryhunter
  15. amato

    News From Around the NHL

    i'm still 100% convinced that our '02 roster is what caused the salary cap