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  1. It would depend on the return imo, if it's a big deal or not. That said, I'd definitely trust Yzerman to maximize that return.
  2. For sure. Definitely would bring in A LOT. I personally would just hope for another high upside top 6 center in the package. But also I see no reason why Larkin wouldn't re-sign. Time will tell, I suppose. Wouldn't have traded away a 1D either? Not sure what your point is. I'm not saying he's untouchable.. just that I'd rather have a replacement in the deal, than put a 3C at 1C.
  3. Trading Larkin would be a horrible idea unless we're getting another first line center back. Our center depth behind him still isn't great.. although Copp has definitely helped.
  4. amato

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    definitely wouldn't have minded grabbing an extra first to take Monahan. he's a solid player, just needs to stay healthy. Kadri though, wow. I knew it'd be a big contract, but that deal reeks of buyout
  5. amato

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Would also be happy with that. Cooley, Savoie, Gauthier, Geekie, and Lambert all interest me. Would definitely prefer a speedy center.
  6. amato

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Shhhh no, don't let other GMs hear you. Cooley can fall into our laps please.
  7. amato

    Rumors Thread

    OEL with some cap hit retained and pick 15 this year for Zadina, Suter, Washington's 2nd rounder this year, and the blues 2nd rounder next year.
  8. amato

    2022 Draft / UFA

    On top of moving back to a normal schedule, they didn't have Price or Weber all year, and had Drouin, Gallagher, and others miss big chunks of the season. They also buried Caulfield down the depth chart/in the minors until they finally made a coaching change. It's nothing new for them though... Live by the Price, die by the Price.
  9. amato


  10. amato

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    Rumor has it the "drain" was Blashill's mouth. Al wouldn't stand for the piss poor state of this team any longer!
  11. amato

    Vote For Next Coach

    Power play is about the only thing looking good right now and that was all Tanguay. Seems worth a shot.
  12. amato

    Vote For Next Coach

    Promote Alex Tanguay for the rest of the year as a trial run.
  13. amato

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka Sad news. Can't find any real reasoning and both sides aren't commenting yet from the looks of it. Anyone hear anything yet??
  14. amato

    2022 TDL

    Lol same. Idk if LGW will get much for me at this point though... Past my prime.