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  1. Aww yeah! Pretty stoked for these two guys. Here's to a smooth transition to the minors!
  2. Just saw that Mantha goal. Woooeeee looking forward to many more highlight goals from him. LGW!
  3. Was checking out stubhub for a pair of tickets earlier today and the cheapest deal was $74 each. Around the same row in the upper bowl. It was around 90 each on Saturday for the avs game (top couple rows)
  4. Depends.... what's the retail?
  5. Just saw that a fan got hit in the face with a puck that went thru the camera hole in the glass?? Woah also wooo #21!
  6. McCarty pounded respect into their players' teeth!
  7. If we only get to 100, can he hit a post? Sheahan for comback player 2017-18!
  8. Did he at least pick up pickards jock for him?
  9. Yea yea but I'll never root for anything but opening up a good ol fashioned can of whoop ass against the likes of Colorado, Chicago, and Toronto And probably also Montreal haha
  10. I hope the wings beat them tonight too; but I REALLY hope we can beat them out for Nolan Patrick.. taking the rivalry to a whole new level! LGW! Let's bury them 7-0 for old times' sake!
  11. Same but I'm a 90 so slightly younger, maybe.. but to all of my friends and I, that rivalry surrounds our first memories of hockey. It's what made me want to play hockey in the first place and I haven't stopped since. Amazing article, thanks for sharing. I read it like three times over.
  12. Nice! I haven't actually been following him.. he just has a great name
  13. Hampus Melen is a god amongst men.
  14. I guess I could see the players potentially feeling ranked by importance or whatever messing with some egos.. but I would think GMs will be open about who is/isn't being protected with the players themselves whether the lists are public or not. Making the lists public a little before the expansion draft results are announced would get the casual fans more interested in the draft/speculation surrounding it. Obviously most of us on here will still follow and speculate whether the lists are public or not, but i think many more people would actively follow the expansion process with more information being conveniently available to them. The only concern I could see is Vegas using other fan bases reactions as help on who to pick; and even that seems like a little bit of a stretch. I don't think there would be any negative effects of releasing the lists after vegas picks/before their picks are announced.. I guess it's not really a big deal though.
  15. Good info. Samberg is also ranked 89 by future considerations and I'm sure, assuming they use them, the wings will target defenseman with the three third round picks.. hoping one pans out long term. By what you're saying about Samberg, it seems like a decent chance we target him with one of our third round picks. I'd be for it.