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  1. amato

    Rumors Thread

    I would love to get liljegren, don't get me wrong. I might've been his biggest fan around here when he was getting drafted. I could see maybe a Marleau and Liljegren for Helm and Glendog, IF they really view Liljegren as expendable. Mostly because bobcock loves those guys. But I'm not so sure they view him as expendable. He's still a very solid prospect.
  2. amato

    Rumors Thread

    I don't doubt that the leafs may be interested in these guys. But I definitely don't think they're worth a first and liljegren.. I also don't think taking back a year and a half of marleau would help the return value that much.
  3. amato

    Rumors Thread

    I would forgive kenny for everything he's done wrong if he somehow pulled this off and also laugh at the leafs forever
  4. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Just came here to post about this but in tweet form. I was all for bobrovski (just not breaking the bank to get him) but I'm not sure now. Are there any details anywhere yet? Can't watch the video right now so I'm unsure if there are in there but this is what I saw.
  5. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Howard has a higher save percentage and lower GAA than Bobrovski so far this year and is playing on a worse team.
  6. amato

    Mantha out 4 to 6 weeks with hand injury

    Mantha for Malkin confirmed.
  7. amato

    Mantha out 4 to 6 weeks with hand injury

    Zadina time???
  8. amato

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    any word on if its a phone hearing?
  9. amato

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    that and also this. this is about as minor of a roster player trade as it gets.
  10. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Real talk though, I know he's injured right now (and too often so far in his career), but I wonder how sour the Pens are on Murray.. being only 24, you'd think he'll bounce back from his bad start to the year. I wonder if we could get him as part of the deal.
  11. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Ken Holland
  12. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Sabers actually have three this year. Blues 2019 1st from the O'Reilly trade, and Sharks from the Kane trade. Sharks becomes a 2020 1st if the sharks miss playoffs, blues becomes a 2020 1st if their 2019 ends up in the top ten. All this is according to capfriendly anyway.
  13. amato

    Rumors Thread

    Yup. Hell of a year to have an extra 1st round pick. They should hope the Blues finish 11th from the bottom.
  14. amato

    Rumors Thread

    I don't think the blues would trade their 2020 pick... at least not this year. If their 2019 1st that they sent to buffalo ends up in the top ten, they can opt to give buffalo their 2020 first instead.
  15. LETS GOOOO! Is it gametime yet?? work days before holidays drag on sooo slowly.