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  1. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of him or anything but don't hold your breath.. I don't think he's going anywhere.
  2. How do you really feel though??
  3. We should. He still has four years left of NCAA eligibility.. good development opportunity for the young man.
  4. Seems like real team player. Can really buy into the system. Good pickup for sure.
  5. Draft all the defense! Wooo Klingberg was drafted at 131. So clearly this guy is going to be a stud
  6. Petruzelli sounds like the most promising goalie we've drafted in a long time. Maybe I'm wrong but our goalie picks are usually later bloomers right? Was it McCollum in 2008 that was the last wings draft pick that was high ranked?
  7. Our new goalie prospect's coach: "He wants to be in tough situations, whether breakaways, shootouts or odd-man situations," Muskegon coach John LaFontaine said. "You got to love a goalie who is like, 'Bring it on and I'll bail us out.'" Love this pick.
  9. No im happy we didn't trade for him haha
  10. Love the goalie pick. The rest seem pretty solid too. Also we didn't trade way too many picks for Hamonic good stuff all around
  11. Don't know how legit this guy is but he's a goalie analyst of some sort.
  12. thats more than the Hamilton trade hahaha so glad we stayed away. Isles fleeced em.
  13. Former fifth overall pick in the 2015 OHL draft. Neat. Nhl network praised his progress so far too and said expect much more from him next season as well.
  14. looks like he's got a pretty quick release based on this small sample size. I like that.
  15. I see the center comments now. Cool. NHL network error maybe?