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  1. Rumors Thread

    Right?! No way any GM in their right mind would give him that. Unless they know something about the salary cap that we don’t hah
  2. Rumors Thread

    Dreger: “I had an NHL executive tell me earlier this week that someone, if Tavares goes to market, is going to offer a seven-year term and $15 million per"
  3. Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

    And I think he wanted 7 years, then settled for 5.. 7 would’ve been a mistake. I think he’ll slow down toward the end of the contract, but not by much. Dallas definitely has the offensive talent to keep producing.
  4. Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

    I think Tatar still has better days ahead of him. He’s having a rough year, but then again so is a lot of our team. Radulov may be better but I think it’s close. They can both be solid top 6 wingers imo. I was probly one of the ones that didn’t think Radulov would earn his contract.. but yeah, I agree he is so far. Never really doubted him as a player but did think his initial asking price was too high. I think he signed for less than he originally wanted? Usually how negotiations go.. Either way, he’s been good in Dallas so far and I hope he continues to be. I like their team.
  5. Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

    Not to take anything away from Radulov, he's having a great year, but put Tatar with Seguin and Benn and he'd probably double his points too.
  6. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Yeah it’s been frustrating watching him today.. not even moving his feet some of the time. Hopefully it’s just an off night.
  7. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Is it just me or has Mantha been pretty nonexistent this game?
  8. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Yeah Bertuzzi has really impressed in almost every possible way. Just gotta have him tie the game in the third now, and then beat the s*** out of someone for the Gordie Howe Hatty, then win it in the shootout for good measure.
  9. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    More AA breakaways please!
  10. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Can finally watch another game! Two pretty soft calls in a row?
  11. Rumors Thread

    Probably because we’re not planning on trading him? (Unless I missed something) I don’t think they’d mind trading him if the deal were right or whatever.. but that’s far less of a sure thing than Green, Mrazek, and others on that list. Does it matter who gets the 5 games Howard doesn’t play??
  12. Rumors Thread

    Haha yup! BOGO for Ericsson straight up, basically confirmed.
  13. Rumors Thread

    I would still take bogo here.. especially if they retained salary in a deal.
  14. Rumors Thread

    Would definitely take Duclair for a second plus XO.. preferably a conditional second that turns to next years if we have a top ten pick this year. BUT my instant “yeah I’d do that” thought makes me think it’s not enough.. although, maybe they just really want to get something good for him while they can.
  15. Rumors Thread

    and Franson cleared waivers. Heading to the AHL.