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  1. amato

    Joe Thornton

    Gut feeling is that he stays in San Jose and retires.. wouldn't be surprised if a contender got him for some cheap depth though.
  2. amato

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    We definitely have the space opening up to eat a bad contract for a year or two. Would be nice to take advantage of that and stack up some more draft picks.
  3. amato

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Hoesntly, with the state of our defense, I'd claim him. Wow did not think Greene would go for that much. Definitely makes me think our guys might go for at least a little more than a waiver claim
  4. amato

    Bruce Boudreau Fired...

    Wouldn't be opposed. Wanted him before he went to Vegas. I don't know if he's the long term answer but it's very clear that Blashill isn't. The team definitely needs a shake up.
  5. Stack up those loser points and one day we could be a bubble team!
  6. Well this was a fun 2/3 or so of a game....
  7. amato

    Babs got fired

    Can JR take Mike Milbury, Eddie Olczyk, and Pierre McGuire with him? please??
  8. amato

    Wings Sign UFA Malte Stromwall

    *obligatory trade deadline acquisition comment*
  9. amato

    Should the Wings try to sign Lehner July 1st?

    Lehner is a goalie I'd be okay having but wouldn't be thrilled that we signed. He'd be a solid stopgap imo. So would Aaron Dell, as far as UFAs go this year.. if he were to leave the sharks. I'm not sure what the best route would be to avoid it, or if we even should bother trying to avoid it at this awful point in our franchise history, but I REALLY don't want another year of Howard or Bernier being our starting goalie.
  10. amato

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    *starts searching for 2023's McDavid*
  11. amato

    Battle of Alberta

    God, i hope so. That would be a great series.
  12. is it draft lotto time yet?? i need something new to be depressed about....