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  1. Damn I know I've been gone a while but when did this turn into an essay forum NHL phase three of returning to play, which is training camp for playoff teams, is set for July 10th. We may have hockey back by late July
  2. Personally, I feel like we're headed toward a summer playoff with some play in games or maybe best of 3/5 play in series for the bubble teams. Just a gut feeling. I think absolute worst case, they start playoffs when they can with the way the standings are now, but I imagine the league will want to give bubble teams a shot and a "play in week" or whatever marketing name nbc comes up with would also be an exciting way to give fans more playoff quality hockey to make up for the season games they missed.
  3. As if the guy didn't have it bad enough.... positive AND plays on the sens? OOFtober fest.....
  4. I agree it sounds silly. But it just says they're considering it as an alternate. I think it's more so to give the bubble teams a chance, since they should have more games to make their playoff push. A lot of this likely depends on when the league is able to resume.
  5. not sure how i feel about this latest potential development.. but it would likely have less of an impact on next season. if they do this, hopefully only the 7 teams that don't make it get the top three picks raffled off. with all the extra odds going to last place of course
  6. No argument here. Sad but true. Also heard nhl teams have been asked to provide their stadium availability through July. Summer playoffs sounds good.
  7. if the NHL suspends the rest of the regular season, but returns for the normal start of playoffs, these would be the matchups. At least we'd get a couple good rivalry matchups.... EASTERN CONFERENCE Bruins vs. Blue Jackets Capitals vs. Hurricanes Lightning vs. Maple Leafs Flyers vs. Penguins WESTERN CONFERENCE Blues vs. Predators Golden Knights vs. Jets Avalanche vs. Stars Oilers vs. Flames
  8. sure sounds like we're heading to at least a partial suspension of the season
  9. amato


    Scouting trip.
  10. amato


    McDavid also didn't play a game because of this mysterious "illness" designation. What's the common denominator here? THAT'S RIGHT! KEN HOLLAND STARTED THE CORONAVIRUS!
  11. amato

    2020 Playoffs

    this. I just want to see as many rivalry matchups as possible. Edmonton/Calgary Philly/Pittsburgh Boston/Toronto Would also like to see a rematch of Columbus/Tampa. I like Tampa, but it'd be hilarious if they got swept by Columbus again
  12. amato

    2020 NCAA Free Agents

    Both around .500. Michigan I think was expected to be better, and will probably keep improving. State hasn't been good in a while, sadly.
  13. amato

    2020 NCAA Free Agents

    I'm unsure about the Pac 12 as a conference, hockeywise. But Arizona State seems like they keep improving their hockey program. Currently sit at 13th in the NCAA
  14. haha no, sadly not. I don't remember the name that's on it off the top of my head but I assume it's a goalie because it's a huge jersey and is #31.