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  1. Decent game by Ozzie, got a point at least. At least Howard gets some rest for San Jose. I love Ozzie, but this should be his last season.
  2. Great job by the Wings to keep the shots down on Osgood.
  3. Wow, just saw the Three stars. Did they just feel sorry for the Ducks or something, why is Getzlaf second star? Should have been Howard, Franzen and Val.
  4. Seems like one team is always on a decent streak in the Pacific and the Northwest will probably be between the Avalanche and Canucks. But really doesn't matter to me because this feels like one of those years.
  5. Yeah, Pretty much Detroit has ownership over Anaheim this season.
  6. Wings aren't broke, so don't try and fix it. Sure some players could go, but right now I don't see the point.
  7. Ah, ok thanks. Hope the Wings play a solid defensive game against the Kings so Osgood doesn't have to do a ton of trying to stand on his head his first night back.
  8. So why is Rafalski not with Nick? Haven't really been paying attention as much as I'd like to even though I know it was the same against the Ducks.
  9. Terrible, 3/6 stupid Shootout by Calgary and OT by Carolina. At least I put my X2 on the Wings.
  10. Great game by Howard, I think the Wings were sloppy at times but obviously the Ducks were not good enough to get it past Howard.
  11. Deja Vu? is it the first game of the season again? 4 - 0 Shutout?
  12. Lol, Gamecenter live is so far behind the actual game for some reason.
  13. Really? WOW, Ducks got lucky there.
  14. I hate intermissions, always seem to last forever.