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  1. webwing91

  2. Congratulations to the Phoenix Coyotes

    Great, Classy post. As a Phoenix fan, I am very proud of them. They've fought so hard for two years against incredible odds. However, the Wings fight hard too. And rooting for another team this series, I've gained an appreciation for Red Wings hockey I never had when I was just a Wings fan.
  3. Congratulations to the Phoenix Coyotes

    Despite being a Wings fan my whole life, I was definitely cheering for Phoenix this year. However, the Wings really and truly played flawless Red Wings hockey from beginning to end. The Yotes didn't play their game until game 4, but regardless there was no chance for them. There are tougher teams out there, but if they play like they did this series, the Wings will be tough to beat. That said, I am still ridiculously proud of the Phoenix Coyotes. They've done so much with so little, against so much. There is so much hate out there for my city. For my home. But in the midst of this negativity this team has been an inspiration, a beacon of hope. To me these two teams are what hockey and life is all about. Doing things the right way, undeniable heart, and never backing down. Anyways, onto the next series. Go Wings! (And long live the Phoenix Coyotes).
  4. To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    Well this is an article from a writer who writes about the Yotes once a year. He doesn't have any hockey credibility in Phoenix either. Though I will say that a decent number of Wings fans do wear white to the arena: don't see too much red. Anywho, as the Coyotes are my #2 team, I have to pipe up and say there are a lot of good fans in Phoenix and new people being brought into the game every day. I've gotten tons of people interested in hockey in the last couple years and I see a strong future if Hulsizer buys the team.
  5. Around Jobing.com Arena

    It is plenty safe. About 3-5 miles east it starts to get a little shadier, but nothing like a bad area in Detroit. Anything north of the arena is brand new, safe neighborhoods and areas. South of the arena and west into Avondale is safe too, and you're starting to get into the desert at that point so the hotels are probably a bit cheaper. The Renaissance hotel is right next to the arena, but it is quite pricey. I ask that as a visitor to the area, you be respectful while at the game. Cheer for the Wings, wear red, partake in some good natured ribbing, have a good time. But do not get completely obnoxious and belligerent at the game. These games have some of the worst behavior I've ever seen. The only real danger is getting into a fight at or outside the game.
  6. last years phoenix team

    Key Subtractions: C - Matthew Lombardi Probably the player they are missing the most right now, and their biggest weakness (playmaking center). He was defensively responsible, won faceoffs, and his speed was critical for the Yotes as it caused a lot of disruption in the opposing zone and allowed him to carry the puck in instead of dump and chase (an ability the Coyotes sorely lack right now). D - Zybnek Michalek Good matchup/shutdown D that played solid defense and good decisions. F - Wojtek Wolski/Scottie Upshall The 1st line winger for Matthew Lombardi who could make stuff happen on offense but also pull the trigger. Key Additions: D - Rotislav Klesla Good shutdown D (with size) that plays a physical game and makes smart defensive decisions D - Michal Rosival Plays a relatively quiet, reliable defensive game, but also has a great shot. Forwards - Kyle Turris, Mikkel Boedker Rookies that posses the most raw skill on the team outside of Yandle. Have shown flashes of brilliance, but yet to put it together for continuous. If they are able to take their game to the next level for the playoffs, they give the Yotes four solid lines and could be a dangerous offensive threat. But are prone to disappearing for long stretches and are relatively small/easily pushed around. Basically, the defense is as good as last year. The offense is weaker and relies too much on dump and chase/cycle hockey. If everyone steps up, and the Rookies grow up, then the series will be a tough one. Bryz is as good or better than last year.
  7. Good luck from Winnipeg

    From a Phoenician who's moved to Detroit in the last week. BOOO WINNIPEG!!!!. Doesn't look good, but I still hold out hope the Yotes will stay. PHOENIX FOREVER
  8. Who would you rather face in the 1st Round?

    I say Nashville for selfish reasons. My favorite (Wings) and second favorite team (Phoenix) playing each other is pure anguish for me. Don't feel good about celebrating anything that happens in the game. Plus my playoff goals for this year were that the Yotes win 1 playoff series, and the Wings win the cup. But those of you looking for the easier opponent, it's definitely the Yotes. The Yotes are a decent team this year, but not nearly as deep as they were last year. They've got the same great goalie and stout D, but without Lombardi, their forward lines are simply not able to generate any kind of offense. Same goes for Phoenix. Detroit is a better matchup for them because they simply cannot handle the size of the Sharks for any long stretch of time.
  9. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    Certainly some of it is just enjoying to see a great team lose (who doesn't like seeing the Sharks go down year after year eh?). But there is another component, and that also comes from being so successful. Often many Wings fans are elitist. In that they make it known that other fans don't belong there, or are somehow less than Wings fans. I don't know, just sitting and observing as a Wings fan at Coyotes games this year, some other Wings fans were extremely annoying with their arrogance. Coming on here I sense it too, a higher than though attitude. As far as the team, I don't think many fans really hate the team. Except for maybe Holmstrom, when you actually think player by player, there isn't anyone they can really hate. I mean who can't help but appreciate Datsyuk, Z, or Lidstrom? Everything else is things you seem from fans of every team honestly.
  10. Classy

    I disagree. He's not allowed to like other teams? In the end this is a sport and the end goal is to provide entertainment/enjoyment. So if he gets entertainment from watching the Penguins, more power to him. Hockey is an amazing sport that is super fun to watch, and the sport goes beyond one team. And if you saw where I live and are wondering if the Coyotes are my "second" favorite team, yes they are. It's been an amazing ride since I started attention to them at last years deadline and I enjoyed every minute of of it until they drew Detroit in the first round.
  11. Classy

    Just something I've been wondering... if someone threw a bunch of snakes on to the ice at the Joe... would you guys be upset at all? It seems that most of you think that would be great, and honestly how it should be. I don't know. Completely understandable when it is at your own arena, gets the fans in a great mood, and everybody going. But opposing arenas, of course people will get mad at you. They're drunk and they just had a hugely deflating and upsetting loss. Not a big deal either way, got to remember it is just a game. And the finger is really no big deal, now the guy in Columbus last year, that punched a Wings fan... that's over the line.
  12. Stay classy Yotes fans.

    Calm down. Nothing wrong with getting excited about the playoffs. Hard to disagree with either side though, some super annoying Coyotes fans at the games this year, but then again, there were some douchbag Wings fans too. Got to admit that many Wings fans do have that "holier than though" attitude. It will be interesting to see if there are that many Wings fans as in the past at games 1 and 2 as many of those tickets were sold before the opponents were decided. I myself waited and decided not to go incase these two teams did play each other.
  13. Ideal Playoff Matchups

    Please, seems incredibly unlikely that this could happen. I've been watching them all season long, they get no more calls go there way then any other team does. Just like I don't buy that the league "fixed" the cup finals against us last year. The thing I love about hockey the most is that you have to EARN everything, and if I didn't see that in the NHL, then I wouldn't watch.
  14. Hawks talk about possible 1-8 match

    That would be cool, but I don't think it is that much of a movie-esque thing at all. This season thats the Avs or Phoenix. Esepecially Phoenix if you consider how bad everyone thought they would be this year or the perceived sheer lack of talent. I believe I read something along the lines of "A team with Matthew Lombardi as their 1st line center is barely an NHL team" before the start of the season. They really don't have a single star w/ the exception of Bryzgalov. Just a lot of really decent players.
  15. What does having only 9,100 fans look like?

    Are you kidding me? What do you do a tour around city before getting to glendale? 50 Miles west of Phoenix? It's right next to Phoenix! During the school year I'm in Tempe (the east side) and for last nights game I left at 6:15 and got there at 6:55. It's maybe 15 minutes slower if you take the 10 (or 202 to the 10) the whole way. I jump on the 17 and take that to the 10 on the west side, the 17 is going about 65 by 6. The stretch from the 202 to the 17 on the 10 is the worst, but still not a two hour delay like you describe it. And don't tell me its way worse were you're at because I can get to the east side of Mesa in 20 mins from campus.