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  1. In my opinion, most guys there seemed to have fun. But, I think really Ovechkin was the only one to turn it down and with how his seasons been I can see him not being into it. I think there was some guys there that didn't really wanna be, but I think the majority of players seemed to be having fun with it.
  2. My younger brother and I had some fun watching it, since I was home for the weekend. I mean, yeah it's sort of goofy, but if you just enjoy it as a fun diversion before the game the next day it's a lot of fun. Yeah, the breakaway challenge was goofy as hell, but in a fun way. The ministick thing was funny. Besides, they have the serious shootout later, which also didn't dissapoint, even if Datsyuk got eliminated right away. The relay was sort of neat, though I was surprised it seemed so hard to hit those targets with how clean passes look in game. The fastest skater problems I agree with, a lap would be better. Also, I prefer target shooting to be accuracy based not time based, but that's a personal complaint. Overall, it's a cool thing to do for the kids, being able to see all their hockey heroes out doing fun stuff like that. And it's better than just having the game Sunday and that being it. I would also like to say, it's nice they wear their team jerseys Saturday for the skills stuff.
  3. I think Babcock feels it's better for Nyquist to get time playing with the Griffins while they play good then the Wings while they play bad.
  4. Yeah he missed, but the guy tried to pull away and lost his balance. So it looked like a huge hit before you see the slomo.
  5. They said it was going to be a one game thing, though the Wings may keep wearing them or they may show up for more games.
  6. 3-2 Wings. The Wing's will slow down some this game and play better D after the poor closing yesterday. Still, I think it'll be a closer game.
  7. I mean, I understand that people have an issue with Amway as an organization. But Amway has been a great sponsor of the Wings and is part of why the Wings can do what they do. I could understand wanting the Wings to get a new sponsor, but then we'd have "Presented by Ford" or something and someone new would be upset.
  8. If the ban carries then yes, but if the ban doesn't carry no. He'd have to serve another three NHL games. I don't remember what type of suspension he got though.
  9. So why can't we get an energy efficient one that is the exact same? Those lights were part of the classic Joe feel.
  10. That's next year's announcement. Complete with scotch tape and magic marker. Hell, they may even switch Helmets over to Cascade's just to make the players as bush league as possible.
  11. A pretty good viewpoint on the issue, I thought I'd share. I'm not saying the death's aren't tragic but blaming it on fighting is a bit much.
  12. Doesn't Smith just have to be on the depth chart of the game for it to count?
  13. Did they really? That sucks, it was my favorite goal light. It's the light I always think of when I think of goal lights, that big red "alarm" style spinning thing. That's a bummer, I just hope the new one isn't lame or anything when I make it to the Joe this year.
  14. Thank god we aren't having this arguement about a soccer team. The Wings can be "presented by" Amway all they want, it's a sponsor and helps the club out financially. It's pretty hard to name a sports team that has no sponsorships, they need the money. They aren't gonna charge $300 dollars a ticket when they can charge alot less and have a sponsor put up some signage and a small audio blurb. Soccer teams have Sponsor logos right on the chest and Nascar's are covered in sponsors and nobody minds. It doesn't affect anything. We should consider ourselves lucky that Hockey is one of the sports that doesn't logo up the sweaters.
  15. I'm so jealous. I don't have any personal experience with jersey frames but any that's the right size should look. Amazon has them I know and I think even the NHL Store has a few too.