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  1. Bert

    Whiskey Tango . . . How does Bert get two goals, the second with 3:41 remaining to put the Wings up, only to have the team falter and get into a shootout, get a goal in the shootout, and not be one of the game's stars? Is the NHL against Bert? I didn't see the game, and evidently Hank got three assists, fine. But Bert was the reason the rest of the team was able to ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. C'mon NHL! LGRW!
  2. Future retired numbers

    Lock 5 Could really be up there before he actually steps off the ice. Likely 13, 91 (locks if from USA) Fence 30 (top ten numbers (really!) .... Mayberry looks don't help ) Unlikely 14, 24 (locks if whole career as Wing) Better get moving 40 (gone soft since wedding?) One banner 18, 25, & 33, like to see some yeomen up there. Beam me up, Scottie! Scottie Bowman helped redefine this franchise.
  3. One more thing. WE THOUGHT during the 2008 & 2009 Cup Finals that Malkin was the better Pen. And right now Malkin is showing that he IS ALSO the best player in the league (sorry, Pav) so far this season.
  4. I never liked this guy. He's too talented and winning comes too easy for him. He doesn't deserve it. I never liked his smug punk face. I hated the fact that he dissed hockey's post-series handshake tradition, one of the greatest traditions in all of sports, and nobody besides Red Wing fans in the NHL called him out for it. As much as I can't stand him I didn't wish the concussion thing on him. Or the NHL. The NHL is responding, finally. Perhaps Cindy Crosby will eventually find his way back on to the ice. So I can see him get drilled again! Let's go Red Wings!
  5. Jimmy Howard

    Who knows. But, from the way he's played in his seasons as the Red Wing's No.1 goalie UP TO NOW, they're better off riding him hard and putting him away wet. And maybe that was more true than not over the PAST few seasons when he was young and in-NHL-experienced. Continued overplaying of the still young Jimmy-Jim-Jimbo will eventually result in a falloff but until it does play him again, Babs!
  6. End of Detroit News Wings Talk Forum?

    And a helluva forum this is! (and perhaps a bit overwhelming at first). LGRW!
  7. Where'd everybody go? The News abruptly ended Wings Talk a few days ago. I was a member of that forum for several years and became familiar with several posters, many of whom got together at Wings games to talk Red Wings and hockey over a beer (ok, or two). Just wondering how many of those posters are members of this forum and what their screen names were/are. LGRW!