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  1. scottishredwing


  2. scottishredwing

    Throw Your Wings Up (Octopi 2014 Edition)

    Always look forward to his tunes.
  3. scottishredwing

    Giving Thanks

    Hi all. Just wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes and to the boys for beating Boston (My best present even though i got an xbox one with games and a set of turtle beach xo7s lol). This team keeps on giving us a rollercoaster ride which i never tire of being part of the last 23 years. People may disagree with the next bit but thanks Cleary, Bertuzzi & Samuelsson. Your time is up and have had a hard time from the fans but the work you have done helping bring on the young guns has went unnoticed and for that i am grateful. This team of upstarts with the addition of Dats, Z, Alfie Weiss and Big E will be a match for anyone. Roll on 23 in a row!!!
  4. scottishredwing

    4/2 GDT - Bruins 2 at Red Wings 3

    Its my 39th birthday today so Franzen with the hatty(#39 changed to #93) to gift everyone curly fries except me as i live in scotland lol. Seriously any win would do.
  5. scottishredwing

    12/19 GDT: Flames 2 @ Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Tootoo will provide the spark tonight to end the slump. 5-2 Wings win.
  6. scottishredwing

    Cleary re-signs with Detroit, 1 year, $1.75m deal

    Well said. I am happy to have him back.
  7. scottishredwing

    Drew Miller

    Drew Miller to play for Braehead Clan in the EIHL (British League). Will wear #20.
  8. scottishredwing

    Wake me up when september ends!

    How are the rest of you filling your time now the season is done?. Im bored and cant wait for my next redwings fix , Im continually checking this site and the official site for any news. I play xbox to try and pass the time. Anyways have a good offseason and like the title says wake me up when september ends.
  9. scottishredwing

    Thank you #5

    I have been a fan for each and every one of the seasons you played for our beloved wings. There will never be another #5. Thank you for every ounce of effort you gave every single shift. Enjoy your retirement ,you have more than earned it.
  10. Start of free agency !!!!!!

  11. scottishredwing

    XBox Live Gamertags

    R3dwing75 play NHL 12 , FIFA 12 , BF3 , MW3 & Gears 1,2 & 3 plus many more.
  12. scottishredwing

    WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

    Congratulations Nashville. They deserved the series. Obviously changes have to be made but lets not forget the 23 game home winning streak , 21st consecutive playoff appearance and another 100pt season. Yes it has ended all too soon but Im still proud of our team. Maybe next year.
  13. scottishredwing

    WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

    Cant wait for game time. Dont want to think the unthinkable. Dont want to wait till october to see the wings play again. Just win boys. Dont matter by how many . Just win.