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  1. Josh Anderson on Wings radar
  2. I'd take Shattenkirk if Green was moved , much the same player except age of course.
  3. He was on the team for 5 seasons actually and did the job he was asked to do. I think what DD is trying to say is that he had a very good support ing cast whilst a RedWing and when he left to go to the Leafs and then the Jax he's limitations were exposed.
  4. I gotta say that McIlrath has been an absolute beast in these playoffs and I know some on here say he shouldn't make the Wings , but to have that presence as a 6/7 D he must be worth consideration for a roster spot next year. He is leading on the ice and also is a team leading plus 11 so far this postseason. I think he's a RFA but I'd offer him a deal as I feel he's done nothing but impress in his time at GR. Give him a few preseason games next year and then make a decision, he does bring that element that we lack and at the end of the day if we don't then the Vanek deal would be just that 3rd rounder.
  5. I don't get why some folk are so down on players from other leagues ever making it into the show. Every one has to start somewhere and now and then players appear in some other league that go on to make it in the show. I don't need to remind fans that Mr Rafalski plyed his trade in the Swedish and Finnish leagues for 4 years after leaving the NCAA as no team was interested before he got a chance to show what he has. I agree not all will make it but writing players off before they're even seen is a bit premature.
  6. He has signed for a team in the Finnish top tier so I'd say if he doesn't crack the Wings roster he'll play there next season.
  7. Libor Sulak Czech international from the Austrian league.
  8. Labor Sulak Czech international from the Austrian league.
  9. i know we are looking at a couple of NCAA free agents, hopefully Foo is one of them and Brendan Kotyk.
  10. San Jose sharks sign the kid to a 2 year deal
  11. With the rumblings of change happening in Av land this off season and various players supposedly being available for trade, should the Avs Capt be of interest to the Wings front office? Or should we be looking for a top C instead? At 24 he could be seen as a solid top 6 player for another 6-8 years.
  12. Toronto sign 2 Swedish D to 2year deals. Calle Rosen and Andreas Borgman both pen 2 year entry level deals. Both players were undrafted and are 23 and 21 respectively.
  13. Shattenkirk has stated he wants a bigger role and im sure we could offer him that. Trouba could be the hometown boy coming home, this would give us great depth along the blueline and provide that R/L combo on all three D pairings. Biggest problem is losing some big $ on the backend. I always thought a Howard Helm Sproul/Ouellet and a 2nd for Trouba and Copp. If Kenny got both of the above and then look at moving Green. If we managed to get one of the above D then i would keep Green for his final year.
  14. i doubt Kenny could pull it off, but with some juggling and creativity it isn't an impossible scenario.
  15. well one thing, Blash should be getting a good look at players whilst at the worlds, and young Dylan is having a fine tourny so far.