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  1. Cholowski playing really well

    Don't forget about my boy Sulak , top PPG D in the Finnish top league.
  2. Libor Sulak

    He now leads the league in PPG , I think he's got a real shot at making the roster next year.
  3. World Juniors

    Players Im keeping a close watch on are undrafted overage guys that could be a steal?worth a camp invite. Sharangovich C Kurovsky LW Bucek LW Syomin D. Krivosik RW
  4. Slump started last year when,

    Im still here guys, just had some time out. Now have any of you been watching the Jnr Worlds? before i say anymore there are a few dark horses that weren't drafted, look like they could be worth taking a shot at judging by their showing so far.
  5. Slump started last year when,

    I don't get it with a lot of you guys on here. I post something humorous on here to lighten the mood of a lot of posters who are down in the dumps over the recent Wings performance and I get slated for wasting posters time who want to engage in actual conversation? Give me a break, only a complete moron would have taken it seriously in the first place and I assume there's none on this site anyway considering all the intellectual remarks made on most other threads by posters. It was posted to try and lighten the atmosphere as our team struggled to gain a win, but obviously not met in the manner it was intended. I apologise profusely to anyone who's time I have wasted and endeavor not to do so in the future. The word is , sarcasm
  6. [TRADE] Scott Wilson to the Buffalo Sabres

    or our 1st round for a 3rd round pick, now what idiot GM would do that trade if it was suggested ?
  7. Slump started last year when,

    Ever since Kenny lost Marchenko via the waiver wire the Wings haven't had a Russian born player on the roster and their fortune has gone downhill since. To save this franchise returning to the bad days of the early 80's we need to find another Red5 and quick. I would try and get Tryamkin back over the pond with Ogurtsov as his D partner. Then try do a deal with the Bolts for Lipanov and the Jax for Abramov while tanking for baby Svech. Problem sorted Kenny and an entertaining product now on the ice.
  8. Rumors Thread

    something a foot in GR tonight, 19 NHL scouts at the game v Texas. Could be some roster movement but how this will help the Wings im not too sure, whos in GR that would garner such interest i wonder.
  9. Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

    guys,this roster is a fringe playoff contender at best. If we hit anything above a .500 team ill be impressed. i just want all the young guns to take a step forward this year and be more confident in what they are doing. We know what this roster needs but its not getting it anytime soon,so we need the next group to gain more experience for the next 2-3 years and then maybe in 2020 we could have a really competitive team.
  10. 11/25 GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    Basic play for Jensen to execute, off the boards and we would have been on a 2 on 0 , but to throw it where he did was just plain dumb. Still a point more than we looked liked getting.
  11. Rumors Thread

    Ron HextallSteve DuchesneKerry HuffmanMike RicciPeter ForsbergChris SimonTwo first-round picksCash all for #88 remember that trade? 25 years ago , i still can't figure out what the Flyers were on giving that out just trying to say, that anything is possible, but maybe not so much in this day and age.
  12. Rumors Thread

    Big P and Larsson are the Wings future.
  13. So there's over 20 scouts at this game tonight, something is going down for sure.
  14. 2017-18 Lines Thread

    can we bench Blash?
  15. Vegas Golden Knights

    They need to move some of their D, maybe a D with Shipachyov and like u say waive E and A/N could work.