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  1. Off-season moves

    So there is a chance then?
  2. Comparing Eras

    the game is more structured now, netminders overall are alot better and the gap between a 2nd line player and 4th liner isnt as big as it was back then.
  3. Off-season moves

    Nyquist, Sproul, Helm and 2nd 2018 for Trouba & Dano. Mrazek, Ouellet, Sheahan and 1st 2019 for OEL + his lil bro,
  4. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    With 7 potential C on the roster can we, A,use Z less and try to match him against other teams lesser players on the second or even third line. B, keep Larkin on the wing for another year where he has been more prolific on the scoreboard. In this case is Nielsen up for first line duty, he is experienced to play against pipelines and his skating would allow him too. Then we have the problem of 2C , in all likelihood it'll be down to Z to take on that duty. Which would probably suit him better and even more productive than last year. Sheahan gets the nod on the third line C , I fully expect him to have a bounce back year with the right line mates. The fourth line is down to how Blashill wants it to be, grinding shut down then Glendening gets the nod, scoring line the you drop Helm from top 9 wing to center the 4th. On the D , well that is going to be a last week decision as we don't really know who is going to be on LTIR, so that could be one of 4 different combos. So my roster would be, Tatar Nielsen Abdelkader Larkin Zetterberg Mantha Nyquist Sheahan Athanasiou Glendening Helm Bertuzzi Witkowski. D if everyone is fit to go. DeKeyser Jensen Green Daley Kronwall Ericsson Ouellet Sproul.
  5. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    Well hopefully our near $10m duo play like their payroll and it'll help out our average D (at present) which should see us challenge for a post season league position.
  6. Off-season moves

    i think that maybe stretching it abit LW, your putting him in Datsyuks league.
  7. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Holland is going to have to do something this year, unless Kronner Big E Glendog and Mule are all on LTIR at the start of the season in which case this will buy him some time. But something has to give, or in the real world he has to let go of 1 or 2 of his roster guys , and at that ones that carry a higher payroll.
  8. Development Camp

    thing with Setkov, Chris, is for a big guy , he can really fly down the ice. I really like this kids attitude and work ethic hopefully he can put it altogether and be a little bit extra than Big E.
  9. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    How about 00 , Yeah, wasn't #2 Ogie Ogelthorpe jersey number?
  10. Off-season moves

    that is the point KR, anyone can do anything with figures and make them work how they want them to come across, i was using Adams as an example.
  11. Off-season moves

    My point was that a lot of people tend to look at just stats and judge players on that theory, which means Adams could be a steal. I honestly feel that overall Rasmussen will be a great player for us down the line.
  12. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    Good idea, with the current NHLers from Michigan, what roster could you put out ? Would it be able to get in the post season?
  13. Off-season moves

    Rass and Tippetts production in the minors are not much different , for all the hype of Tippett being the sniper he only has 7 more goals than Rass . If you look at it in the bigger picture, we are all raving about trying to get little Svech in next year's draft, yet we have just drafted the leading goalscorer in his league in Adams, who at 6'5" and a RH shot to is a very intriguing prospect. Maybe we could have a very potent huge scoring line within a couple of years, Mantha 6'5" Rass 6'6" Adams 6'5" we've been crying out for size for years, slowly we could be starting to see it happen, just need a couple McCarty type guys for that 4th line.
  14. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    The fact that it has gone to arbitration to me means that Tatar gets traded at the deadline if not before. Maybe this forces Kenny's hand to throw in one of the netminders + Tatar + D prospect and a draft pick and see who's willing to deal. My thoughts would be one of Buffalo, Arizona and maybe San Jose just for them needing a nm upgrade but what top D we could get back I don't know.
  15. Main camp ptos?

    Even with the addition of Daley we all would like to see maybe another upgrade on the player front on the blue line. Maybe the top player without a contract in the UFA list is Franson, which is debatable , are we likely to see a experienced D get a PTO for the Wings coming camp, and if so who would you like to see get an invite. This is obviously depending on Kenny blowing us all away with a mega trade in the meantime!