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  1. His heart is set on a move to D town , but Kenny ain't got the pieces to get it done , just yet?
  2. Have we got ourself a future stud on the back end? Needs to put some weight onto his slender frame but the kid is a point a game in his rookie season in the O , with Saarijarvi going at just under a point per game and Sambrook also keeping the scorer busy things looking good down the line. Hopefully Cholowski also lives up to to his billing and we have some good D in the pipeline.
  3. Ten games and counting
  4. i wouldn't worry about, we'll go on a tare and end up with the 10th pick!
  5. Makes you wonder why the Leafs grabbed him off us. 9 games into his Toronto career and he's a healthy scratch for the ninth time!!
  6. a dozen plus scouts booked in for todays game, 2 defeats this weekend see's Kenny face upto the obvious facts and maybe the sale starts?
  7. Has AA had his skates sharpened today? The guy fell twice in Five seconds
  8. 4 games out of either wild card and 3rd in Atlantic. We play the 2nd best team overall today, can't see us getting anything from that. The sale could begin as early as this coming Wednesday.
  9. Scotty would have sat his ass!
  10. Losing tonight in Minny should start the firesale right?
  11. I would say the Griffins want him back at the Joe asap, didn't do them any favours in his rehab game !!
  12. He wasn't competing for a place against Sproul, Sproul has to beat out a top 4 guy which Marchy wasn't.
  13. Another winner by Kenny, keep losing players for nothing and the roster gets fuller with over the hill vets, I'm glad Marchy got picked up one of a few actual plus players this year, but this roster crunch is all down to Kenny not having the minerals to cut ties with players that need to go. Im afraid he's a dumb captain that's going down with his ship, unless Mr I does what is needed and clears office to start afresh.