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  1. Perry and Getzlaf

    Throughout this offseason the name that continues to be talked about via trade is Bobby Ryan. My question is what about Corey Perry? I know about all the problems Ryan has had with the ducks basically telling Bob Murray to either stop dangling him or trade him. Here is the thing though, if you're Anaheim and Perry and Getzlaf are on the last year of their deals wouldn't you be more inclined to trade one of them as opposed to Ryan due to the fact that you will probably lose one of them if not both for nothing next offseason. I'm not saying that he is available and I have no source to quote but it just seems to make the most sense to mend fences with Ryan and take him off the block and potentially move either Perry or Getzlaf. You have to figure that both won't resign in Ducky land as it'll be their first chance at a big payday via UFA. I know the new CBA will probably keep them from getting a Parise type contract but even after they hash out the new agreement players like Perry and Getzlaf will still get a huge payday just maybe not attached to a 13-14 term. I'm just throwing this out there as we all know it's been a tad slow in red wing land this offseason and No I'm not blaming Holland for all of it.
  2. Mike Modano pondering comeback?

    Ok, this has to be about the most ridiculous post I've ever read on here. First of all it's mOdano not mAdano, if he was your 2nd favorite player you would think you could spell his name. Secondly what stats are you talking about, he had 4 goals and 11 assists in 40 regular season games and had a cool 1 assist in the playoffs, so what forward would his stats have rivaled? Not too sure how this could help this team at all considering emmerton would bring more offensive output then he would now. I was not opposed to the signing a couple years ago but now you've got to be kidding me. As far as the Leadership goes there are plenty of players who have the same qualities he has that are on this roster now. The wings have 16 forwards signed as of now and I'm pretty sure a 42 year old forward who if you're lucky scores 8 goals on the season is not going to help this team one bit. Other than that it was a great post😏
  3. Mike Modano pondering comeback?

    The only place he should go is away. I know the OP didn't mean in Detroit but he shouldn't be playing anywhere, he's 42 and he's got nothing he can offer a team at this point. It's over, great career but c'mon now. Very few players can play in their 40's and he's not one of them.
  4. Mike Modano pondering comeback?

  5. The Next Move

    Sorry I have to do it, LidstrUm... Really?
  6. Has the Detroit diamond lost it's shine?

    While I agree with a chunk of points I will say this, if the wings do trade for a Ryan or a Nash all those points about the depth producing will be moot because we'll have traded them to get one the big name forwards. (especially Nash). Plus finding an above average defenseman is a lot easier said than done. If there was an above average ufa dman available I'm pretty sure kh would have signed him today. If they try to get one via trade that's just more depth heading the other way. It's a tough position right now for the wings and I'm not sure there is a clear answer out there to get this team where we all want them to be. Just my opinion tho
  7. The Next Move

    While I agree it's definitely not time to fully panic there is some serious concern. You mentioned it could be worse, we could be the preds or the devils who actually lost an elite level player off their roster. While this is true, I believe we can all agree that the wings lost possibly the best defenseman of ALL-TIME this off season. Sure it was to retirement as opposed to free agency but lost nonetheless. While I feel for the preds and devils today I honestly dont care as we are fans of the wings and not them. The truth is that the state of this team is not horrific like a Toronto, Montreal or Columbus but it is in some serious jeopardy. Pav and Hank are clearly great but for how much longer? Howard is good but how good and how much is he going to want next year? Filpulla is solid but if he has another decent year i can only imagine what his next contract will look like considering todays market, in my opinion hes good but not the future. Kronwall is our best dman but he's probably hit about as good as he is going to get. Now, outside of the five I just mentioned the rest are just solid role players either in their prime like helm or past their prime like the bertuzzi's and cleary's of the world. As far as prospects, smith will probably be a top 4 d and if all goes well a top 2 d. After that there are no sure fire top 6 f/top 4 d in the system. Sure there are the Nyquist,Tatar, sheahan, jarnkrok in the system but from what we've seen or been told mid level NHL players is probably their ceiling at best and that's probably best case scenario. There is no star in waiting in the system with smith hopefully being the exception and I know all you out there will give me the whole finding a gem in the 6/7th rounds like Pav and hank. The problem is that is few and far between and there is no way to ever bank on that happening often if at all for a while. I guess what I'm saying is if the wings truly want to be contendors without a monster rebuild like the oilers of the world it might be time to open the doors to ALL trade possibilities. As much as I love to watch our stars play I truly believe trading Hank to a team like the Rangers or Flyers could bring back assets that could assure being competitive for a long time. While I'm no gm and just a passionate fan I believe something big has got give for this team to remain an actual true top 10 contender. I hope kh has something up his sleeve but I just don't see it so I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  8. Thank you for that lovely story of you not buying anything NHL and that you get red wing merchandise occasionally for free. Not sure what that has to do with the signing of monster or you trying to defend the city of Toronto which were the topics we were discussing but hey, what can I tell ya. Either way, I hate your city, love the the minimal risk signing for the wings and any wing fan who isn't afraid to pony up $20 for a wing hat or t-shirt would probably say the same about the acquisition of monster. That's enough of this for me, kind actually care about what the wings do today/tomorrow so I'll be responding to real red wing posts. That was fun tho, go marlies!
  9. Couldn't agree LESS. Macdonald is not a viable backup, he doesn't push Jimmy whatsoever and never will. Monster was 17-17-4 with gaa under 3 and save % over .900 last year for the worst team or one of in the league. He's only 27 and will actually push jimmy when he struggles. Great signing, absolutely no reason no to like this.
  10. Predictions on where players will land

    Ya leftwinger, I'm with ya but that's what we hope will happen! I'm just saying you might not see that pan out just because it makes sense to us. I Just have this sinking feeling that kh is going to do quite a bit less than what we all think or want him to do.
  11. Predictions on where players will land

    Realistically, I don't think the wings will sign that many players. I'm thinking Suter and Prust. I'd love the likes of a parise/semin/doan but I just don't see Kenny adding that many players. Just my opinion tho, I hope I'm wrong.
  12. How much would you give up?

    Totally agree but at the same time nj knows wherever they trade him almost all teams will have to shed some kind of money going back . I'm thinkin it wouldn't be a bad sell to the fans keeping parise and trading kovy for franzen because they can save money and bring a 30 goal scorer whos won the cup and will save the team not only almost 3 mill on the cap but even more off it because of how much kovy actually makes. Just a thought I guess but I'm with ya on you're view as well. Here's to hoping
  13. How much would you give up?

    I would give up franzen, emmerton and a first for kovy. If you had to add another low prospect like a Ferraro so be it. Basically dump Johan's bad contract and swap it for kovy's bad contract. Who cares how much he makes, his cap hit is 6.6 which in today's market that's not too bad for an elite player. Yes it is long but so is franzens so I'd much rather kovy's contract than franzen cause hes twice the player. Do it!
  14. Looking at Holland comments.

    Yes it took over 10 years for homer to top 2m but times are different now and the cost of players have risen. If helm signs anything longer than a 2 year deal his annual salary will be just north of 2 mill. Think about it, if he stays healthy which he should he'll produce close to 30 pts and be the wings best forechecker and penalty killer. You have to assume the wings want to keep helm long term so a 5 year deal for 11 mill is not that hard to see. I do agree that Abby shouldn't get much more than 1.1-1.3.
  15. Will there be an impact trade by the wings?

    While I agree the wings didn't win the cup cause of drake in 08 which is absurd, I will say that as well as the team is playing right now that this team is not much different than the one who bowed out to the sharks in the last two years. As nice as it is to see them lead the league in points playoff hockey is an entirely different animal. This team just can't afford to go on offensive slumps in the post season because it will be over before you know it. In my opinion they have to add a true goal scorer to go with all this "puck possession" because you can hold onto the puck all you want but if all your shots continue to come from the perimeter in hopes holmer or cleary bang in a rebound you're asking too much for a long cup run. Franzen is the closest thing the wings have to a true sniper and we all know how he can go missing for a few weeks. As well as Bertuzzi has played this year and I love the guy but we need a true shooter to play with Pav so when dekes out the whole other team and passes it he doesn't get it back it gets hammered in the net. I truly believe the wings will not make the long run we all hope for without some form of a pure goal scorer in this lineup. Just my opinion but I believe it to be the case.