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  1. MibJab

    2013 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

    Who names the child Hampus?
  2. MibJab

    2013 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

    How ironic, I drafted Tyler Bertuzzi with the 2nd round 28th pick in my NHL 12 Dynasty Mode with Detroit. (About 6 months ago)
  3. wonder how many of these guys arent 1st or 2nd round draft picks
  4. MibJab

    ECF - (4) Boston Bruins vs. (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

    Capitals in 5
  5. LOL at 2:22 when the coach wraps his arm around Doughty to draw up a play and he holds a cheesy smile on his face to his teammates. Love it!
  6. Its weird way to end a weird season. This is pretty much the exact same team we'll see next year, can they do it again? How will we fare in the Eastern Conference? Glad we have Jimmy.
  7. went to the game. first playoff game. After our first goal the crowd was banging (dear lord i hope we stop with the chicago sucks chant). After the second goal, crowd was really banging (it was beautiful). Then I feel like so many people were stuck waiting in lines for bathroom or concession (i missed 7 minutes into the 2nd waiting to use the bathroom) and the wings matched the crowd in not really showing up for the 3rd. Also saw 2 fights (one during and one after) all between wings fans. as for the play.. hawks looked slow and steady, on the attack. wings top 2 lines didnt play offense, looked like they were playing not get scored on the whole game (bad strategy if you ask me). Bottom two lines were strong, consistent. Filpula, Franzen, Zetterberg, Datsyuk (aside from dangling all 5 hawks players at one point) (cleary sucks), kinda didn't really notice them at all...and I was at the game! To me, this was rigged. Maybe sports are a sham. I don't know but to sum it up the wings looked like a really talented team, with extremely talented players, holding back on hits, shots, back checking, fore checking, like the mob was gonna get them if they gave 100%. At one point i saw franzen go to hit someone, stop, and then coast by him continuing to coast not seeming to care? The wings that won last series and 3 games this series was not the team we've seen the last 2 games. They don't seem to want to win ( -jimmy, he's always great) especially when they go down a goal or 2. Goodbye $95 (+30 for 3 beers) and 5 hours of my life (+ 1 hour waiting in various lines) OH, and the hawks looked bland, which means the wings looked really bland. For entertainment sake, the spectacle was much greater than the game.
  8. MibJab

    97.1 The Ticket: Hocketown "Dead"?

    What I expect out of 97.1 when i turn it on, say after a 2-0 win like last night is ripping howard, and hating on the wings because they didnt score 5 or more goals, have 3 fights, and the crowd didn't climb the glass and start fighting blackhawks. I feel like they say s*** just to get people on the phone lines. When it comes to Hockey, they are clueless, and what I'm also finding out is so are the people that call in.
  9. Have to expect a crazy Hawks frenzy for game 4. Wings will have to match the intensity and capitalize on the Hawks mistakes from the get go. Great game, great win, great unraveling Hawks team. Complain about the penalties all you want, (bad officiating both ways to be honest) but the Red Wings are the opponent, not the refs. Silly Hawks. Oh, and our 3rd and 4 lines.... That's why we are up 2 games to 1 in the second round.
  10. MibJab

    Eddie Olczyk is very quiet

    Turned it off after the first 5 minutes. Thank god for CBC
  11. MibJab

    Trade Smith ASAP!

    Just wait. Smith is gonna be a top notch player come a few years. He's very mobile, strong on his feet, has a wicked shot, and loves to get involved. Guys got tons of energy and brings it every game. When he learns a little bit how to harness all this energy, his turnovers and positioning will very much improve. When DK is healthy, that'll be quite the tandem. Smith isn't here for no reason, and one rookie season isn't going to cancel out all the years he had in our system. NHL Defense is an acquired skill. This is still his first year.
  12. Our defense would look so much better with Stuart. Smith needs a better partner because he makes too many mistakes and a guy like Quincey isn't going to solidify that pair. We need a number 1 defenseman. Oh, and how come every other team hits the net with rocket hard shots from all over the ice, but the wings only get soft shots from the perimeter or miss the net on an open look? It's the little things that made our older Wings teams successful. Its the little things that makes this team not so good. If I was Babcock, I'd be ripping the hair out of my head being behind the bench for a full 60 minutes.
  13. MibJab

    What does Babs do?

    Tatar - Eaves - Tootoo should all be playing while Sammy, Bert, and Cleary take a seat.
  14. MibJab

    Valtteri Filppula's Value?

    After that giveaway that lead to the 2nd goal of game 6, plus the consistent lack of productivity... 3-3.5 mil at the very most. We need a center that can and will play in the center of the ice. Flip is good defensively, but shies away from the rough stuff and isn't great in the corners. He's a perimeter player that doesn't shoot, which is exactly what the Red Wings have an abundance of. If Helm comes back ever, plus Andersson...There's no room for a guy like Flip. I keep reading about how we should trade him. Can we? His contract is up after the playoffs, if I understand correctly, we can't trade UFA rights, only RFA?
  15. If we had Helm + DK, This series would've been over in 5 games.