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  1. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Hard to develop young defensemen when there are no veteran defensemen on the team. Kronwall will likely be LTIR and that leaves Ericsson and Deke as our veterans when we trade away Green this year. Yuck.
  2. Development Camp

    Been liking what I've heard about cholowski so far. That was a swing for the fences pick by Detroit. Either he is gonna be a major bust or a major steal. Hoping for the latter.
  3. Ouellet signs a 2 year deal

    2 years to prove himself at a decent cap it. I like it. After 2 years some other guys should be ready and if he isn't cutting send him packing.
  4. I'm ok with it. Our veteran defenseman after this season would be Ericsson and Dekeyser. Everyone ok with those two being the leading example of our young defensemen? 3 mill is not bad at all.
  5. Off-season moves

    3 years at 3.1 mill per isn't terrible for Daley. Kronwall won't last this season and we are losing Green at the deadline. Dekeyser and Ericsson would be our veterans at the point. We needed someone to lead the defense.
  6. Off-season moves

    Twitter reporting its pretty much a done deal. Daley to Detroit and Girardi to Tampa https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2017/6/29/15893020/red-wings-contenders-free-agent-defenseman-trevor-daley-nhl-ken-holland-pittsburgh-penguins-detroit
  7. Off-season moves

    Yes! 8 years ago....
  8. Off-season moves

    Yea Holland was the top GM in the league before the cap era because top players showed up at his doorstep ready to take pay cuts to be on the Wings. The salary cap exposed him as a weak "play it safe" GM that doesn't know how to shake things up.
  9. Off-season moves

    5 years ago I would have agreed with you. Now I'm expecting a 7 year 35 million dollar deal for Trevor Daley from Holland.
  10. Off-season moves

    Read that the Wings want a veteran defenseman to bridge the gap between our 9 defense draft picks the last 2 years and when they can play. I'd rather just tank for those years than get stuck with another bad contract. No to Daley or any of those guys unless it's 1-2 years.
  11. Breaking News

    I'll give the Wing the benefit of the doubt for now. It's all best guess. The wings look for certain qualities in the players they draft. I'll trust they saw something in these kids. In 5 years we can all revisit and complain then. For now its matter of opinion.
  12. 2017 Draft

    Sounds like a reach. Really hope they see something in this kid. The Wings are notorious for reaches. But a lot of them pay off.
  13. 2017 Draft

  14. 2017 Draft

    5 years before Carolina gets him on waivers
  15. 2017 Draft

    Holland yet again making a safe pick. Rasmussen mediocre offense and defensively. Good at Alot of things but not great at anything.