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  1. Happy Turtle Day everyone!
  2. There are not a lot, if any, that probably make anyone's team this coming season outside of Patrick, Hischier, and perhaps Vilardi. Even that is suspect. When I hear it's a "weak draft" to me that means no generational players and very few players that are ready to jump into NHL action right away. I think either way we look at it the player we draft sees one more year of amateur hockey before coming to the show unless we get lucky in the lottery.
  3. I think we imagined him scoring more then 33 points and being a -17 when we forked out 6 mill a year. That's what I meant by that. He has been the best blue liner for us but I think we expected a little more of a return from him.
  4. Mike Green did. He was the big fish in the defenseman market and the summer Babcock left we finally got a big free agent. Granted Mike Green hasn't worked out quite like we wanted but you can't argue he wasn't highly sought after that summer.
  5. I think Chelios was referring to the real big fish not wanting to come to Detroit like Parise, Suter, Boyle, Niskanen etc.
  6. What are your guys thoughts on Michael Rasmussen? I've seen a lot of mocks with him going to Detroit and with Detroit playing better than most of the other bottom feeders lately I see us picking 5-10 somewhere which is where I think Rasmussen goes.
  7. Why would Pittsburgh ever need an enforcer when they have Bettman.
  8. A loss last night would have been huge. Would have put AZ right behind us. We have a soft schedule unfortunately so we are going to have to want to tank to be bottom 3.
  9. If March 26th isn't a holiday to you, you aren't a Red Wings fan. #TurtleDay #SweetRevenge My favorite part of the fight besides Mac dropping him with the first punch was him dragging him to the bench and then kneeing him in the face repeatedly. That was when hockey was hockey. They let him continue to play the game and be the OT hero. Nowadays it would have probably been a 10 game suspension.
  10. I'm still watching, but supplementing games with daily fantasy hockey has helped a lot.
  11. Yea this is my biggest knock on Middlestadt. Out of all the forwards projected in the top 7, he is the least NHL ready. I'd rather have a guy that is closer to helping us in the near future instead of another huge project.
  12. If there really was a "conspiracy", Uncle Gary would be smart to give Detroit the top pick and keep the franchise relevant. The league can't afford the wings being the "dead wings" again and losing the huge fan base we have amassed over the past 25 years.
  13. I'd love to see a few games of Svechnikov. He has been tearing it up the last 30 games or so in GR. No reason not to let him get his feet wet.
  14. 19 games left and we are 3rd from last (although we have some games in hand on some teams). Sadly I hope we tank and get either Patrick, Vilardi, Hirschier, or Liljegren.
  15. I never said we would be a playoff team with Datsyuk.