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  1. Go Fun Yourself!

  2. Go Fun Yourself!

  3. The person below me game...

    This is correct. I am happy he is signed. The terms are just fine with me as well. TPBM is all about that bass.
  4. Windsor Man Faces Lifetime LCA Ban For Octopus Throw

    Check out this article from Detroit Free Press: Red Wings: Man not banned for hurling octopus in Little Caesars Arena http://on.freep.com/2wOfIDr
  5. Go Fun Yourself!

  6. Go Fun Yourself!

  7. The person below me game...

    No, partially, no tpb has read and will now recite by memory alone the book of armaments chapter 2 verses 9 thru 21. In its entirety.
  8. 10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why oh why did I agree to go to dinner with my gf and her mom on a night like tonight. Lol GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Vegas Off Ice Trouble Watch

    It was meant in no disrespect to Heff. It's just a funny pic of Tatar on the topic of Vegas.
  10. Vegas Off Ice Trouble Watch

  11. The person below me game...

    I wake up at 5am for work during the week... I am not a morning person... and I love the snow lol TPBM believes they can predict the future by telling us who is going to be the first wing to score In the new arena.
  12. The person below me game...

    Jurco who? the person below me is doing shots
  13. Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day fellow hockey fans I love you all ❤️
  14. The person below me game...

    Yes I would love too. tpbm opened presents today and did NOT find coal
  15. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Hoppy holidays to all