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  1. RT @CoachMotto: Players should want coaches to be hard on them. One way to tell a great player: How they react to being pushed. – Steve Nash

  2. Марко Мендоза конечно мощный альбом выпустил

  3. RT @golubovsky: Так бачу:

  4. RT @SimpsonsQOTD: “If you are looking for trouble, you found it.” #StephenHawking

  5. RT @NGSDetroit: Happy #313Day from the supporters of Detroit’s soccer club.

  6. RT @JeopardySports: “What is: Sunday?” #JeopardySports #NFL

  7. RT @glasshalffulmer: Nobody has to tell me about odds or projections but it would be very fun to me if a bunch of guys outperformed their e…

  8. RT @SpaceBastards: It is Wednesday my dudes. It's also #GivingDayUMD . For every favorite on this post we will receive $1 and for every ret…

  9. RT @RSDcommenter: @skydmagazine Actual photo of Beau writing this piece

  10. @RedWingsMemes The only thought is bon voyage. Please make it happen.

  11. RT @paparoach: ???? who did this? Best meme wins tickets to our headlining tour!

  12. RT @pan_zugzwang: Україна - найкращий край у світі. Цікава мапа з Українського фонологічного букваря «Свою Україну любіть!», що був надруко…

  13. RT @nothing2report: Из-за этого вашего культа молодости меня с 22 лет не покидает ощущение, что я упустил все возможности почувствовать нас…

  14. RT @Whoabot: my reaction to the Tatar trade: Wow

  15. Please, Ken Holland, trade the s*** out of this team. Trade anyone who worth at least a 7th rounder. Trade. Trade.…