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  1. The real datsyuk.

    I'm not sure if this has been posted here before it is rather old however i found it to be a very good read. It's datsyuks story. well parts of it. It shows the kind of person he really is and not just the player we see on the ice. http://mitchalbom.co...is-own-words-Â… Just give it a read. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Would you make this trade?

    Why is everyone hating the mule so much. All the pain and beatings he takes. He has some of the worst luck when it comes to random injuries, however he plays through them. He's a soilder and he fights through it. Remind you of anybody? stevey y? That kind of determination can really help a team out. Now i know comparing him with stevey is a little crazy but he does have a similair pain threshold which can really bring more out of a team. I know he isn't the most amazing power forward, However He plays good for what he makes and i dont think there's been one game we lost that can be soley put in his hands. I say absolutely not this is a terrible trade the wings should not even consider making a counter offer (even though this is bologna) Helmer - too important for our future. Franzen - Soilder, plays hurt, Has a rifle when he actuallyf****** uses it. kindl - not sure about him. i like to think hes getting better. but i'd still take smith over him anyday. and don't see why he didnt get kindls spot. Mike green - One of the worst gambles the wings could make a trade for. i'd give him maybe a 25% chance of helping in anyway at all. there are better options. Laich - He's a center. We have no need for him. Maybe if they threw in semin but thats another gamble. because he doesn't play like what he's worth on the open market or in russia. All i know is, July 1st cannot come soon enough.