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  1. wingedominance13

    Playoff Schedule Wallpaper

    I know the past couple of years I have gone on here and snagged a good wallpaper for the playoff matchup. anyone have a good link?
  2. wingedominance13

    2016 Playoffs % chances (part II)

    Lost four straight and are starting a goalie with 3 career starts next game. #aimfortheisles
  3. wingedominance13

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Supposedly, the tsn tweeters are suggesting that there will also be a rule that players on first 2 years of their ELC will automatically be protected so that means we would not have to use a protection on Larkin.
  4. wingedominance13

    Wings sign Maine Defenseman Dan Renouf

    Watched him play with the Griffs on Saturday night. Long lanky frame and a good skater. Stick skills were not noticeable at all, and every time he touched the puck in the neutral zone he dumped it in, but that can be expected when playing with a new team. At no point did he look out of place tho. Could end up being a solid signing.
  5. wingedominance13


    I must see him post a lot then lol
  6. wingedominance13


    ugh agree on Frk, his hype train in most of these threads is unreal. If Pulkinnen isn't taking off in the NHL, no way Frk can make an impact right away (if ever).
  7. wingedominance13


    I go to the griffins every couple weeks and I do not have very many good things to say about Jenson, whereas I have very good things to say about Russo and XO. Even if you are just watching warmups Jenson just looks small, whereas Mantha looks like a giant on the ice. There is no doubt he can skate but he still gets beat a lot to the outside even with his speed and his offensive ability just doesn't shine through in the games I've been too. He doesn't pass the puck as well as the defenseman he is competing against. Sproul has been a disappointment as well, but at least he is substantially bigger than jenson and throws his weight around a lot more. I personally just don't see an NHLer when looking at Jenson play. The wings have a lot of depth on D in the minors and on a stacked defensive core he just looks like a weak prospect. My last comment is the change in systems between this year and blash's last year really really hurt him. His skating was emphasized under Blash and this year the D aren't quite as active and so he is spending more time defending then igniting the offense which does not seem to work for him.
  8. wingedominance13

    Red Wings Playoff Wall Paper Schedule

    Does anyone have, or have a link to, any good red wings playoff schedule wall paper? Tried but they only have regular season so far, any help would be mucho appreciated.
  9. wingedominance13

    Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    Cole is essentially what the Wings hope Abby becomes. Scored 35 goals with MTL in 2012 and has won a cup. He is a great skater too, you'll notice both Z, Weiss, and Holland have commented on his speed and skating for a guy his size. Great pickup for the cost of the market right now. Could be the difference making it further in the playoffs for us. Haters gonna hate on here bc thats what they do but it was a great two days for the organization.
  10. wingedominance13

    Why is Kindl not playing?

    Babcock stated he is refusing to talk about Kindl. and per usual Khan and St James refuse to actually do their job and report news. Absolutely nothing about Kindl has been reported other than he is not benched because of injury. Best Beat writers in the business.
  11. wingedominance13

    10/23 GDT : Penguins 3 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

  12. wingedominance13

    Monthly schedule wallpapers?

  13. wingedominance13

    2014 Prospects Tournament and Training Camp (Sept. 12-23)

    Does anyone know if any of the prospect games will be televised anywhere?
  14. wingedominance13

    Who would you take in a shootout for the Wings?

    Most shootout goals 1. Jussi Jokinen - 28 2. Pavel Datsyuk - 26 3. Brad Richards - 25 4. Erik Christensen - 24 5. Zach Parise - 24 6. Brad Boyes - 24 7. Radim Vrbata - 24 8. Mikko Koivu - 23 9. Rick Nash - 23 10. Ales Kotalik & Wojtek Wolski - 22 Highest shootout percentage (min. 15 attempts) 1. T.J. Oshie - 57.9% (11/19) 2. Frans Nielsen - 57.1% (16/28) 3. Jarret Stoll - 56.5 % (13/23) 4. Erik Christensen - 52.2% (24/46) 5. Michael Handzus - 52.2% (12/23) 6. Ales Kotalik - 50% (22/44) 7. Shawn Horcoff - 50% (9/18) 8. Jonathan Toews - 48.8% (20/41) 9. Pavel Datsyuk - 48.1% (26/54) 10. Zach Parise - 47.1% (24/51) ​For reference this was 2011 stats I couldn't find anything more recent
  15. wingedominance13

    Who would you take in a shootout for the Wings?

    Read an article about this today, I'll post it at the bottom. But interesting thought on who you would take in a shootout if the season was on the line. Personally, I'd go Datsyuk, Jurco, Tatar. But Jurco has yet to take very many shootouts in the NHL. (looked around for a similar thread couldn't find one, if i am in error please merge)