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  1. like how Bert was sent out after that. Shut down Perry!!!!
  2. Cleary is now off the hook.....maybe Filp wants to stay in Detroit
  3. lol. so true
  4. GDT

    Might be because he plays against top lines and him and Pav get double teamed all the F'n time!!
  5. GDT

    Hey, hes got the same kinda ears as me.)
  6. GDT

  7. GDT

    R U kiddin me!! TAKE THE SHOT Z! stop tryin to set up your budy Brunner all the time!!!!
  8. GDT

    Seems like when Babs doesnt dress him against the Sharks they win?
  9. So you think he was going to sign with Detroit for only 2mil more? Didnt he get over 7.5mil until the year 2025? No thanx
  10. like really? Wings will make the playoffs, its just going to get interesting this summer
  11. HE WILL BE THE NEXT LIDDY!!!!lol watchin the flamers game now, nice to see hudler suffer for his greed! Enjoy that contract *****!
  12. yep. its all about you. you da man kewl guy!
  13. This guy is f***in with us right?
  14. Nice to see Danny D can hold his own. I say keep him up!