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  1. Hard to believe Vanek had 12 min of ice time. Miller had more. Glenny had 2nd most on the team.
  2. Sergei had the talent to be one. Maybe not the mental. It is kind of a mystery as to why his super elite dominance fell off mid 20s. Lack of focus in the regular season I guess. It always came back for the playoffs though.
  3. Not a lot of names for casual fans but purists know this a very solid and respectable list (Makarov should have been in years ago). Hopefully next year Kariya gets in with Selanne. Selanne Kariya Recchi Fleury/Alfredsson Year of the wingers?
  4. I would have taken him but I'm not broken up about it. I think he has the skill to be a top 10 winger but he's a bottom 10 winger in class. I'm okay with Vanek at 2.6m over Radulov at 5.5m.
  5. Howe Lidstrom Yzerman Fedorov Datsyuk HM: Kelly, Sawchuk (I don't know enough about goaltending to compare to skaters)
  6. The old logo is cheesy but this is bland and uninspired. I'll take cheesy over boring all day. I agree with others it looks like a soccer or car logo.
  7. I only mentioned Hudler cause that'd be a classic Holland move. Obviously I'd rather see Backes or Okposo.
  8. Radulov would not score less than 40 points in the NHL in a full season. That just won't happen even in our anemic offense. The guy is a two-way (this I'm not sure about but he did gather Selke votes in the NHL) stud who dominates his league and in international competition. When the NHL stars went over there during the lockout his production was right below Malkin and above guys like Datsyuk. It's not unreasonable to think he'd be a top 12-15 winger in the NHL near the level of someone like Panarin or Kucharov. Most russian fans put him above those guys anyway. I don't think he'd produce as well as Panarin beause not every team has a Kane to play with. The issue isn't this guys talent.. it's that he's a grade A ******. Typically that isn't our style. 50-58 points on a team like ours. 60-70 points on a top 10 team. And in today's unfortunate NHL that's big time first line status.
  9. Kip's scenario is pretty much the dream (maybe the ultimate dream would include Stamkos). I think we all know how it's more likely to end up.. Larkin-Z-Abby Tatar-Sheahan-Hudler (he's a UFA right?) AA-E.Staal(our traditional past his prime allstar signing)-Jurco Miller-Glen-Helm Pulk E-Kronwall Green-DD one of our Griffins that ran out of options-March Smith I took Quincey out as I'm not cynical enough to believe Holland would keep the same D lineup and completely let our guys out of options out the door. I'd imagine the capspace would be needed as well.
  10. I can't really decide who to root for but it'll be some great hockey played. I'm just glad the Kings, Ducks, and Hawks are out.
  11. It's too bad really as I was really looking forward to a new arena. I love the history at the Joe but the place is really a dump these days. I guess be careful what you wish for. I agree with others that the biggest kick in the nuts is the stupid LC logo is replacing the beautiful LED lit Winged Wheel. Way to get the fans hopes up with that one.
  12. Don't have to make these I'm just more or less reminiscing. Draper's OT goal vs WSH, Maltby's 3 blocks without a stick vs STL, Helm's shift vs Chi, Z's Conn Smythe shift, etc. Dmac's goal in 97 is a no brainer.
  13. To those not in the know he is at least a top 15 winger in the world, maybe top 10. I'd take him over Nyquist or Tatar any day of the freaking week and twice on sundays. The issue is his attitude and commitment. edit: That clip with him hitting the coach. Holy s***. Maybe I wouldn't take him over Nyquist or Tatar. He's still a possible top 10 Winger for whom ever signs him though.
  14. Unfortunately it isn't as rare as you'd think across the league. Goal scoring is almost 2004 levels now.
  15. Crawford is a circus act. I'd rather see someone like Ron Wilson if we're going names.