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  1. 2017 Draft

    As of today, we are sitting in the 3rd draft slot (yes - what a beautiful sight), yet only 4-6 points back of a playoff position. Still, given the number of teams ahead of us, there is no realistic path to extending our playoff streak so hopefully Kenny can shift his focus on acquiring draft picks. For all of you fans that think with your heart and not your head, please understand why having our name on a few more ping-pong balls this June is more important than getting a couple more wins next week, extending the streak in April or playing meaningful games the balance of the season. If we can lock into that 11.5% chance to draft Nolan Patrick - sign me up! Even if we can crack the top 2 and draft Hischier - I'd be thrilled to roster Patrick/Hischier - Larkin - Athanasiou down the middle the next decade... This "re-build" wont take very long.
  2. The Youth Movement

    I agree that Svechnikov isn't exactly lighting it up this year. But I also didn't say he should be called up - actually I didn't name any specific "kid" in my post? I don't know where that came from... Regardless, if your opinion is that some players (Lorito, Street, and Criscuolo) are outplaying other players (Svechnikov) - my statement suggests that those "kids" should be called up because we don't have anything to lose... I disagree that bringing up a player in March (for a 10 game stint) without any pressure can ruin his development... Most of the time, that small experience makes you a better player.
  3. Next 8 games may crush this team.

    You should not be a motivational speaker. But you are not wrong.
  4. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    Less of Ken Holland would be more exciting.
  5. The Youth Movement

    Then we miss the playoffs...The exact same way we are going to miss the playoffs this year with even our best roster. The only difference is we may end up with the 3rd pick (which we are 1 point away from) instead of the 10th pick (which we are 4 points away from), obviously a big difference on draft night - even in a less than inspiring pool of prospects. I'm not sure why anyone would be opposed to letting our kids gain NHL experience in a season without a realistic path to the playoffs. Playoff Streak/Winning Culture/Brilliant Management who can "re-tool" on the fly = blah blah blah shoot me in the head... This team hasn't won a playoff series in 4 years and we've permanently lost Datsyuk, Franzen and Babcock in that time. The only way this team becomes relevant again in the near future is with at least 3 top 10 picks in the next 3 drafts. I'm as big a fan as the next guy, but it's time to be realistic here folks...
  6. Jeff Blashill

    The only way we should re-build is through the draft. We lack high-end talent, and we like high-end prospects. This is the result of managing a team with the goal of making the playoffs every year, and refusing to take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward. I literally cringe when we sign a Brad Richards or a Tomas Vanek, because I know those players were Holland's last piece - of a 1 piece away team - from making the playoffs, not winning the cup. The type of re-build I think we are looking at involves several years, and by the time you have to pay any of those players any significant money - most of our bad contracts will be gone. Disagree with a rebuild? In 5 years from now, what franchise talent will we have on this team? Is Dylan Larkin that guy - I don't know. Mrazek could be, but are any of our defencemen? Probably not. Who cares about "the streak" when all of our energy is spent on extending it?
  7. Jeff Blashill

    If your argument is that these players are not good, how does being on the team a few more years interfere with our plan to build a contender the right way (draft)?
  8. Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Last change. You're 4th line is always less effective on the road because they can't get their matchups. Don't you remember losing a playoff series in 2015 primarily because our (4th line, terrible at hockey, brutal corsi) center went down with an injury in game 4 - which directly lead to the emergence of the line he had completely shut down to that point in that game, as well as the entire home game previous? It's extremely hard to argue that Glendenning's injury didn't cost us that game, and collaterally a 3-1 series lead. Everyone likes to throw numbers around, but I can't remember losing a player who was truly above replacement in a while. Even if you argue that Pulkinnen isn't a great player (which he certainly is not), but might have been a great trade chip - well that's to assume that Holland hasn't been trying to trade him for 2 years? Who knows what his value was or if anyone was willing to take him in a trade - knowing they would face this same scenario we did. All in all, the Landon Ferraro, Teemu Pulkinnen and Anrej Nestrasil's of the world are at the very least replaceable in every draft class, and hold little value as trade chips - because teams know they can probably find equal talent at the end of each year. The point I'm making is that our 4th line will certainly not be our problem this year - and none of Frk, Pulkinnen, Ferrarro, Jurco, or Mantha would have been our savior since none of those guys play respectable defence at the NHL level... Something we truly lack. Trouba better be on his way.
  9. Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    It's funny how much emphasis is placed on our 4th lines Corsi % in a road game, which should have taught almost anyone with a functional hockey mind that our defence is the biggest problem we have... what a joke. Our team will not make the post-season with that top 6, even when you subtract Oulette for Kronwall. Petr Mrazek may have played the best 5 GA game ever witnessed.
  10. Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Draper in his prime was a 30-40 Point Per Season player. In perspective, last season we didn't have a single player who scored over 50 points. The point is that Draper was not a typical 4th line player in 1997-98, but played that low on our team because of the depth we had at forward ahead of him - which would be financially impossible to replicate in today's NHL.
  11. Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    While I agree that analytics are an integral part of building a contending team, it can very difficult to apply them to 4th line players. For Instance, Drew Miller isn't on this roster to score goals or drive possession, nor would most consider him to be a "gritty" player. He kills penalties and blocks shots better than almost anyone else we have... so he makes this team as a 4th line winger. I haven't looked myself but I'll take your word that Glendenning and Ott rank amongst the worst players in CA/60, but they are also 4th line players who are historically charged with individual matchups/defensive zone faceoffs/to provide energy and/or penalty killing. I don't know if you remember, but when Luke Glendenning got injured in the 2015 Playoffs (Round 1/Game 4) against Tampa, we had a 2-0 lead in the game (with a 2-1 lead in the series), and then the entire momentum shifted. Our 4th line (anchored by Glendenning) had dominated our home matchups against "the kid line" and when he went down in that 3rd period, Tyler Johnson took over the game and finished 2 G AND 1 assist (including the OT winner on a 2 on1) to tie the series. I have no idea what Glendenning's CA/60 would have shown up to that point - but I am sure that his injury cost us that series.
  12. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    In a weird way - your buddy Brendan Smith may actually be the saviour here. He would probably fit well on a pairing with Tyler Myers, and his advanced stats show that he is developing nicely. If you could start with Smith, throw in Oulette and Bertuzi/Svechnikov + a 2nd, I really don't see WPG balking at that offer - and we could afford it. Sign him for 6 X 5,250,000 (Same ballpark as Rielly, Seth Jones, Dougie Hamilton) and you have your future top pairing in DK - TROUBA for the next 10 years.
  13. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Although I've long been an advocate for trading for Jacob Trouba the past year or so, the harsh reality remains: Ken Holland is our GM, and Ken Holland doesn't overpay for impact players. No, I don't consider David Legwand or Erik Cole (at the time we acquired them as pending UFA's) impact type players - and although the price was steep, the return for those two players won't be in the same ballpark as what Trouba will command. Just to ruin everyone's Tuesday - which is for some reason the worst day of the week anyway...Take a look at the most recent trades involving an impact Right Handed Defencemen - and what the return was: June 29th - PK SUBBAN - Cost NSH Shea Weber. June 29th - SHEA WEBER - Cost MTL PK Subban. June 29th - ADAM LARSSON - Cost EDM Taylor Hall. May 2th - ERIK GUDBRANSON - Cost VAN Jared Mccann, The 38th overall pick, and the 94th overall pick in 2016. Jan 6h - SETH JONES - Cost CBJ Ryan Johansen. June 26th (2015) - DOUGIE HAMILTON - Cost CGY The 15th overall. 45th overall, and 52nd overall picks in 2015. The early reports out of Winnipeg suggest the Jets are looking for a young, slightly less valuable, left handed version of Trouba to pair with Myers or Buff... Which means we likely have to include Dekeyser in a package that would also require prospects, maybe scoring depth. Forget about Kronwall, Ericsson, Marchenko or Green as these players don't line up with what WPG is looking for... and unfortunately, given the market value of RHD, I don't think the cost of this trade is ultimately what Ken Holland is looking for either. Pipe Dream: Smith (because Advanced Stats), Nyquist (Because he's the slightly worse/more expensive version of Tatar), Oulette (Everyone's favorite throw in) and maybe Svechnikov or a 1st Rounder in 2017... Which is too expensive for us, and probably not even enough for them. Oh well.
  14. Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

    This is actually a very logical post that hopefully ends the posts claiming: "OMG it's not 30 hours away people, don't you guys get that airplanes are way faster than cars". Thanks for the helpful insight. So instead of a 30 hour drive in his AvtoVAZ, he's actually only an 8 hour travel commitment away from his daughter - which means his excuse (to walk out on a commitment in which he was contractually obligated to fulfil) that has everyone siding with him, is actually bull$***. Truth be told, he has 2-3 good years of hockey left and probably wants to win something before he's done. He picked a team in Russia that paid him a reasonable base salary (packed with performance based incentives I'm sure) with a good chance to win and never looked back. Who can fault him for doing something he'd rather do, right? Unfortunately that's why multi-million dollar contracts exist... To prevent people from doing something they feel like doing more, because they don't really feel like doing the first thing anymore, that much. Great player, great career - but I stand by what Ive said so many times - he handled his departure worse than any other notable Detroit Red Wing, and shouldn't be recognized much moving forward.
  15. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Hindsight is 20/20. I was happy about the Ericsson contract when it was announced, after watching him play on the top pairing with Kronwall the majority of that season. I was also happy about the Weiss, Modano, and Howard (after making an all star team) signings when they happened as well.