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  2. wings tickets for the game friday 12/16

    If you check the Red Wings twitter page on gameday, they will often announce that the game has is open to military and student rush and for most games the tickets are $15 for the upper bowl and $40 at the box office or $5 extra if ordered over the phone. I've done this for the past 5 games I've gone to and it works well because you get a darn good seat most of the time. I don't know if you bought the tickets yet but check some 3rd party ticket websites, they can usually offer a better deal because $35 for that section isn't the greatest deal.
  3. Season Opener?

    College, man lol It wasn't too bad for me, I park right by the Hard Rock so the freeway is fairly easy to get to.
  4. Season Opener?

    Ended up going, really glad I did. Thanks for the advice, guys!
  5. Season Opener?

    So I have the option to buy a ticket to tomorrow's season opener against Boston but I'm kind of on the fence. I plan on going to multiple games this year so that's not an issue. It would be slightly inconvenient to go, but if the atmosphere is really good it would be worth it. So my question is what is the atmosphere like on the first game of the year? For reference I've been to playoff games, weekend games, and weekday games and they all have different feels to them.
  6. Who is YOUR most under-appreciated/unsung Red Wing?

    Darren McCarty. Everyone has a favorite McCarty moment (likely involving Claude Lemieux) and I'd love it if the Wings could sign another player like him. Dude just worked every shift.
  7. Least Favorite Wings Players

    "problem is our top 6 is a lot of the same typ of players and Abby doesn't belong in the top 6." Is Abs a top 6 player? Probably not. But he goes so well with Pav.
  8. Least Favorite Wings Players

    Want to start out by saying this isn't saying that I necessarily dislike our guys, there's just some I prefer less than others. Mine is Bertuzzi. He's been a healthy scratch lately and it's easy to see why. He's old and he just plays slow which doesn't really fit with the team. There's going to be a lot of repeats and that's fine, just state your reasoning.
  9. Gus & Tatar almost traded to Calgary per McKenzie

    Goose and Tatar probably would not have had anywhere near the success they have had in Detroit if they were playing in Calgary. Here they weren't fighting off vets for more playing time. As someone said before, the injuries were kind of a blessing in disguise because it really allowed the kid line to flourish.
  10. % chance of making the playoffs

    You're right, my bad. A few weeks ago the playoffs looked like more of a dream than a goal but it's looking more and more likely as long as they can keep scoring like they have and don't give up games against the weaker teams down the stretch.
  11. % chance of making the playoffs

    Currently at 66.5% Detroit vs Minnesota +8.0 (-12.4) New Jersey vs Toronto +2.0 (-2.0) NY Islanders vs Columbus +2.5 (-1.6) Numbers for today from the same site listed above.
  12. % chance of making the playoffs

    I feel like that wouldn't utilize Helmer as much as they could. He would do fine on a line like that but his speed makes him so dangerous and with that trio he might only get chances every now and then.
  13. % chance of making the playoffs

    I agree in keeping that new kid line together, they always seem to make things happen. I want so badly to love glendening but him on the same line as abs might be a line that will rarely score.
  14. % chance of making the playoffs

    That 3rd D pairing is just asking for it any way you combine them. I'm not a huge bert fan but I feel he deserves a spot too. Also if Helm can stay healthy for any amount of time he gives me much more confidence in our PK.Weiss is also supposed to return soon but honestly not sure if he would have any immediate impact considering he's been out so long.