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  1. I still remember that slap shot to the face....one of the most cringe worthy injuries I have ever seen.
  2. To be fair, Dickie didn't say anything about us playing for a cup, he was talking about us being a playoff team. I think people really underestimate the parity in today's NHL. The difference between being a lottery pick and an 8th seed is much closer then you think. Look at TB, Dal Columbus etc. All examples of how a team can go from being on top, to out of it just like that and vice versa. Now, contending for a cup, that is a different story.
  3. To be fair, everyone here is assessing this hit based on the rules in North America. Who knows what defines a "clean hit" in Russia.
  4. Ya unfortunately the Kronwall/E regressions forced this as its definitely our biggest issue. Take out Kronwall/E, give us say Keith/Seabrook and all of a sudden we have an elite D. Now I'm sure almost every team could say this, but my point is that we lack that #1 and #2 guy right now. DD/Green are a very good 2nd pairing, and between XO, Sproul, Russo, Hickets, and Jensen we can easily put together a very good 3rd pairing. Hopefully we can pull off a trade this off-season. I wonder if DD/Tatar would get the Trouba convo going again?
  5. I agree with you in theory, but practically speaking this team has struggled big time in acquiring/developing top 4 d-men. I would hate to trade the one we have that is still young enough to improve and be here when we contend again. 5mil in a few years for a #4 d-man will not be that bad. Now if we can swap him for a better D-man, do it.
  6. I have a strong feeling that once he scores, his second will be shortly after. At this point I think it's likely in his head and completely messing with him mentally.
  7. Obvioulsy this season is a lost cause, but do think that in management/ownerships eyes next year the goal will be to make the playoffs.
  8. This was discussed on the previous page. Firing Blashill right now would be an incredibly stupid move if he is as bad of a coach as so many around here think. You bring in a better coach, and what happens is they improve the team immediately when it means nothing, then we shoot up the standings not in the playoffs, but away from a top pick. Organization is not f***ed up for not firing Blashill now. Come end of the season and he's still here, then your issue with not firing him would hold merit.
  9. There is a lot of truth to this comment. We are out of it, to fire him now and bring in say a Hitchcock who could possibly turn it around to the point where we shoot up the standings and just barely don't make the playoffs would be worst case scenario.
  10. As long as they have Kane, Keith and Seabrook at an elite level they will always be dangerous unless they are surrounded by 4th liners.
  11. It was against us lol
  12. Detroit/Colorado was pretty crazy and I agree nothing will likely get to that level, but I would say the closest in modern time was Philly/Pit which was intense in its own right.
  13. I actually don't have an issue with Blashill being hard on the kids. Vets are what they are, it's very hard to take a player close to 30+ and change the stupid little things that they do (not that you shouldnt still try). When you have a 20 year old kid, they are like clay and you can mold them quite easily into the best player possible, so when that when they get older they do all of those small things that coaches harp on all the time. This doesn't mean I love Blashill or think his overall system is any good, but you will rarely see kids be treated the exact same as a vet by any NHL coach.
  14. I actually heard an interview on 97.1 yesterday where Blashill spoke about Larkin, his exact words (well close to exact) about him now playing center were "Larkin has the potential to become an elite 2 way center". Nothing about him being a power forward.
  15. That's right it was the Islanders, my bad. Didn't the same thing happen the other way around? We had a kid that they signed after not signing a ELC with us?