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  1. kliq

    Rumors Thread

    lol no I did not! I thought it was just rumored for July 1st, I didnt realize that Philly traded for his rights. Oh those poor Philly fans lol.
  2. kliq

    Rumors Thread

    Every time a lockout happens, media fans, execs etc. point at certain stupid contracts that messed with the market. Sometimes GM's are fooled and players regress or suffer an injury. Other times, EVERYONE saw a bad contract coming yet a a stupid/desperate GM does it anyways. If Kevin Hayes gets paid 7mil plus, this is one of those times.
  3. kliq

    2019 Draft

    Ill say the exact same thing about this pick as I did about Ras back in 2017. While it may not look like the best choice right now, Ill wait to see what happens before I judge. I do trust Yzerman, and if he and his team saw something in the kid, I'm sure there is something there. I do wish he traded down though.
  4. kliq

    2019 Draft

    Didn't Holland essentially do this exact type of move in 2017 with Ras? Sure he's a forward, but everything else you're saying matches up.
  5. kliq

    2019 Draft

    Oh man! If Holland made that pick, this place would be BLOWING UP!
  6. kliq

    2019 Draft

    Just curious, what are your thoughts on Cole Caufield? I havent been following the draft too much, but I just watched Bob McKenzie's draft preview and among the guys in our range, him and Dach got my interest. McKenzie called him easily the best goal scorer in the draft.
  7. kliq

    News From Around the NHL

    This is clearly in reference to RFA's, any of the over payments Holland ever made was to UFA's. Exactly.
  8. kliq

    News From Around the NHL

    Not a bad move by the rags....if they can’t sign him by the trade deadline, they can always move him for a 1st + to a contender.
  9. kliq

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    This will be very interesting, Tippet was always known for having nothing special on his rosters, but getting the most out of them. Now he is coaching a team that has the elite of the elite talent wise, but arent performing. Very curious to see what he can do.
  10. kliq

    Mantha Blossoming

    Agreed, rumblings were always that Illitch was super proud of the streak.
  11. kliq

    Mantha Blossoming

    Would you expect an extension? Or would you give up all those assets for two years of RNH?
  12. kliq

    Mantha Blossoming

    Forgot about the Qunicey trade, I agree with you there. I didnt mind the Lang trade, at the time he was #1 in the NHL in points, to get a player with that type of production you have to give up something. Agreed, he wasnt fleeced, those are the only trades I could think of that were even really somewhat bad in hindsight. Like I said above, I forgot about the Quincey trade. We essentially lost out on Maanta as we were never taking a goalie.
  13. kliq

    Mantha Blossoming

    You implying that Holland typically gets fleeced? When has he ever been fleeced? You can argue the Legwand and Cole trades were bad in hindsight, but I can't ever remember Holland being fleeced, especially lately (ie. Tatar, Jensen, Smith etc.). Either way, no desire RNH. He's 26, owed 12 million over the next two years, and he's set to be a UFA after those two years. No thanks unless they are looking to dump him on us, or trade for one of our guys that we don't want.
  14. kliq

    Mantha Blossoming

    Some people just don't get it, they want Yzerman to trade all the players they dont like for high end prospects/player and when you propose a reasonable trade they get butthurt and claim you are "hating" on a player. Sorry everyone, but Peter Cirelli is not a GM anymore, you're not getting a Tyler Seguin for a Loui Eriksson. AA wouldnt bring in a top pair D-man, MAYBE top 4, but no way hes good enough to bring a top 2 guy. The only way we are getting a top two guy is by trading Larkin or Zadina, or future 1st rounders. For Mantha or AA to bring in a top pairing guy, we would need to take a gamble on a really young unproven kid who has potential.
  15. kliq


    Agreed with everything, except when it comes to the bold as I dont think that they didnt work out, I just think Wings fans put expectations on them that were likely unrealistic as they were looking for Euro Twins 2.0.