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  1. The NHL Awards have to be the most cringe worthy award show in the world. Other then Taylor Killam EVERYONE was awkward as hell. Joe Manganiello was ok, but the guy just isnt a "host". They should have gotten someone who kills these types of shows, like a Jimmy Kimmel or John Cena.
  2. I would argue that both of these statements are hyperbolic. This is more like it.
  3. If this is true, do people now believe that Mrazek had no trade value? Maybe he's as good as gone once teams no longer have to worry about "protecting" him. Or, maybe we place him on waivers and LGRW.com erupts.
  4. I would be shocked if Hossa is not a Yote by next season
  5. Wow! It looks like we are losing Tomas Nosek and people are upset? Ottawa is likely losing Methot, NYI are losing the 15th overall pick, we are losing Tomas fricken Nosek! Come on guys, with all due respect to Nosek, he is a 4th line player, 3rd liner at best. Some people just want to ***** and moan regardless of what happens.
  6. Interesting question. From what I can remember off the top of my head, the guy has never been an elite player (ie. Hart contender) but he has been a top player for like 20 years. 34th all time in goals with 525, almost top 50 in points, 3 cups, 5 finals (not that this matters that much, but voters care) I would lean towards yes.
  7. The only counter to that is there may have been zero interest prior to the expansion draft, but then interest afterwards. One of the experts were talking about this. Teams didn't want to trade for Mrazek because they didn't think he was worth protecting. After the draft a team will have nothing to really lose other then a 4mil cap hit for a year. With that being said, we should have protected Mrazek (then they likely don't select Jimmy) and then we could have traded Mrazek tomorrow.
  8. Makes sense....cap hit of 5.28 mil, salary of 1mil.
  9. For me it all depends on who his replacement is. I would prefer Holland over ALOT of guys, but if the right person came along, I wouldn't be against it.
  10. To be honest, I think Holland was one of the best GM's in the game for years, but I think over the past few years he has ran into problems for many reasons. I think the game evolved and he fell behind, I think he suffered from not having high picks and not having the luxury of finding gems late in the draft anymore, I think he has had some bad luck, I think he has signed too many vets to long term contracts, and I think that the cyclical nature of this game has caught up with him. The issue I have with some, is because of their overall feelings of Holland they nitpick every little thing he does. Hopefully he turns this around, only time will tell.
  11. Franzen? *edit* just saw this was already discussed.
  12. I respect this post Jonas, and I admit Holland and co. have made mistakes. Trading Datsyuk to Arizona last year and then using the cap space to sign Nielsen is a perfect example. Had we not done that, we would likely have a better pick this year, have more cap space, and we would have Jakob Chychrun (fingers crossed that Hronek and/or Chowolski surprise us). I guess the way I look at it, is Holland has done some great things, and he has done some bad things, but like it or not he is the GM for at least the next year. I just hope he can learn from the teams mistakes over the past few years and move forward. Also, I truly do believe that the direction of this team is one that comes from ownership as well as Holland. If Iilitch wanted to completely re-build, all he would have to do is give Holland the word. I respect Holland's loyalty to vets, and I like the fact that he wants a good mix of vets/kids, but I just think sometimes his ratio's are off and he can overvalue vets.
  13. lol ok. Phily traded the 3rd pick for the 1st pick in a draft where the top 3 are considered at the same level (from what I have read, I'm not a big basketball guy), you want Holland to trade the 9th pick for the 1st (maybe 2nd) in a draft where the top 2 are considered heads over heals better then the rest of the class. Not the same thing, but when it comes to Holland you are incapable of being logical so honestly whatever.
  14. Nobody That's the thing, the dust settles on Wednesday. Nobody truly knows what is happening behind the scenes. If on Wednesday Mrazek is chosen, people should feel free to go nuts, until then lets see what happens. Do you have a source on the Kronwall rumor? I haven't heard that reported anywhere.
  15. I hate to say it, but if he wants a cup he should go to Pittsburgh.