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  1. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I have no desire if this website is reliable or pure BS, but this was reported an hour ago https://www.thefourthperiod.com/feb-2019/red-wings-ask-nyquist-for-trade-list
  2. kliq

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    Are you saying Tyronn Lue are Steve Kerr are NOT the best NBA coaches of this generation!!! I have to agree with Cady here, Larkin is not untouchable. I have zero desire to trade him, but if the right offer came along, I'd move him. With that said, the chances of that happening are pretty much slim to none.
  3. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Makes sense from a fan perspective, I was thinking the same thing. It all comes down to how the Flames feel about David Rittich, and what their internal scouting staff see's from him. At the end of the day the kid is playing like a top 10 goalie right now, but its definitely a risk to take essentially a rookie into the post season when you could be the #1 seed. I'd take a Smith like package for Howard, 2nd and 3rd round pick.
  4. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    They can trade his "rights", it just happened in the Jake Muzzin trade: JANUARY 28: Toronto Maple Leafs acquire defenseman Jake Muzzin from Los Angeles Kings in exchange for forward Carl Grundstrom, rights to defenseman Sean Durzi and 2019 first-round pick.
  5. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I think you're pretty spot on. Only chance Howard brings in a 1st is if a high end starter or two go down at the same time.
  6. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    What do you all think the return for Howard is going to be? I was thinking about it, and when I break it down, here is how I look it. Here are the teams that are currently in the playoffs, and their starting goalie: Tampa Bay - Andrei Vasilevskiy Toronto - Frederik Andersen Montreal - Carey Price NYI - Robin Lehner Washington - Braden Holtby Pittsburgh - Matt Murray Boston - Tuukka Rask Columbus - Sergei Bobrovsky Winnipeg - Connor Hellebuyck Nashville - Pekka Rinne Dallas - Ben Bishop Calgary - David Rittich San Jose - Martin Jones Vegas - Marc-Andre Fleury Minnesota - Devan Dubnyk Vancouver - Jacob Markstrom I cant see TB, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, Pittsburgh, Boston, Columbus, Winnipeg, Nashville, Dallas, San Jose, Vegas, or Minnesota trading a 1st for Howard as all these teams have definitive starters who are either at the same level, or at a higher level then Howard. I know guys like Murray and Holby are struggling, but I can't see their respective teams bringing in Howard for a 1st, and moving these former cup winning goalies into a backup role. That leaves NYI, Calgary, and Vancouver. Lehner definitely has not shown through his career that he is at Howards level, however this year he ranks #1 in both Save % and GAA, so I cant see them trading for Howard unless he takes a nose dive in the next month. Calgary is in a similar situation, Rittich is no household name, however he is a top 10 goalie this year. Lastly that leaves Vancouver, if they were legit contenders, I could see it as Howard is definitely an upgrade over Markstrom, however they are also a re-building team, would they really give up a 1st so they can MAYBE win a round or two, if that. Unless one of these goalies gets hurt for the season, I think the return for Howard is going to be low, and I think people should lower their expectations. I hope I am wrong, but when you break it down, I just cant see a scenario (again baring injury) where he lands us a 1st, or even a 2nd. I think he likely goes for a 3rd, or if its even worse then that, maybe Holland just hangs on to him. I guess the wild card is a team on the outside looking in making the move. Maybe an Edmonton, Colorado, or Carolina? But for any of those teams to give up a 1st, it just seems like a bad move. It would be funny though if Carolina made a move, reuniting Howard with Mrazek lol. What does everyone else think?
  7. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Sucks, but for a life time Wing about to hang up the skates, I think respecting his wishes is the right move. I wouldn't burn bridges with a lifer who sacrificed his body the way he has for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th round pick.
  8. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    He blocked a trade last year to Toronto. I remember they were talking about it on 97.1, this is all I could find. https://tipofthetower.com/2018/02/26/toronto-maple-leafs-rumors-mike-green-blocked-trade/
  9. Ill give credit where credit is due, he's playing well this year. Not close to 10.5mil caphit, but he's finally producing like an average first liner.
  10. kliq

    2019 Trade Deadline

    You're the one who said: But I have been reading that he could get all of a low first, a prospect AND a roster player. Can you blame anyone for asking where you actually read it?
  11. kliq

    Rick Nash retires -- concussions just too much

    Back in the summer it was being reported that he had offers on the table, but didnt accept them because of lingering issues from his concussion.
  12. kliq

    Sergei Bobrovsky

    This is a weird story....I’m curious what happened here.
  13. kliq

    Rick Nash retires -- concussions just too much

    Sucks that he is not back to 100%, but I’m happy that he is retiring. Can’t help but think of Franzen and how he is struggling now. Franzen tried to comeback and just kept getting concussed again, I don’t want to see that happen to Nash.
  14. kliq

    2019 Draft

    I think Philly just needs to modify a few things here or there, and with a new coach should be able to be contenders very soon. LA needs to blow it up.
  15. kliq

    The Elite Dylan Larkin

    For sure, I'm just pointing out how much better he could be production wise if he had snipers like that. Lets hope Mantha/Zadina hit their ceilings, as that is huge for us in the development of this team..