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  1. kliq

    Luke Glendening: Shutdown Extraordinaire.

    Where did the disney.com moniker come from?
  2. kliq

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    Ill be honest, I dont know much about his draft record in Tampa. As for this pick, I was just read Bob Mackenzie's rankings and he had Edvinsson 3rd, so its not like its some kind of reach. https://www.tsn.ca/bob-mckenzie-s-2021-final-draft-rankings-1.1669727 *edit* I didn't realize you guys already discussed this lol.
  3. kliq

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    I like the pick. We needed a 1st pairing LD, and after the Seider pick a few years ago, I have faith in Yzermans ability to pick a high end D-man. Also, he was ranked 5th, and we took him 6th, so its not like its some kind of reach.
  4. kliq

    In the System - Prospects: Centres

    Its a British thing, not a Canadian thing.
  5. kliq

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Man f*** that guy. Second time he has taken a cheap shot to a Wings captain, pretty sure he gave Zetterberg a concussion with a punch to the back of the head years ago. Hopefully the league actually does something this time.
  6. Ok I get it now, you're trolling. Cool.
  7. Ya, winning the lottery and Zadina turning out well are the exact same odds. I'm not sure sure why I'm surprised to hear more hyperbole from you, honestly I dont care, root for him to suck.
  8. Everything except the bold I get. The bold is what surprises me, why wouldnt you want him to break out and become a stud winger? I'm not saying he will, but when you are a fan of a team you should hope that every player hits their ceiling.
  9. If it was me and I was arguing that a Wing was going to be a bust, my mindset would be that I hope I'm wrong. To each their own.
  10. I didnt put any words in your mouth, your exact words were: You are flat our saying that you look forward to Zadina being a bust. Sorry, but I find it odd that a Wings fan would "look forward" to that.
  11. kliq

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Where is that being reported? I don’t see it anywhere.
  12. I agree with all of this, but I also want to add that I think Yzerman also shipped him out because Mantha wasnt exactly setting the best example for the young kids when it came to work ethic. On Washington he will be a a secondary role where there will be few eyes on him, and with guys like Ovie running the show and them being contenders, I have to imagine he puts in more effort. Here when it really didnt matter and he was supposed to be a cornerstone with Larkin, not the best spot for him. Win-Win.
  13. First off, I never said or insinuated that Zadina was even in the same stratosphere as McDavid. So lets just move on from that. As far as you wanting Hughes or Dobson, I get that, I find nothing wrong with that statement. We had a glaring need on D, and instead we took BPA. My issue with your statement was this: This statement is pure hyperbole, plain and simple. Zadina was the BPA based on almost all draft rankings which I proved above. As far as you looking forward to Zadina not improving 3 years from now, I find that sad. You would rather our #3 prospect turn out to be a bust so you can use that to mock strangers on a message board, rather than hope he proves you wrong and becomes a star winger. To each their own man, but are you even a Wings fan?
  14. kliq

    4/18 Detroit vs. Chicago

    Sucks that Svech got hurt again, I'd like to see him play for an extended period of time.