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  1. I'm reading the Hall of Fame boards Blackhawks page, and fans really seem to be turning on Seabrook and Bowman. Seabrook seems to be their version of E (at least in their minds). It just goes to show you, it doesn't matter what a GM does, some fans will just never be happy. Just a few quotes: "The changes that need to come to organization wont truly come 1) Trash like Kruger and Seabrook must go 2) Underwhelming and costly players such as Anisimov should go (Schmaltz is better option now and going forward at C) 3) Toews should no longer wear the C" "Seabrook is a different scenario, because he was NOT coming off a good season. Since his peak in 2012, he had a great playoffs in 2015 and 2013, and was pretty much mediocre-to-awful for the rest of that time. Everybody could see the decline in full swing, whether by the eye-test or by looking at the numbers. That was a bad contract the moment it was signed, and a number/term NOBODY was going to outbid." "Did Bowman take any blame? Sorry, but we are strapped in cap hell because of his moves. Several of them I understood at the time, we will never know if Toews or Kane could have been retained for less. The one I put squarely on his bald shiny head is Seabrook's ridiculous deal. You seen him declining, you know he is only going to decline more and more, yet you sign him to that long of a contract with a full NMC? It might be the dumbest contract ever given to anyone"
  2. Pred were my Cup pick pre-season, still are. Preds in 6.
  3. I didn't even think about that, good points. I was just thinking of it in terms of a salary dump on Minny end. I think Lidstrom has skewed my way of looking at D-man. The guy stayed so good so late into his career, that I forgot how most guys to start to regress in their mid 30's.
  4. 100% agreed. It would be one thing if we signed him while we were still in contention, but taking his contract now would just be a bad move. While he would still be elite, we would not be contenders. Then when/if we become contenders, he would likely be in regression and ridiculously overpaid. There could be a year or two of overlap where he is worth it, but not worth screwing our cap for almost a decade.
  5. So if you could swap out Nyquist right now for Brunner, and Brunner would be on the exact same contract, you would rather have Brunner?
  6. Are you still trying to pass Nyquist off as a bad player? He was one of our best this season. Didn't his 48 points in 76 games prove that to you?
  7. A flop is more likely then finding a diamond in the rough, but that doesn't mean you just give up on it.
  8. He was never better then Crosby (he was never even close), and he doesn't suck now. Anyone who says either of these statements are just talking in extreme's.
  9. He's just trolling, it doesn't matter what you say as it won't make a difference.
  10. Like your avatar, you held on as long as you could but in end we all know what happened.
  11. lol, you lost you Bill like magic, unable to bait like you used to. Like Toews you are past your prime. Come on, that deserves a spot in the burn book.
  12. Ya that's not true. Either way, I agree with him. I think Toews is a very similar player to Yzerman with one big difference, that difference being he is much less skilled then Stevie. With Yzerman being the most humble athlete ever, he would never actually say that, but 99% of people who actually watched them play would agree. I will say though, Toews in his prime did play a similar game as the past his prime Yzerman. Toews is a few years will likely be half the player Stevie was in his 30's.
  13. I'm sorry but your inclusion of Nyquist is shocking to me. Have you finally come around on him?