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  1. kliq

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    Of course its deserved, one of the best GM's of all time. Congrats Kenny!
  2. kliq

    Recent Spam Attacks

    This board is definitely slower then it used to be, but we are also the worst team in the NHL after being #1 franchise for 2 decades. Once we return to being contenders, I have no doubt that people will be back.
  3. kliq

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    With the season officially over, Ovie captured another Richard Trophy as he and Pastrnak both got 48 goals (though Ovie played 2 less games).
  4. kliq

    If Lafreniere pulls an Eric Lindros on the Wings

    It wasnt even that, he did an interview on Sportsnet and stated it was a personal issue he had with the owner of that team. Ill try to find the clip. *edit* Here it is:
  5. kliq

    If Lafreniere pulls an Eric Lindros on the Wings

    Lindros hated the owner.....I don’t see anyone having a problem with illitch.
  6. I think the season comes back around June, but I also think that it’s likely finished in empty arenas.
  7. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    That is the issue, I forgot TSN video can’t be viewed in the US.
  8. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    They discussed this very topic today on TSN. The four names they brought up, Gretzky, Lemieux, Bossey, Ovie. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/dreger-if-nhl-returns-not-unreasonable-that-games-could-be-played-into-september~1922624/should-gretzky-be-worried-about-ovechkin-beating-his-goal-record~1824555
  9. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    It's too bad that Bure never got a chance to have a long and healthy career. Purely based on the eyeball test, best goal scorer ever IMO. I still remember this goal when it happened, just amazing. Unfortunately, I can't rank him above Lemieux, Gretzky or Ovie as at the end of the day the stats need to back it up.
  10. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    I am curious, Ovie is leading the poll but I don’t think anyone has justified how he is a better scorer then Mario. Can someone who voted for Ovie present that argument?
  11. Im not sure this is a given. The NBA had to suspend the season since an entire team is in quarantine with Rudy Gobert having it. As long as there are no NHL players with it, I would imagine the next step would be to play in empty arena's. Did you read something saying that the announcement is to suspend the season vs no fans in the arena?
  12. kliq

    Tough Guy The Bob Probert Story

    I just noticed that its available for purchase on YouTube
  13. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    For anyone trying to claim that it wasnt easier to score in the 80's, even Gretzky himself admits it.
  14. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Oh boi, well this thread officially went off the rails.