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  1. 6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    Holy s***!! I did not see this coming!!!!
  2. 6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    This is nuts! I thought a D man was a lock. Did not see Zadina being available.
  3. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Was this posted anywhere? I didnt see it. "Detroit Red Wings won't give qualifying offer to free agent Martin Frk" https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2018/06/19/detroit-red-wings-martin-frk/715302002/
  4. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    The point is that Bergevin keeps making 1 for 1 trades where MTL ends up on the losing end. Subban for Weber, Drouin for Segechev, and now this. There is no doubt in my mind that had they played their cards better, they could have gotten more then Domi for for Galchenyuk.
  5. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Habs fans are livid, take a look yourself. http://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/mtl-ari-max-domi-for-alex-galchenyuk.2503645/page-3#post-146907001 https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/bergevin-defends-domi-acquisition-after-uproar-from-habs-fans~1419500
  6. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Oh man, on the HOF boards Habs fans are going nuts! Arizona fans seem to be disappointed because they liked Domi, but they get it. First Weber for Subban, now this.....Bergevin is giving Chiarelli a run for his money.
  7. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    IF he is willing to sign a year deal, it could be more strategic for Kovy to sign with a team like the Wings then a team he thinks is a contender. With that being said, I dont think he's coming to Detroit. I think he's negotiating with as many teams as possible in order to up his value. The argument for coming to Detroit would be that they are not likely making the playoffs, meaning that at the TDL he could be traded to a legit contender. For a UFA, best case scenario is signing with a legit contender (but that's easier said then done), 2nd best scenario is signing with a bad team that can trade you at the TDL, worst case is signing with a fringe team that may be a playoff team, but not good enough to do any damage, and not bad enough to trade you (think us in 2014). At least by signing with Detroit, he has a high chance of being traded to a legit contender come TDL, especially if its 1 year with a modified NTC.
  8. Rumors Thread

    Maybe the hold up was Garth Snow. If I were JT, having LL running the show instead of Snow would definitely increase the odds in me staying.
  9. This seems like the most appropriate place to put this video.....scary stuff.
  10. Awful situation, and if the allegations are true Hoffman's GF is just horrible, but I don't get why people are mad at the Sens. What one player's GF does to another players wife on social media is not something that can be controlled by the team, and I'm pretty sure you can't reprimand a player for something his GF does.
  11. Jeff Blashill

    This is all I found
  12. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Read krsmith's posting history, he has given Holland plenty of crap for some of the contracts he has given out, and rightfully so. "Holland apologist" is such an weak term used by people, the context usually attached to it is if you don't just bash the s*** out of Holland, then this is a label thrown at you to marginalize/weaken the argument with something other then facts. The reality is that Holland has made a lot of dumb moves, and he's made some good moves. It's too bad people are so bias with their thinking that they are unable to assess Holland properly anymore. As far as the players you mentioned (some UFA's, some RFA's, some who got extension's) he is my honest unbiased take. The summer he signed Nielsen/Helm after he already signed Abby to that 7 year deal was probably the worst string of moves of Holland's tenure. They were a string of desperate move made to keep the streak alive and failed, no argument from me. Every team has some bad contracts, but to sign these when he already had some was dumb. I don't know if Holland was told to do this, or if he wanted to do this, but this is the first time that the streak ended up hurting the team and is why IMO the streak is not looked upon in the same light that it used to be. The Daley move was meh IMO, he'll likely fetch us a return at some point, so I dont hate it, but I could have done without it. DD I dont blame him for, D are not cheap, and at the time DD looked like a legit top 4 guy. He still probably is with the right coach/partner. E, I wish he was never re-signed, but I understand why it happened. After losing Lidstrom, Rafalski, and Stuart, Holland didn't want to lose 4 top 4 D-men. Should have let him walk though in hindsight. Howard was paid like a top 15 goalie, and was a top 15 goalie. Can't blame him for that deal. Plus Howard should get us a return at the TDL. I'm happy to debate this with you, but if you start trolling me I'm done.
  13. Rumors Thread

    Does Hanifin have an injury history?
  14. Ken Holland

    Why are you upset? He should be taking calls. If he makes a dumb trade I get it, but as a GM you should always listen to what's out there.
  15. Trading the Beard

    Why am I being brought into this Cady?