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  1. A few games ago I was at the Joe and I tried to pay close attention to Smith. Obviously what I am about to say is based on an extremely small sample size, but it fits the general narrative. There was no doubt that he was one of our best at moving the puck, but everything he did seemed to lead to nothing. I am not sure if this is because he has poor hockey sense, or if he just being coached incorrectly. but he always seemed to get the puck up the ice only to lose it, take a shot and miss the net, miss a pass, pass to a guy who missed a shot etc. etc. etc. The big question to me, is based on who is going to coach this team next year and moving forward, will Smith fit their system. If the answer is no, let him walk. If the answer is yes, make him a reasonable offer (ie. 2 years, 6mil) and if he walks fine, if he stays cool. Though I only do this IF we dump/LTIR at least 1 or both of Kronwall/E.
  2. Agreed. Would you do 3 year, 9mil?
  3. I dont mind Smith coming back to a reasonable contract if we can unload E, Kronwall, Howard and Nielsen. Otherwise we need to trade him and NOT re-sign him in the off season.
  4. Look at what going to Pittsburgh did for Schultz's career. Guy is playing great!
  5. The other reason not to protect Konwall is there is pretty much zero chance LV wastes a pick on a guy who's career could be over any time due to his knees. It just doesn't make sense.
  6. You would have to think GM's would not want them to come out. Its just asking for fans to be upset as there is no way any fan base will completely agree with the choices. As a fan though, I want to see the list!
  7. Agreed, Toronto's D has too many holes to for a long playoff run. If I am a TO fan, I want them to stand pat. This year is not the year to give up future assets.
  8. Good...the more future assets our divisional rivals spend on rentals, the better for us.
  9. Your lack of response to my point speaks volumes. I'm sorry it went above you head and made you laugh rather then comprehend.
  10. Does the public find out who was protected? Or do we just find out who was drafted?
  11. There was a story last year Backes told. He was sick in I believe the 2nd round, and if he couldn't play Ott was going to get his spot. With that being the case, Ott was right there to help Backes feel better. Long story short, Ott chose what was best for the team over what was best for himself.
  12. The love for Sheahan over AA baffled me to, but then again if I listed to everything the national media said I would think Toews is the 3rd best player in the NHL.
  13. Fox Sports had an article about the draft.....here is the Red Wings part: http://www.foxsports.com/nhl/story/vegas-golden-knights-mock-expansion-draft-roundtable-020717 Detroit Red Wings Available Age 17/18 Automatically Exempt F Henrik Zetterberg 36 $6.083M F Dylan Larkin F Frans Nielsen (NMC) 32 $5.25M F Evgeny Svechnikov F Gustav Nyquist 27 $4.75M F Dylan Sadowy F Justin Abdelkader 29 $4.25M F Givani Smith F Darren Helm 29 $3.85M F Axel Holmstrom F Tomas Tatar 25 RFA F Dominic Turgeon F Thomas Vanek 32 UFA F Tyler Bertuzzi F Riley Sheahan 24 $2.075M F Zach Nastasiuk F Drew Miller 32 UFA F Matt Lorito F Steve Ott 34 UFA F Luke Glendening 27 $1.8M D Villi Saarijarvi F Andreas Athanasiou 22 RFA D Filip Hronek F Johan Franzan (LTIR) 36 $3.955M D Brian Lashoff F Joe Vitale (LTIR) 31 UFA D Daniel Renouf F Tomas Jurco 23 RFA D Robbie Russo F Tomas Nosek 24 $613K D Joe Hicketts F Eric Tangradi 27 $650K F Ben Street 29 UFA G Jake Paterson F Anthony Mantha 22 $863K F Mitch Callahan 25 RFA D Mike Green 31 $6.0M D Danny DeKeyser 26 $5.0M D Niklas Kronwall 35 $4.75M D Jonathan Ericsson 32 $4.25M D Brendan Smith 27 UFA D Alexey Marchenko 24 $1.45M D Xavier Ouellet 23 RFA D Ryan Sproul 23 $625K D Nick Jensen 26 RFA G Jimmy Howard 32 $5.292M G Petr Mrazek 24 $4.0M G Eddie Pasquale 25 RFA Ryan Matt Suraj 7 – 3 – 1 7 – 3 – 1 7 – 3 – 1 F Frans Nielsen (NMC) F Frans Nielsen (NMC) F Frans Nielsen (NMC) F Henrik Zetterberg F Henrik Zetterberg F Henrik Zetterberg F Gustav Nyquist F Gustav Nyquist F Gustav Nyquist F Tomas Tatar F Anthony Mantha F Tomas Tatar F Justin Abdelkader F Tomas Tatar F Justin Abdelkader F Riley Sheahan F Riley Sheahan F Andreas Athanasiou F Anthony Mantha F Justin Abdelkader F Anthony Mantha D Niklas Kronwall D Mike Green D Niklas Kronwall D Mike Green D Danny DeKeyser D Mike Green D Danny DeKeyser D Jonathan Ericsson D Ryan Sproul G Petr Mrazek G Petr Mrazek G Petr Mrazek The Red Wings would likely love to save upwards of four, maybe even five defensemen with a couple of guys just starting to make an impact. Unfortunately, they’ve got far too many forwards to take care of, leaving them with the 7-3-1 scheme. Protection Lists: My thought process behind the list is preserving the most important players, even though it leaves a few key guys on the outside looking in. The Red Wings would surely love to protect Athanasiou, Helm, and Glendening, among others, but numbers don’t seem to support it. To save any of those forwards, it means exposing the likes of Riley Sheahan or Anthony Mantha. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Wings make a move which allows them to save Athanasiou, Sheahan, and Mantha The toughest selection was that final defensive slot. We’ve opted to go with Niklas Kronwall this time around – thinking it might be unwise to leave the 35-year-old unprotected, despite his age. Detroit would probably love to protect Nick Jensen, Ryan Sproul, and Xavier Ouellet as well, so who knows which direction they head in. – Ryan Ritchie Q: You’ve opted to switch Ryan Sproul in favor of Danny DeKeyser in Detroit. Surely, the Red Wings would love to protect both. Any chance the Red Wings explore the possibility of leaving an aging Niklas Kronwall exposed? or, is it too risky? I think the leadership of a Kronwall is too good to part with. We have seen plenty of teams struggle without the right experience on the roster, and Kronwall provides just that. DeKeyser is a hefty contract based on his production, and the Red Wings have plenty to gain from a younger, right-handed shooter like Sproul. Of the three, DeKeyser is the one who should be risked on the market.
  14. I agree with that. I was thinking if we got him back at a low cap hit, we could send him back to the Griffins as nothing more then a depth d-man/AHL vet, though I doubt he would want to do that.
  15. I brought up Florida because you conveniently left them out since at the time they wouldn't fit in to your narrative. Funny how they have a good week and all of a sudden you bring them up. Making a coaching change doesn't automatically make your team better and guarantee a surge, the idea that it works 99% is just incorrect. If a team is struggling and their coach is not clicking, and they replace the coach with a better coach, are they more likely to play better? Of course, but that is just common sense, your original statement of "doesn't everyone see it doesn't matter who you replace coach with 99% of time it work" is just simply wrong, especially the "it doesn't matter who you replace them with" part. Change doesn't make a team better, improvement does. What you are advocating is that change of any kind automatically leads to improvement. Do you honestly not see the flaw in that line of thinking?