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  1. I think the season comes back around June, but I also think that it’s likely finished in empty arenas.
  2. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    That is the issue, I forgot TSN video can’t be viewed in the US.
  3. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    They discussed this very topic today on TSN. The four names they brought up, Gretzky, Lemieux, Bossey, Ovie. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/dreger-if-nhl-returns-not-unreasonable-that-games-could-be-played-into-september~1922624/should-gretzky-be-worried-about-ovechkin-beating-his-goal-record~1824555
  4. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    It's too bad that Bure never got a chance to have a long and healthy career. Purely based on the eyeball test, best goal scorer ever IMO. I still remember this goal when it happened, just amazing. Unfortunately, I can't rank him above Lemieux, Gretzky or Ovie as at the end of the day the stats need to back it up.
  5. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    I am curious, Ovie is leading the poll but I don’t think anyone has justified how he is a better scorer then Mario. Can someone who voted for Ovie present that argument?
  6. Im not sure this is a given. The NBA had to suspend the season since an entire team is in quarantine with Rudy Gobert having it. As long as there are no NHL players with it, I would imagine the next step would be to play in empty arena's. Did you read something saying that the announcement is to suspend the season vs no fans in the arena?
  7. kliq

    Tough Guy The Bob Probert Story

    I just noticed that its available for purchase on YouTube
  8. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    For anyone trying to claim that it wasnt easier to score in the 80's, even Gretzky himself admits it.
  9. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Oh boi, well this thread officially went off the rails.
  10. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Update, Ovie scored 2 more tonight. He's tied for the league lead.
  11. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    His consistency is ridiculous, as it stands now (not including tonights games) he's only 2 down from Pastrnak with 45 goals. I could see him getting his 9th win this year.
  12. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    I have zero issue with anything you are saying here, and to clarify everything I was saying was based on regular season goal scoring. Best player ever is a much easier debate, because you do bring up great points about Gretzky scoring as many goals that he did despite being a pass first guy. I guess in this debate selfishness plays a factor unfortunately. Now if we’re talking best player, hands down IMO it’s Gretzky and Ovie is not even in the conversation. Too bad Mario didn’t stay healthy during his prime, that could have been a great debate. I guess the issues with lists are that if you’re only ranking top 5 someone will be excluded. I put Bure on mine, but that was based on watching him play, obviously that is a bias as I never saw Howe play. He deserves to be in the convo though.
  13. Huh, a @frankgrimes thread. Does he even post anymore? I feel like I havent seen him in years. I did see a post on HOF forums that seemed to be him, but then he disappeared soon after.
  14. kliq

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Bottom line, Ovie scored more goals per game then Gretzky in a era that scoring was harder to do and he won the scoring title 3 more times then Gretzky. I think that speaks for its self. I think my stats were very fair when I broke it down as I tried to show both in an even light. You just showed Gretzky. I actually would like to see your list. Who are your top 5 goal scorers of all time? To be blunt, I dont like it either when people dismiss players of older era's. But I also dont like when its done on the other side of the spectrum. Putting the past on a pedestal while dismissing the present is just as annoying. As for the rest, I honestly dont know what you mean by me changing the topic and as for this debate getting personal? I'm not the one who came out of nowhere to tell you that you were "full of it". Greatest goal scorer of all time. If the guy was never diagnosed with leukemia he likely has the all time record.