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  1. kliq

    What is up with the forums

    I love that people actually post there, but I hate the divide and partisan nature of the place. It truly reminds me of politics over there, you have your "right" and you have your "left" and they agree on nothing, all "to proud" to budge.
  2. kliq

    LGW Upkeep

    Do we even know what the issue is? Can't fix anything when we have no clue what the problem is. Agreed about the Tatar pic, its time to bring back a pic of Stevie Y.
  3. kliq

    What is up with the forums

    Its just worse and more extreme
  4. kliq

    Babs got fired

    If this was happening all around the league I would agree, but its really just 2 players talking about 1 coach.
  5. kliq

    Babs got fired

    Mark Fraser came out and joined Commodore and ripped Babs a new one yesterday. Now Fraser didnt really play under Babs from my understanding, but he claims that 95% of players that have played for him hate him. Check out his twitter for exact words.
  6. kliq

    What is up with the forums

    A lot of us communicate here when this site goes down https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/letsgowings-com-down.2679947/page-8 Its not the same over there though. a lot of ego/enhanced sense of self on that board. Quite a few posters over there forget they are fans and have reached such delusion that they truly believe they "experts" to the highest degree.
  7. kliq

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    This was posed on the HOF boards during our hiatus. My questions is simple, if the Wings fire Blashill would you be open to bringing Babcock back?
  8. kliq

    Babs got fired

    Agreed, ultimately the message being sent here was we are firing the coach for being too hard on you. Not the message to send to a team that can't beat Boston in a playoff team because they are not tough enough.
  9. kliq

    Babs got fired

    I think Keefe is the guy they are going with.
  10. kliq

    Babs got fired

    Long time no see everyone, glad to be back! I think this move will bite TO in the ass. Dubas did a bad job constructing this roster, and I see this is as him giving himself a second chance. Maybe Sheldon Keefe meshes better with these particular players, but I worry that TO is about to go down the road of the Oilers a few years ago, a team with great talent on paper, that just can't win. Not to mention, they are likely loosing their entire blueline in the summer. They couldnt have handled the Nylander/Mathews/Marner situation any worse. They should have traded Nylander for a young D-man, the a lesser deal with Marner first, then a larger deal with AM. But hindsight is 20/20.
  11. kliq

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    It was nice seeing the chemistry between Fabbri and Bertuzzi was still there. This team desperately needs some secondary scoring, and hopefully Fabbri can give it to them!
  12. kliq

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    Agreed, I don't believe Babs cares enough about Commodore to literally sabotage his career. My guess is that Babs thought Commodore would be a serviceable 7th D-man, and at some point in training camp Commodore pissed him off and Babs essentially said "F this guy, go sit in the press box".
  13. kliq

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    Such a lame thing to be cocky about. Not exactly a coaching masterpiece to win a gold with a team stacked with first line elite level players. Its like Steve Kerr being called the best coach in the world because the Warriors won the NBA Championship with Curry, Green, Durant, and Thompson.
  14. kliq

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    I was messing around on Youtube, and I found this. Man, he HATES Babs. If what he is saying is true, I can see why.
  15. kliq

    Larkin for the C

    He was on celebrity BB last Winter lol