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  1. kliq

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    Very fair point, especially based on Det & TO. Just to play devils advocate, he did take the 03 Ducks within 1 game of winning a cup with what I believe was a very young team, Oates and Stumpy being the exceptions.
  2. kliq

    Vernon is HOF bound. Ahead of Ozzy and Hank. Wha?

    Sorry, what I meant was who is more deserving then him that wasn't already in the HOF. So essentially Hextall, Vanbiesbrouck, Cujo, Potvin, Richter, Osgood, and Khabibulan in your opinion. My thoughts are this, I've always thought the bar for goalies is ridiculously high when it comes to the HOF. They let a ton of goalies in from the old days, but in modern hockey (lets say last last 30 years) its just Fuhr, Hasek, Roy, Belfour and Brodeur. There is no way only 5 goalies in 3 decades should get in when the bar is nowhere close to as high for skaters or the previous generation. http://hockeygoalies.org/awards/halloffame.html Is he the most deserving goalie of the goalies eligible? That's a fair question, probably not. I definitely think Cujo, Hextall, and Osgood are more deserving, I disagree with Potvin. As for Vanbiesbrouck, Richter, and Khabibulan, I don't know as I think I would have to do a deep dive. I think of all four of those guys in a similar tier.
  3. kliq

    Vernon is HOF bound. Ahead of Ozzy and Hank. Wha?

    Out of curiosity, who? I assume Cujo is one.
  4. kliq

    Vernon is HOF bound. Ahead of Ozzy and Hank. Wha?

    My statement wasn't saying he is or isn't a HOFer, it was responding to the notion that he was never a top 5 goalie in any particular season. He was.
  5. kliq

    Vernon is HOF bound. Ahead of Ozzy and Hank. Wha?

    In 1989 Mike Vernon was the Runner Up in Vezina Voting. https://www.hockey-reference.com/awards/voting-1989.html#all_vezina_stats
  6. kliq

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    It does suck, but I'd still do it all over again. Mantha has been brutal on Washington often being a healthy scratch, so the way I look at it is we got Cossa for Mantha. IMO it went from being a steal to just a win.
  7. kliq

    Dekeyser's Value

    Ya I remember you giving him a hard time lol
  8. kliq

    Dekeyser's Value

    I remember him getting quite a bit of backlash when Holland was GM, but it did die down. My guess is people didnt give him a hard time because he decline was to a degree connected to that back injury he sustained. Who knows, fans are fickle.
  9. True, but when is any roster fully healthy. There are always injuries, so I'm sure he will still get a chance.
  10. kliq

    Dekeyser's Value

    I get it, but even in the AHL you are still paid a very good salary to play a game. As a fan though, its sad to see when players regress like this.
  11. kliq

    Phoenix Coyotes To Be Renamed Arizona Coyotes

    I googled it, here is what Google said: The distance between Fort Worth and Dallas is 30 miles. The road distance is 33.1 miles.
  12. kliq

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    My bad, I thought you were a real poster.
  13. kliq

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    Where did you read the GM hires and fires maintenance staff?
  14. kliq

    Luke Glendening: Shutdown Extraordinaire.

    Where did the disney.com moniker come from?
  15. kliq

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    Ill be honest, I dont know much about his draft record in Tampa. As for this pick, I was just read Bob Mackenzie's rankings and he had Edvinsson 3rd, so its not like its some kind of reach. https://www.tsn.ca/bob-mckenzie-s-2021-final-draft-rankings-1.1669727 *edit* I didn't realize you guys already discussed this lol.