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  1. The recapture is only if he retires healthy. He wouldn't retire, if he cant play anymore due to knee issues he would go on LTIR. With that being said, I think you can only have so much on LTIR so that would mean we would likely have to trade his contract or Franzen's contract to a team like Arizona where they would use it against the cap. In 2016, can Detroit trade a contract along with cash? So for example....."Wings trade Franzen, 9million, and a 5th round pick to Arizona for a 7th round pick"?
  2. If we do claim him and actually get him, does that mean we have to place him on waivers again?
  3. WOW! If this doesn't prove to people that Teemu Pulkkinen had no trade value, I dont know what will. I wonder if Holland puts a claim in for him? Can he?
  4. I heard Slapshot aired last night.
  5. I feel like if you gave the following two scenario's: 1) The Wings click/gel like an elite team, they win the cup and Holland wins GM of the year. 2) This winning streak is nothing more then an outlier of how this season is going to go. Wings finish bottom 5, fire Holland. There are some that would rather see option two, as being right is more important then the team succeeding. Now I dont see either of these happening, but its the point.
  6. As long as the cap works, I dont think they have to waive anyone. They only have 2 guys right now in the press box, and I'm pretty sure you are allowed 3. If anything, XO would just be a health scratch. Or am I missing something?
  7. He's on Long Term Injured Reserve (LTIR). Meaning his cap hit does not count, but he is still paid. His career is over ala Chris Pronger.
  8. Did anyone see this? http://www.espn.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/43125/rumblings-las-vegas-will-get-a-head-start-on-free-agency "the Vegas organization will have a 48-hour window ahead of the expansion draft in June to speak with and sign any pending unrestricted or restricted free agents whom the 30 teams left unprotected for the expansion draft." "And the same goes for RFAs, who obviously are younger. Any RFAs left unprotected for the expansion draft can become property of the Vegas franchise if they agree to terms on a new contract within that 48-hour window."
  9. Yes, if you Axe...I mean ask me.
  10. He's just trolling....just like the Abby thread.
  11. Both....its like a game of chess.
  12. Wow....6 in a row! Who would have thought after the Florida game. Good job boys!
  13. This is not easy to watch!! Chance after chance after chance!