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  1. Sounds like you agree with me even though you say you don't. In my post I wasn't saying that '02 had more past their prime players then '08, I was just saying that in general people look at the '02 team in a brighter light then they should because of how many hall of famers were on it. My point is simply that a lot of those players were past their primes. That particular post had nothing to do with 2008.
  2. Some people get to caught up in the "names" on the 2002 team. Great team for sure, but many were well past their prime.
  3. Holland and Blashill expected to return

    There is a whole thread on this video: http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/topic/82143-the-detroit-red-wings-decline-and-fall-of-an-empirevideo/
  4. Kronwall

    I'd rather that then us sign a UFA to a multi year deal.
  5. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    I'm ok with a NTC if it expires before the TDL in the final year.
  6. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    That announcer reminds me of Vince McMahon.
  7. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    I voted yes a few months ago, but now I would pass unless its a 1 year deal with no NTC which will not happen. I worry that if we sign him to say a 3 year deal, he regresses and becomes another bloated contract that we can't move.
  8. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    To put this in context, in shocky's world the game of hockey has no goalies, and D doesnt matter, its simply who can hold the puck longer. If he is using the word "dominating" he's just looking at corsi because he's obsessed with it.
  9. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    So in other words, Holland wants to trade AA for a young D-man lol.
  10. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    If he's saying 2-5 new guys, I would have to think that the guys out the door/coming in would be: Booth out, Svech In XO out, Hicketts In Jensen out, ideally Dahlin in, I could see us moving one of Helm or Glendening in the off-season and bringing in Ras Nyquist (at deadline), bringing in Turgeon. That's my guess. What I want to see on this team is either young kids with upside, or vets who can help the young kids with upside. What I dont want to see is a ton of vets, or kids who have peaked and are nothing special. Vets I would love to move are Howard, Nyquist (at TDL), E, Nielsen, Kronwall (LTIR) and Helm Vets I would be ok keeping would be Abby, Z, Glendening, DD, Daley (though I would move any not named Z if a great offer came in). Kids I would like to keep are Bertuzzi, Mantha, AA, Larkin, Frk, Kids I would move because they are likely not getting much better are Jensen and XO.
  11. Update: At Least 14 dead in Humboldt Broncos In Accident (SJHL)

    Just watched a video on ESPN, apparently 4mil was raised for the families through a Go Fund Me. They said that Dion Pheneuf donated $10,000, or at least his name was listed for that amount.
  12. GDT: Final Game Of The Season- Thankfully

    12 years ago, 100% for sure! I havent played those games in years.
  13. GDT: Final Game Of The Season- Thankfully

    lol, at the end of every season I like to record what lines/pairings they rolled with. Typically I go with what they went with for the most part, if its playoffs I'll record what they had in their last game. I've been doing it since 2002.
  14. I dont think we ever have to worry about this happening.
  15. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    I really don't want to see LA win either. Nothing against them, but I like seeing new guys raise the cup for the first time. When its not your team, I feel there is nothing more unsatisfying then seeing a repeat of something you have already seen. But Ill take LA over Pittsburgh all day.