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  1. kliq

    AA traded to oilers

    Is it fair for me to assume this is Jonas lol?
  2. kliq

    Are these press conferences necessary?

    Press conferences are simply about PR, I have never really cared about what a GM says during one and I likely never will. I never understood why some get all worked up from them.
  3. kliq

    AA traded to oilers

    Not that I want to trade any of these guys, but I'm pretty sure Mantha, Zadina, Hronek, and Seider could all get a first. Maybe even Bertuzzi.
  4. kliq

    AA traded to oilers

    I don’t like the trade. I understand why AA didn’t have a lot of value, but he wasn’t a UFA and we were in no rush to move him.
  5. kliq

    AA traded to oilers

    He did great once the streak ended.
  6. kliq

    AA traded to oilers

    Not sure what the return is, but the TSN trade tracker just put it up there for TBD.
  7. I was really hoping for at least a conditional 2nd, but I wasn't expecting it. I'm sure Yzerman did his due diligence, and I'm glad this time we got something for him. I wish him all the best in Edmonton, hopefully they make the final 4 (I'd actually love to see them win the cup).
  8. I can’t lie man, my hate just isn’t there anymore lol.
  9. That would be cool. While I do feel bad for him having to move around so much, I love him as a player and it would be awesome seeing him win a cup in a place like Colorado opposed to rotting away in Montreal.
  10. Kind of feel bad for Tatar. If traded, can’t be fun playing for 4 teams in what, just over 2 years now?
  11. kliq

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Let’s or forget the most important thing, that being that he is carrying my fantasy team towards a first round bye! Kidding aside, id agree with the idea he is the second best player in the league, but I can’t call him better then McDavid.
  12. kliq

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    haha just seeing that now.
  13. kliq

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I just used those two players as examples. It will be a challenge for sure, I'm just hoping Yzerman explores all options.
  14. kliq

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    If that’s the case, I’d be fine with it. Hopefully the Wings have someone oversees scouting him. We don’t have any big pieces, but maybe Yzerman can get creative. Find a team looking for a couple players. Maybe packaging guys together (for example trading Green and Helm in the same package) will get us a higher pick then trading them separately.
  15. kliq

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Agreed, I don’t think TB has the cap space to re-sign AA to what he likely wants. As for Edmonton, I’m not sure Holland wants to deal with him again after the hold out a few years ago. I’d take that trade though. What do you think Pulijujarvi would want contract wise?