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  1. Tyson Barrie anyone?
  2. Anybody have an opinion on Frk? He's out of options and is finally producing down in GR. I read an article today from St.James, but who knows where he'll end up. Former 2nd rounder maybe he earns a spot in camp.
  3. That lineup does sound nice. I just don't know why he wouldn't join them for the playoff run since his team was eliminated. && They announced today that AA wasn't joining due to a family matter.
  4. Glendening is not a top six player. He's a 4th line/ grind line type of player.
  5. Any idea if there has been talk on Svech coming to the grifs for the playoffs?
  6. Knowing we have to move some bodies does any body think we could put a decent package together for Shattenkirk?
  7. Couple more years and we'll have Larkin,Bertuzzi,Mantha,Svechnikov all up playing with the big boys
  8. Svechnikov - Larkin - Mantha Not a bad future first line?
  9. I know it won't happen but here's a list of restricted free agents in this article. A couple of them are on teams that will be right up against the cap. Just something worth noting is all.
  10. I agree in the fact it might cost a bit. But teams are locking down there top talents now in the salary cap era and chances are he won't even make it to free agency.
  11. Helena St. James just had an article up, would the wings be interested in Kyle Okposo? What would the price be to try and acquire him? Decent size, Right handed shot. Just needs to stay healthy. Your thoughts guys...
  12. Thanks for the live stream link guys! We'll get em in game 2 Thanks for the live stream link guys! We'll get em in game 2
  13. Anybody have a lead on watching the game live streamed tonight for free?