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  1. read does it mean he was traded in the middle of the game or he was so awful they decided to get rid of him asap?
  2. Sidney Crosby on the dangers of the NHL

    who is Sidney Crosby? Did you mean Cindy Crosby?
  3. The MANtha watch.....

    15 pages of watch... TL;DR Have the fellow forumers come to a conclusion? Is he lazy, does he suck?
  4. according to wings' sleep cycle analysis, chances the team is awake before or during the game are slim. valtteri scores tonigh.
  5. According to Red Wings' sleep cycle observed and analyzed during this season, chances they are (a) awake before the game starts is 37%, (b) getting awoke during a game is slightly over 60% (unusually high!). However, when exactly during the game they max out on that chance, remains unknown. This highly depends on sleep cycle of Rober Lang. Unfortunately, with recent observations any predictions to Robert's sleep state had failed miserably. wait... did I say Rober Lang?.. I sure meant Anthony Mantha. Wings win or lose, they'll suck either way. But, cheer up, we love our team... don't we?
  6. no way. these suckers suck even at sucking. they'll lose lottery even if they managed to drop all the way to very bottom
  7. rl v2.0 - he is fuching lazy but who sucks are refs.
  8. So what you are saying here basically confirms my remark. If he has been demonstrating his natural talent for 5 years without learning, that means he is either lazy (should work more and often) or he sucks (cannot learn fast enough or at all)... In any case, watching him playing is a pain. Multi-year long expectation has not matched reality. But it turns out it's only me so sensitive to that kind of a pain, so never mind.
  9. Manta reminds me Robert Lang, because he's lazy and he sucks... at times, when he decides not to show up. At other times (one or two so far this season), when he make an effort, this team can beat anybody. What's up with this guy? I meant Manta, not Lang...
  10. I bet todays refs get pat on the butt from their boss. Yzerman should call Buttman and tell him his team can win games without his help Seen Kucherov goal celebration? Looked like a playoff overtime win goal, isn't it? No, he didn't celebrate a goal, he celebrate they took advantage of that blatant moronic call... He is a that kind of a *****...
  11. i don't like watch red wings game live any more. you can't fast forward that miserable performance of that miserable bunch... good thing I have beer, scotch and zacapa to compensate...
  12. Why no Mantha on the PK?

    but it feels like it's less than 5. he's effort, I mean...
  13. Who would you Rather Have?

    I'd rather have red wings management invest in advance human genome research so we can clone those who used to wear jerseys on the lca's rafter plus no 13 and 40.
  14. we are 27th in a league standings, 1 point above EDM. if it is tanking tactics, did any one run scenario: what-if we are as screwed as organization as EDM? and all these high draft pick coming our way will do s*** as it did for EDM... I am glad EDM sucks, but I am starting to feel sorry for them... may be because DET looks like EDM now...
  15. One can think the more reputable is a one that publish fewer number deceitful, biased stories with misleading headlines.
  16. yes, i am. the fact the ban was actually invoked by that organization says a lot by itself. I tend to believe that doping usage in Russia is out of proportion, massive in a ways that even IOC bureaucrats cannot ignore it anymore. having said that, I do not believe the ban will change much. they will pose themselves as innocent victims, and they will use the ban to prove once again that the West is evil. I have long despised the way most Russians (both public and officials) treat international sports, wins and loses; so I am being biased.
  17. Great example of liberal journalism. I lived long enough to witness soviet propaganda in it prime - around Afgan War, Moscow and Los Angeles Olympics. I was a teenager living in small town in Siberia and I truly believed that hundreds or even thousands blacks are getting lynched every year in America... Soviet propaganda was all lies, liberal journalism gets soviet propaganda a new life - its far from being just a lie, only the title tells you wrong story and few has time and courage to read full article.
  18. where did you get this bs? facebook, i guess.
  19. Who would dare? After a scandal of that proportion and having kgb trash ruling the country, anyone who participate will for sure face consequences.
  20. 12/5 GDT - Jets at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Crowd doesn't have to do it. The ice has been littered with little (I'd say small) impotent caesars for past few games. shall they clean it up today?...
  21. Ovie's going to hang himself... He's dreaming to kiss ass to that kgb guy who live in Kremlin for now. But it won't happen :). And no Cup for him too!
  22. oh well, these losers can't even fix match right... it was supposed to be 1-11, you idiots!
  23. pull goalie! Now!! make it 1-11 PLEASE, you can do it wings!
  24. btw, today is 22nd anniversary of that Roy's last game. Do you think we can score one goal today?
  25. and Big E saying to Holland: "I will never play for you again!!"