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  1. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    what an effort for that team of fat pigs in zebra outfit... how can you skate with you ******* eyes closed for most of the ******* game....
  2. kulak also meant independent farmer. I suppose he didn't fit it either, what a waste of a name. And tkachuk can go a kiss his daddy belly
  3. 11/6 GDT - Red Wings at Canucks - 10:00 PM EST

    and I was wondering... the game last night... was it signs of life or just a momentary lapse of reason [this team exists]...
  4. dogs won last night for the first tine in the season, thus Wings don't have to lose tonight. Wings, in 3 periods.
  5. disaster is coming... or boring skate...
  6. disgusting... it feels like you just ate a 22oz steak... unsalted, overcooked and overpriced... although paid by your rich uncle, but you had to finish every piece of that s.h.i.t...
  7. with him we stuck.. suck? glued? whatever...
  8. hey, cheer up. just look at MTL and Carey Priceless ...
  9. 10/20 GDT - Red Wings vs Capitals - 7:30 PM EST

    dive of the month. nice job ovi the bugger
  10. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Red Wings are magicians. They make less than mediocre team look terrific...
  11. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    Wings win this one 5-1. what?! i wonder how much is a good beer then...
  12. 10/16 GDT : Tampa Bay Lightning at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    stamkos will sit. just in case of karma.
  13. When PETA cease to exist for sure
  14. Potentially 26 points in October if all reg wins

    wings get more than a half of possible point in oct.
  15. Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Sorry, for bumping up an old topic... I kinda hesitated to create a new one for the simple question and this topic is somewhat related. I am taking my daughter to UM this weekend, she's transfer student and starting her first in there. I was wondering if there are any Red Wings-related events happening this weekend and also is it worth visiting downtown to see new arena and pay a visit to JLA? Appreciate it!
  16. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    Mrazek never stole anything from Howard, it was a generous gift and he, at the end, lost it anyway. I hope we trade him during the season, if we cannot get anything of a real value in return, just get a couple cheerleader girls from Prague. For Tigers games, not for Red Wings'.
  17. NHL 2018 Player Ratings

    how does it matter what rating get what player in that game... who would've thought a few year ago, that such a gigantic bulls*** as computer games (and social media, for that matter) would become a huge business and sports fans would be seriously discussing ratings assignment to computer's game players... or some brightest people in the world would be writing code to account fore likes on some stupidest posts...
  18. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    It would be Ok to sign him one year 6mil. With the only condition, his salary must come out from deducting 750k-1M from those ridiculous paychecks some of our players are getting...
  19. hearing?! So it's all gossip about his working, he didn't even see it for himself... Who told Wings goaltending coach about Mrazek? Marzek agent? The rest of that article is just wishful laud thinking...
  20. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    What words would you expect Tatar's agent put in Tatar's mouth while they are hoping for a contract? I think Tatar genuinely wants to stay in Detroit. He just doesn't know what he likes more $6mil a year for the next whatever years or stay in Detroit. If he insists, I'd say trade him; he's small, he's been pushed around all season long, that's not going to improve in this league. He ain't 6mil multi-year NHL player, no way.
  21. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    She can describe his shoulder tattoo(s), but besides that, i doubt she could possibly have any useful info
  22. Chelios Released from Duties

    Chelly, what did you hope to explore there? I was obvious you do not fit with these corrupted POS Fuhr brothers and their gang.
  23. and who was that hero with cup clinching call?
  24. Chelios Released from Duties

    What?! Chelie wants to work for NHLPA?! What a waste!! Do not do that, don't waste your talent on those useless corrupted morons...
  25. i told ya I have no stomach to watch such fish/bird s***... then chosen: