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  1. ami


  2. ami

    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Yeah it's a bit off, I'd say... you also missed that I love Tortorella. Where does this statement put me on your chart? :))
  3. ami

    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    LMAO You assume way too much. take it easy.
  4. ami

    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Obviously, you don't. Cause I didn't mean hate at all. I was talking about 'who would cause less nausea and vomiting, winning the Stanley this coming June?' precisely. Nausea and hate are quite different, would you agree? We won't. First, I think even if we'd drop to the very bottom. we'd have no chance getting first draft ever while Buttman is in the office. Second, our luck had vanished completely when we heard two old-timers are coming back next season. No dahlin-shmalin or both of them can save us. And these two old-timers are derivatives, immaterial; the organization needs to change; ownership doesn't care about Red Wings anymore, they don't give a f-u-ck.
  5. It's inevitable. Somebody will win Stanley this year, and it won't be the Red Wings. We will learn a new champion soon enough. I wish I could install uOrigin or update my /etc/hosts and block that knowledge forever. Unfortunately, there's no such blocker, yet. For the second time in about 27 years, the question (for me) is: who would cause less nausea and vomiting, winning the Stanley this coming June? In order from 'Definite NO, GOD, NO' to 'Ok, it's better then others': * Cindy and his landlord. Disaster, I doubt believe I can survive it. * Tampons. No Cup for the Captain outside of Detroit. * Capitals. No Cup for Ovechkin ever. Go phuck yourself you piece of sh-i-t! * Boston. Obvious. * Guppies. No Cup for other pieces of the same sh-i-t, both Joes. * Toronto. I already worry about Babs shorten vacation. Let him go to his nice lake house rather sooner. Boo to you Shanny, too! * Minnesota. You've chosen wrongly, sisters. * Quacks. Same as Boston. * Dives. Same as quacks. The rest - I don't care. The less damage would be if Jackets win it, just for Tart - love this guy, but after game last night, it's obvious they don't have a chance.
  6. ami

    GDT: Loser point and oh ya, Howard is garbage

    methhead or not, i wish we have a couple of guys with same grit, it'd ecstatic if our new Robert Lang had just a little of that quality too.
  7. life is good. mrazek chased, svech scored, idiot commentators screamed like 19-years old Sharapova. Entertainment all around.
  8. ami

    New draft rules

    any draft change won't improve anything while we have cba and nhlpa.
  9. ami

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    Like a mosquito on nudist beach, I don't know where to start. Very recent, Olympics. He was very very vocal about NHL isn't allowing its players to go to 2018 Olympics. He had screamed as little boy: 'I don't care, I just go...!!!' Well, then he very quietly admitted that his Olympic dream is dead and soon after he screamed again announcing 'social movement to support russian president'. For me being russian, the sequence above is indicative and I take it as another prove of his douchebaggery. It may not be so clear to you though, but as I said being russian, I think I can recognize the patter this individual is following.
  10. ami

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    this douchebags should never get close to SC. i hope he retires with all that hardware he's been given to relealse that is all scrap without the major one.
  11. ami

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    sure he can get to 1000, provided he is not frozen to death staying there on the point waiting for puck
  12. svech fight tatar and wins wings @#%$, but who cares?
  13. ami

    NHLPA Poll results

    carey price(less)? what? :)) and that role model thing.... man... another example how unions are outdated, for half a century at least.
  14. ami

    3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    some (quite a few actually) of current nhl referees should be allowed on nhl hockey rink during the game only with snow shovel, provided there is no piercing on exposed part of their bodies, eg. stomach, lips etc.