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  1. don't be ridiculous. no one important player will go. those guys are pretty pragmatic. fines - a lunch money - aren't issue, but say one got season-ending injury - he looses his salary, no insurance will cover it. ovie will be the loudest, screaming and arguing and whatnot, but won't go anyway.
  2. please bit crap out of this-lawyer-coached team, please...
  3. hell with the streak, I made my peace with the end of Great Red Wings Era shortly after beginning of this season. however, I am still worried it may just traded places with Edmonton and that will become the start of little caesars era and playoff drought... that i wont make a peace with ever...
  4. 1:5 dawgs, a wing (nobody cares who) scores a beauty early in the first and then they stop caring (if they were for months now). GO WINGS!!
  5. I think Mrazek is capable to catching up with Hasek, though I think he'll skip Vezina and Stanley part of it, and end up playing some shadow corner beer league in Czech. They've got real good beer there!
  6. season ends right here. i'm done, fed up. wake me up when blash is gone...
  7. NVIDIA GPU Last time I checked all three are not in playoff spot. I wouldn't consider this as disappointment. If any of them make it and Wings not, that would be a disappointment.
  8. It passed
  9. why we are complaining again? the guy (kh) has never been a seller, he is learning, give him a credit for not giving up, and some prize for ******* participation.
  10. I'm sure does not keep video that long, otherwise it might've been here
  11. Man, I miss Franzen... nobody but him can pull this mouth guard from crybaby mouth
  12. Now expect some series of cross checks from you know who
  13. The beauty of Ott's goal's that bugger letang frustration. I hope more coming his way, somebody needs to destroy this piece of S.
  14. now it is serious. I am truly worried about Letang's well-being or even a life. He may just die (or seriously damage his brain) laughing after this: I hope zebras (and their ******* bosses) keep getting these kind of messages...