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  1. It would be Ok to sign him one year 6mil. With the only condition, his salary must come out from deducting 750k-1M from those ridiculous paychecks some of our players are getting...
  2. hearing?! So it's all gossip about his working, he didn't even see it for himself... Who told Wings goaltending coach about Mrazek? Marzek agent? The rest of that article is just wishful laud thinking...
  3. What words would you expect Tatar's agent put in Tatar's mouth while they are hoping for a contract? I think Tatar genuinely wants to stay in Detroit. He just doesn't know what he likes more $6mil a year for the next whatever years or stay in Detroit. If he insists, I'd say trade him; he's small, he's been pushed around all season long, that's not going to improve in this league. He ain't 6mil multi-year NHL player, no way.
  4. She can describe his shoulder tattoo(s), but besides that, i doubt she could possibly have any useful info
  5. Chelly, what did you hope to explore there? I was obvious you do not fit with these corrupted POS Fuhr brothers and their gang.
  6. and who was that hero with cup clinching call?
  7. What?! Chelie wants to work for NHLPA?! What a waste!! Do not do that, don't waste your talent on those useless corrupted morons...
  8. i told ya I have no stomach to watch such fish/bird s***... then chosen:
  9. i don't have a stomach to watch this s*** but curious has neal kicked somebody in the head already? you're late at least 9 years with this discovery
  10. and when you think last year final can not get any more disgusting...
  11. It is been said, and it is true: "The only Russian not influencing things in Washington is Alex Ovechkin!"
  12. Alexander Ovechkin is -2 in game 7 on hom area, directly responsible for both goals. What else can you tell about that great player and captain? No Cup for you, Шурик!
  13. I've just visited England and Scotland where I was taught a proper English. So in proper English it spells like this: Kovi, you can f*** off, stay where you are, bugger!
  14. these ******* flightless birds are good, but a few little tweaks by mammals here and there make them unbeatable. f*** you zebras and f*** you buttman!! And Ovie, oh man... I'll ask my wife to knit him good thick wool socks, he must be very cold, frozen nearly to death, staying there on the ice waiting somebody dash him a puck for a change or for a shot...
  15. it depends on a check... i'd rather cash it, but ...