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    If there was no lottery...

    It´s your overall behaviour against a lot of people on here which I find disturbing. your twisting of words and facts, repeating of the same bulls*** as if it would make it true. get a life
  2. ely s

    If there was no lottery...

    thank god that you spare us all the bullsh#t which is going through your head and keep twisting stuff your way. Did it ever cross your mind, that you have a big part in this place being quieter? I don´t know what you think who you are or how you can treat people on the internet. Either your parents never told you or your life must be total crap that you behave like you do, but normal looks different to me.
  3. ely s

    If there was no lottery...

    Unfortunately some idiot tends to make sure threads get deleted and posts are gone. But yeah we started that rumor three years later... When did I say he said that? We needed a center, Yzerman was in Germany watching him a few times and at the time I had seen a few of his draft year games and compared his defensive play to Datsyuk´s. With Yzerman´s "love" for european prospects that makes me wonder if Yzerman would have taken Stützle even with a first pick. Take a look at Kasper and Danielson and I think a have a point. To me it was quite obvious that we needed a Stützle more than a Raymond. Lafreniere is not a center and Byfield is a bit Mantha like, overblown numbers in juniors through their size. That makes me believe that SY would have taken Stützle even 1oa. And a 1-2 combo of Larkin and Stützle would have been real nice
  4. ely s

    If there was no lottery...

    Have you seen him play? He´s exactly what SY was looking for. Skilled, fast, tenacious two way center. Add a year of pro experience before the draft and the possibility to play him straight away in GR.
  5. ely s

    If there was no lottery...

    Who cares that he was the "consensus" top pick, I´m with @The 91 of Ryans on this one, Yzerman would have taken Stützle even with a #1 pick
  6. ely s

    Rumors Thread

    you could play Määtä and Ghost and have Holl as seventh D. Anyway it´s one of the nicer problems to have. Can´t remember the last time we had a D corps that deep and potentially good.
  7. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    https://www.nhl.com/player/jonatan-berggren-8481013 197lb it says, seems like he ate plenty of sweets and burgers because weakling euros don´t train at home
  8. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

  9. I´m really glad you share your thoughts and wisdom with us...
  10. ely s

    Hot Takes for the 2023/24 Season

    I would go with the wings. Their first line is most likely better than ours but lines two to four we are clearly better. On defense I would play Maata-Ghost and Chia-Holl. One can like the contracts of Copp and Compher or not, but they give us a strong middle 6. Sprong might end up in Peron´s spot, switch Berggren for Fabbri and Fischer on Veleno´s wing along with Kostin,which gives you 400+ hits and some scoring. That´s four good lines, something Ottawa hasn´t. One could say they are about even, but I think we have the better team in the moment and in the future.
  11. ely s

    Hot Takes for the 2023/24 Season

    But this year seems like the first year with a deep roster. Neither Copp nor Compher are good 2C´s but around average. That gives us for the first time in years a competitive top nine and an improved D with Seider and Walman paired right away. I like our chances, still not great but, like our prospect pool, with potential.
  12. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    48 was Berggren´s number with Skellefteå
  13. ely s

    SY or Mo: Who Changed Everything?

    I think it´s a combination. Seider, as a future top five d-man in the league, and Yzerman, as a successfull GM and player, both make players around the league believe in the redwings. Whereas in the last Holland times ppl only came to Detroit when they were too old and overpaid. You need good cornerstones as much as a competent GM to lure players into playing for you and luckily we have both and our team starts to be the place to be again. But I have to admit, that without Yzerman having the balls to pick Seider at #6 and recognizing what type of player he could be, it could have taken a lot longer to be where we are now.
  14. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Apart from the fact that there is no reason for WPG to trade Kyle Connor, I think it´s nowhere near what it would cost to get him. Add a first and a good prospect or at least two of our good prospects.
  15. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Bertuzzi signed in Toronto one year $5.5m
  16. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    He didn´t sign him because he´s 5´8" and nothing special. If you want to be harder to play against, add size not midgets. He was just a cap dump from Holland for the signing rights of Kostin. I think Yzerman never wanted Yamamoto to block any roster spots.
  17. ely s

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    A coach who is humiliating his players is not a coach, he´s a prick.
  18. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Raymond is better than both. Razor and Mo both had a mediocre start pointwise in their sophomore seasons and ended up slightly below their rookie season totals but still showed overall improvement. I don´t see reason for concern that he´s not going to be the player we were hoping for.
  19. ely s

    Joe Veleno needs to be kicked out from hockey

    Personal life Veleno is of Italian descent.[9] He was born in Kirkland, Quebec and still lives there in the offseason.[10] His favourite team as a child was the Washington Capitals and his favourite player was Alexander Ovechkin.[11] In addition to hockey, Veleno also played soccer and lacrosse as a child. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian
  20. ely s

    Seider for Captain

    my guess is $7.5m x 8
  21. ely s

    5/7 - Draft Lottery GDT - Detroit v The Bettman - 8PM EST

    none of these players were available to us, so I don´t really get what you mean. I don´t care that it is rigged, it´s obvious anyway. Money rules sport, so they do everything possible to "grow the sport" which basically means that they want more milk from the cow
  22. ely s

    5/7 - Draft Lottery GDT - Detroit v The Bettman - 8PM EST

    please stop being a sissy, it´s embarrassing. We didn´t win any lotteries, but we still got away with a top3 redraft pick in 2019 and ´20, probably in ´22 as well. So what´s your point and who cares? Play the cards in your hand, make the best of it and don´t look for excuses.
  23. ely s

    2023 Offseason Thread

    We don´t need $11m players on our roster. Two good $6m players have imo more worth. Look at Toronto and Edmonton,they struggle to assemble a good and deep lineup because so much money is locked in their "starpower". Keep all of our top picks the next two drafts and let the young guns develop. It takes more time, yes, but that way we load up with more talent. Talent we will need to be competitive for years and not only a few seasons. Talent we need as potential improvement to our roster or as trade chips. It´s not the time for a big splash, not yet...
  24. ely s

    2023 Playoffs General Thread

    Having one of the leagues top lines is nice but without a good surrounding cast, team chemistry and the right mindset its worth is limited.Step 1 is learn to play the right way, step 2 is to get used to winning and the numbers will follow. I don´t know where this alleged lack of talent thing is coming from but I think we are loaded with talent, it´s just not developed yet and more to come with 5 picks in the top 50 in this years draft. Ras development isn´t done and he was picked in 2017. SY asked for patience and I´ll give him that. To build a team, it takes more than putting together a bunch of high picks.
  25. ely s

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    Maatta is 28 and with his play it would be careless to let him go.