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  1. Yesterday Mannheim played at league leading Munich (3-2 OT win) and he looked more like a Datsyuk type of a player. Sneaky, stealing/retrieving pucks all the time. Unfortunately we don´t have takeaway stats but it must have been at least five yesterday. He is extremly successfull along the boards in the neutral zone through his stickhandling and speed given his age and weight in a man´s league. That´s why he seems more of a passer, he is stealing pucks and creating brakeaway, 2on1 sitiuations that way. He is able to do everything at real high speed, very good anticipation offensively and defensively, playing the right way. Third most shots on the team, is playing pk and pp. #8 in scoring(25 GP, 5-18-23, 2nd on team) in at least 1:38 less ice time than the players ahead of him. The league leading scorer has got 30 points in as many games but with 4:38 more ice time per game. you can only guess how good he will be, to me he looks like a well rounded player who plays like a vet out there, the right way, responsible, combined with excellent speed( first steps an topspeed) and skill. Whoever picks him will get a real good player.
  2. ely s

    Babs got fired

    Correct, but name me three good/better d-men available for $3-4M.
  3. ely s

    Babs got fired

    I don´t know, if you look at their cap next year, $64,4M for 10 forwards, one defenseman and a goalie. Even with a $83M upper limit next year they will only have ~$18.5M for 4 forwards, 6 defensemen and a goalie. I don´t really see a way to have a real good back end with that sort of money. This year they somehow managed to talk Sakic into paying half of Barrie´s salary and have good deals with Ceci and Muzzin, but next year will be real interesting to see what Dubas is going to do
  4. ely s

    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    I´m not at all convinced of Cholos defensive capabilities, he´s real good at getting the puck up the ice. But his defensive game needs let´s say adjustments...
  5. ely s

    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    if you want that, you shouldn´t play Cholowski... the thing with Daley is, if you want something for him you have to play him and hopefully good. The better he plays the more we get.
  6. they never/rarely played that many preseason games, I think Yzerman wanted to see as much as possible of what we have in our system.
  7. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    He is playing 2nd line LW in the moment, just like Larkin in his first 1 1/2 years. I don´t know what would be the better position for him, his skating opens a lot of options. I need to see more of him, just two full and 2 condensed games so far this season, but what i´ve seen makes me very hopeful for our national team, Seider, Stützle, Kahun, Draisaitl, Greiss, Grubauer, Bokk, Bergmann... We are getting there in the podcast with Ben Simon you get a nice first hand evaluation of the DEL. He played there for a few years. Just to put the league in perspective NA juniors/AHL
  8. We will see if he is as bad as you try to make us believe. None of the picks from Zadina on are NHL ready, we still have to wait and see whats with Quintin Hughes. Zadina wasn´t bad, the expectations are probably a little to high. All you hear about him is "he´s hard on himself and working hard". The rest will come, he´s got a pretty good toolset and will play with some really good players in GR. If he doesn´t play a real good season in GR this year I might start wondering if it was a mistake to pick him, but not before that.
  9. sorry to hear that, keep your head up and my best wishes to you and your family
  10. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    he is at a point/game rate in the DEL, 4 games and 4 points and the same in the CHL. Last years DEL topscorer had 57 points in 52 games. As you can see with Seider, playing against men at the age of 17 is only going to help you. He is not going to have the same situation as a NA player where it´s NHL or juniors. He is having experience against men and the option if he doesn´t make the team in his draft year he could play AHL right away
  11. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    he was at around 4 shots per game at the end of the season and has 16 shots in three preseason games. If he keeps going at 4 shots/pg he will have 320 shots a season at 12% shooting percentage is good for 38 goals There is nothing in a trade like that what would make me think of it. 5" taller and 30 pounds more, a real good shot, good skater, an absolute beast trading for a guy who then will be playing for his third team in 5 years? No way I would trade a 30 goal scorer with his physics for a guy like Drouin.
  12. and it would have been a shorty as well...
  13. yipp, 7 RH d-men, that means trading chips
  14. I haven´t seen the game and there is no replay available but I found this...