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  1. there was a lot to like in that game, real good compete level. Once we have a back end, it´ll come
  2. we can´t just concede 1 goal, we need two within a few minutes almost every game.... Howie was great all night, not at all his fault
  3. it´s a bit unfortunate that Bowey isn´t blessed with a fast mind... all the tools, no clue how to use them...
  4. great game so far, I really hope we survive the first 3 minutes of the second period and can keep up our first period play. Jimmy is heating up as well, only 5 goals allowed on the last 90 shots
  5. I love them, 3pm ET is 9pm for us europeans
  6. ely s

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    Jimmy Howard is a proper roller coaster goalie, some nights he looks like the greatest goalie on earth and then like some emergency goalie who is in real life a dentist.... don´t get me wrong I kinda like him, he is the same as Mrazek and to me those two were a really good tandem, when one of them had a down phase the other one stepped up.
  7. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    https://www.nhl.com/news/david-backes-placed-on-waivers-boston-bruins/c-314065214 might be a bad contract worth taking, depending on the return
  8. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    Although he´s on the wing, he´s playing more like a center, always first one back. His offense comes from his defensive play, creating turnovers through hard backchecking. He´s really good, fast skater, thinks the game faster than any of his teammates, which makes me curious to see how he´s playing with better players. I have no clue how good he is on faceoffs because he isn´t taking any so far. All in all you get an 18yo with one year pro experience and the chance to play directly in the AHL if he is not making the team out of camp, who plays a responsible, mature game combined with speed and skill. Whoever is picking him will have real good player
  9. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    https://www.nhl.com/news/central-scouting-nhl-draft-international-midterm-rankings/c-313839616?tid=277764372 https://www.nhl.com/news/central-scouting-north-american-midterm-nhl-draft-ranking/c-313771208?tid=277764372 a little overview of the 2020 top prospects
  10. ely s

    dating online #022

    it´s so easy to get a smile into a man´s face
  11. ely s

    Seider for Captain

    with the way SY is approaching things for us so far, it might not be too far fetched to start believing Seider as captain is a possibility. Especially if there is truth in the Larkin rumors https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/seider-leading-team-germany-at-world-junior-championship/c-313429978