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  1. ely s

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    Maatta is 28 and with his play it would be careless to let him go.
  2. ely s

    New New Prospects Thread

    plus one from Zadina and Söderblom´s shootout winner. Vrana´s first one was a beauty, might have been difficult to fit a stamp between crossbar,puck and post. We really need his shooting ability. Hopefully he is back on track and we will see him in a wings uniform again.
  3. I bet Larkin wants an 8 year $71m contract. $8.875m aav
  4. ely s

    Jake Walman Megathread

  5. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Kadri signed 7/7 with Calgary, a bit unexpected. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/nazem-kadri
  6. ely s

    World Juniors

    We have the rights indefinite for Russians and obviously Swiss players ( Van Pottelberghe, Joren) https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/reserve-list/redwings
  7. ely s

    Trade Targets

    Ras had an awful start last season but found his game after lots of (deserved) criticism. He wasstrong on the puck, used is body far better then at the beginning, played with poise and scored on some nice really nice snipes. This year he has to prove that it was just the first step and I think he´s ready for more. Really liked him the second half of the season.
  8. ely s

    Rumors Thread

    the good thing is, we don´t have to speculate any further. The bad thing is, that we have to play Tkachuk more often now... https://www.nhl.com/news/matthew-tkachuk-traded-to-florida-panthers-by-calgary-flames-for-jonathan-huberdeau/c-335072346
  9. ely s

    Rumors Thread

    Tkachuk reportedly is not going to sign a long term contract with Calgary, no mentioning of the Red Wings as possible destination. https://theathletic.com/news/tkachuk-trade-likely-flames-sources/pH0rzGF2cZYs/
  10. ely s

    Wings Draft Marco Kasper 8th overall

    It was the same with Seider three years ago. People tend to forget that the european leagues are no development leagues like the AHL. The kids have to play against grown men at the age of 17 and if you don´t play the right way you´re not playing. That´s why their offensive potential is sometimes overlooked.
  11. ely s

    2022 Playoffs Thread

    A healthy Draisaitl would have made it a 4-2 loss instead of a sweep at best. The team is not good enough, McD and LD are. It´s better than Toronto though.
  12. ely s

    2022 Playoffs Thread

    Edmonton had almost 39 shots per game against them in the playoffs, they lost three games were they scored 5+ goals. That is simply not good enough and it´s not an easy fix given their cap situation. I agree that they have two of the top 5 forwards in league but what´s the worth of it when you concede 3.7 goals per game? You can´t win a cup that way and your excuses why they failed are embarrassing. The Avs are the better team at the moment and there´s no denying it.
  13. ely s

    2022 Playoffs Thread

    Maybe Colorado has the better team? Even with a healthy Draisaitl, the Avs would have won. As long as McD and Draisaitl have to play with that sort of defense and goaltending they have no chance of winning a cup and I´m not 100% sure that Holland is the solution for their problems.
  14. ely s

    The Cap

    I don´t believe that that is going to happen, Hronek showed no improvement compared to last year. He looks more like trade bait.
  15. ely s

    2022 Playoffs Thread

    A tough task. 5 players to sign (incl. Fiala) and only $7.4m in cap space. They could try to move Dumba to free up cap space but that would weaken their D. It´s not an easy challenge.