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  1. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    it´s a bit annoying to be honest. Unfortunately CRL has a knack for asking provocative questions (some dumb as well) and twisting the things people say, which just causes endless repetitions. something to think about: Rasmussen already has a year of NHL experience and a body ready for the man´s game. In the moment he might be the better player just through that. In the future? f*ck knows and yes, a #10 pick is not assured to become the better player than any other first round selection in his draft class. After the first 6-7 picks it´s more or less hoping to be right imo.
  2. ely s

    Mantha might be done for the year - what now

    he´s back https://www.mlive.com/redwings/2020/02/anthony-mantha-back-and-red-wings-hope-hes-smart-about-confrontations.html
  3. ely s

    Mantha might be done for the year - what now

  4. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    based on some gut feeling? watch him play and say that again... I´m not saying that we have to draft him, but he his NHL center material for sure
  5. ely s

    Mantha might be done for the year - what now

    there are no Fabbri haters, it is just you saying it because people dared to say they think Zadina is/will be better
  6. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    to get another lottery pick we need to get AA on a role or we have to trade Fabbri and hope that the receiving team misses the playoffs
  7. ely s

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    prospect update https://www.mlive.com/sports/j66j-2020/01/ec98c7ecea9069/how-detroit-red-wings-prospects-are-shaping-up.html
  8. ely s

    Mantha might be done for the year - what now

    We scored 108 goals so far, 71 of them at even strength, 24 on the powerplay plus 4 with an extra attacker, 3 shorties and 6 empty netters. That´s 26% of our goals scored with the man advantage with a pp% at 14,8% , 24 goals in 162 pp opp. If our pp% goes up to 21% (good for 12th in the league) that would have been 10 goals more. Adding 9% on our goal total. So to me help on the pp is very welcome.
  9. there was a lot to like in that game, real good compete level. Once we have a back end, it´ll come
  10. we can´t just concede 1 goal, we need two within a few minutes almost every game.... Howie was great all night, not at all his fault
  11. it´s a bit unfortunate that Bowey isn´t blessed with a fast mind... all the tools, no clue how to use them...