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  1. ely s

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Yes, the are on loan till TC starts, only McIsaac is on loan for the full season fun fact: The team Ras is going to play for, is the same team Rossi is playing for
  2. ely s

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    The leagues in Sweden(Berggren 1g,1a in first game;Albert Johansson 2 ga, 1g, 1a),Czech(Hronek 1a in 2 games) and Switzerland already started, Austria is set to begin tomorrow, Finland at the beginning of Oktober and Germany on Nov 13 edit: just seen that swiss starts was delayed, they had a timeframe from 18th of September to 1st of November. The first 2 games of the season are played right now
  3. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    If there is no Stützle or Byfield available, I´m fine with Rossi, probably even prefer him over Byfield. You are as big as you play, Brad Marchand is a nice example of that, as is Big E...
  4. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    https://www.mlive.com/redwings/2020/07/saginaw-spirit-sign-detroit-red-wings-prospect-albin-grewe.html I like that move, Grewe might be a real nice Bert-like addition in a few years. If he shows what he promises and Det signs him to an entry level contract while he´s playing in Saginaw, could we still send him to GR or Ras-like NHL or OHL?
  5. ely s

    2020 Draft Thread

    I know it will be unlikely to get him... but it´s the channel Draft dynasty which is very interesting. He´s doing some proper evaluation of pretty much all possible 1st round picks, comparing and ranking them. I just watched 1,5 hours of his reviews...
  6. ely s

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    yep, it´s the same with some russian guys, there´s no time frame
  7. ely s

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/redwings/reserve-list we still own his rights...
  8. ely s

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    https://www.mlive.com/redwings/2020/06/pavel-datsyuk-reportedly-holed-up-at-monastery-seized-by-priest-pushing-covid-19-conspiracy.html Datsyuk is in his cottage, was never "holed up"
  9. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    as krs stated, Hronek is 22, Bowey 25, but it´s not just the age, I just think Bowey has already hit his ceiling and Hronek has still a gear left. All Bowie can add to his toolbox is experience, but I don´t want the Wings being the team giving him that, I would prefer younger players with more upside in his spot.
  10. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    I guess it´s after 5 years of pro hockey (AHL,Europe,NHL) for a defenseman before you really know what you have. Take Bowey as example, 5 years, 264 games of AHL and NHL combined and now we know we have a player with no future and no real trade value. Hronek is another one, 5 years, 259 games of AHL,Europe,NHL combined and now we know we have at least a good 2nd pair D with room to grow.
  11. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    keep Biega as 7th dman and send Bowey down. Bowey will never have "high" trade value, if someone claims him, so be it, I wouldn´t shed a tear.
  12. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    I wouldn´t see Green as a plug, more as a veteran presence. Our future RD with Seider,Hronek and Lindström is very promising, but also very young. Green for another 2/3 of a season sounds like a good thing to me, he doesn´t have to move and can finish his career after next season and we have a mentor kind of player for ~50 games and a pick at the deadline. Cholowski isn´t ready yet and might need another half season in GR . Biega as the 7th D and Bowey, he is a guy with all the tools and no clue how to use them, send to somewhere else. That way Green looks like a good fit, depending on what Yzerman wants and how the draft plays out of course
  13. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    we can still give him a one year contracton july 1st and trade him again at the deadline...
  14. ely s

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/by-the-numbers-prospects-moritz-seider/c-317158728 https://www.sport.de/news/ne4060671/nhl---eishockey-youngster-moritz-seider-ueber-den-wichtigsten-sommer-in-meiner-karriere/ "He is basically seeing this offseason as his most important so far, as his goal is to make the Wings this fall. Seider is currently on the ice training with Adler Mannheim in Germany, as they prepare for the season."
  15. ely s

    2020 Offseason

    https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/notes-young-red-wings-took-step-forward/c-317060294 a little older, found it today. it´s nice to get some different opinions...