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  1. mannysBETTER3434

  2. Jim Tressel Resigns

    Apparently there is going to be a big Sports Illustrated article tomorrow on OSU. If it's as bad as it sounds I don't know how the death penalty can't be an option (For the record I don't think they will get that). Rumors are talking about drug trafficking, prostitution, brand new cars for family members, cash from boosters, etc. All sounds like OSU knew about it all too. Wow!!
  3. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I'm starting to believe more and more Tressel doesn't coach in 2011. He either "resigns", or OSU uses him as a scapegoat to avoid more penalties just like what U-M basketball did. Like GW said I think they should get a more severe penalty then USC. Not the death penalty, but something that sends a message. Not too long ago I heard Eddie George say he was shocked at what has been going on at OSU. At first I laughed, but after thinking about it I believe him. George didn't play for Tressel. He probably assumed Tressel was like your typical pastor (what everyone thought pretty much besides Michigan fans). The guy has been cheating before he even came to OSU. Google his Youngstown QB. I don't even think this has tipped the ice berg yet.
  4. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Unless TP wins a nati or a heisman I think he goes down as one of the most overrated recruits to ever play the game. Kid is a head case, and from watching OSU (which is a solid amount) he looks like a HORRIBLE teammate to me. I swear at least twice a game he's giving an ear full to a WR, or Tressel. Always looks like Tressel wants to slap him straight across the face when they talk. Always thought his talents would be used better at 2 schools he picked OSU over: Penn State, and Oregon.
  5. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Thought the same thing. Must be nice having Lewis, Suggs, and Reed but his track record is still outstanding. Top 20 defense in most categories at almost every stop. Lots of college coaching, and the NFL stuff is a bonus. He's doing something right. He is going to have his work cut out for him.
  6. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Still taking the wait and see approach with Hoke, but it's hard not to get excited when you see him hire Greg Mattison as the new DC. Outstanding hire.
  7. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I don't buy Miles rejected Michigan. I think it was the other way around just like 3 years ago. I'll put money down he wasn't offered. As for Hoke, well first of all welcome. Second, I don't know what to think. After a quick reading I could see this being a great hire. On the other hand, I could see us going into a Notre Dame decade. I guess that's why we play the game. Should be a interesting year in AA.
  8. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I think the location played a big factor. He doesn't even have to move, and can play his "friend" Pete Carrol twice a year. No shame we lost him there. It's a great opportunity. I've been doing a lot of research on Hoke, and really warming up to the idea of this. My only problem with him is I wonder if he will get full support from everyone. This needs to happen this time around. It was one of the reason's for RR's failure. As of now I think I'd take Hoke over Miles.
  9. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Had the worst week to lose internet for no good reason, but here's what I think briefly..... -Hoke could be a good hire. Wouldn't be "sexy" at this time regarding a national uproar, but neither was Czich, Kelly, Tressel, and a handful of others. I could see him being a great hire, or another crappy hire. Won't argue for him either way. I would just support him like I did with RR. Not my first choice though. Which leads me to my second thought.. -Sounds like Jim really wants the Michigan job, but on the other hand has NFL dream$$. I can't blame him if he goes to the NFL. I think it's not over with Harbaugh like Herbstret said today. It could be, but until I see him at the podium of an NFL team I will hold onto hope. I don't this is wishful thinking either. I really think he's torn. I question NFL teams. Has Harbaugh ever coaches a major position in the NFL? Do they remember Saban, Spurrier, etc? Putting biased aside I still think NFL teams are rolling the dice on him yet willing to pay him ridiculous amounts of money. Guess I don't understand....
  10. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    But what if he was replaced with Charile Weis??? I'm thinking on Wednesday Harbaugh is hired.
  11. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Time to give this thread a 2nd life. The good games are finally starting to start. What are your thoughts so far? -I think this is Rich Rod's last game on the sidelines regardless of outcome -Not sure what to think about Michigan's chances, but I'm leaning towards a lose. 28-24 MSU. -I don't think MSU stands a chance against Bama. 37-17 -I think Pryor, and the boys shouldn't be playing in the bowl game.
  12. Official Detroit Lions thread

    Go figure I miss all this Lions action! Saturday got in a really bad accident. So Sunday comes around and I'm a half corpse. I started watching the 1st quarter, but the pills knocked me out. Maybe I should take vicodin before every road game..hmmmm Seriously though good win, and hope everyone has a safe Christmas!
  13. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I was rooting for ND. What a great game. I hate Kiffin, and there was nothing better then watching Ronald Johnson lose the game. I was furious when Carrol paid off Rojo, and stole him from us. Ahhh good ol' karma.
  14. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Agreed, but Robinson won't be coaching. It would be Calvin Magee. Congrads to MSU. Looks like a Saban vs MSU bowl game could very well happen.
  15. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    What a pathetic, piss poor effort!!!!! Personally I think RR is done, but there's a lot of people who disagree with that. I'm on the fence on what I would do. What needs to happen is early next week Michigan needs to say RR is staying no matter what to help his recruiting OR they need to fire him. If they did fire him I would want a solid plan with Harbaugh in place. He will come. I just don't want a Les Miles 2 mess.