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    Watching Red Wings/hockey and football, biking, running and weightlifting, politics, news/radio talk shows, funk/jazz/blues music, comedy, casual dining, wine/beer, movies, TV, reading, working.

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  1. SouthernWingsFan

    This or That

    Wood Avocados or Tomatoes
  2. SouthernWingsFan

    The person below me game...

    In some ways yes. The person below me can balance themselves on one hand.
  3. SouthernWingsFan

    What are you listening to? 2?

    Monophonics - Goliath Good funky instrumental.
  4. This is just another example of people who can't hold their stupid emotinoal b.s. in and talk a big game without doing anything. Just about all these people are going to be tuning in on the TV or going to games live, like always. If these people actually have the guts to follow through, good for them. If not, shut up and calm down and grow up. As much as I'd like to see guys like Nyquist and Tatar secure permanent roles, re-siging Cleary isn't the worst thing in the world. Those people should be embarssed at how pitiful they are acting.
  5. SouthernWingsFan

    The person below me game...

    Nope, I work in IT/support. Any bruises or dents come from working out. The person below me wants to go where no man/woman has gone before.
  6. SouthernWingsFan

    This or That

    Board Fort or Hideout
  7. SouthernWingsFan

    song title game

    Kick in the Teeth - Papa Roach
  8. SouthernWingsFan

    Samuelsson: IR to All-Star?

    Last year you have to kinda throw out the window with Samuelsson being injured so match. At the time, definitely seemed like a decent signing. Nothing earth shattering, but the amount of flak he takes is pretty absurd at times. At the time, couldn't have really predicted if some of the younger guys would have really stepped up in the immediate short term to produce, Nyquist, Andersson, Tatar, etc. With some of the younger guys showing their potential last season, Samuelsson, and Bertuzzi as well, are at a crossroads where they're going to have to be fighting for playoff time. That being said too much forward depth/experience isn't a bad problem to have.
  9. SouthernWingsFan

    What are you listening to? 2?

    Good local new funky music here. Dumpstaphunk - Dirty Word
  10. SouthernWingsFan

    LGW Fit Club

    Just keep at it whatever you do and you'll eventually see results. I run probably 4-5 times a week, I now run a couple times a month, and I do CrossFit sessions nearly every day. Granted I'll admit I likely put in more time exercising and working out than most - not intending to make it sound like bragging even though it make look that way - it's just one of my favorite things to do outside of my job and I try to make time for it nearly every day. Everybody's situation is obviously different but hopefully you can make time for it as well. I'll be running in two marathons next year. There are also a variety of competitions that are more CrossFit related - I did one in the summer locally/regionally here - nothing planned in that regard but people I work out with could tie me into those if I'm needed (i.e. team competitions). I often wear myself out with so much work and am too stubborn for my own good sometimes not resting as much as I should, but I enjoy it, it's worth it to me. As for my figure, I'm about 5'7" and 140 lbs.
  11. SouthernWingsFan

    Keep Tootoo, Drop Cleary

    Not really understanding the deal here since Cleary hasn't re-signed with the team and that likely isn't happening soon or at all. Not sure how Tootoo plays in this mix as well since you likely have one Grand Rapids player that if he plays well is likely going to have a lot of playing time up here to start in Tomas Tatar. With Cleary, it always amused me how much s**t he took on how people went off the deep end on him. Always busted his tail off and nevermind that he was the second leading scorer in the playoffs for the team this past season.
  12. SouthernWingsFan

    New enemies, whom do you fear the most?

    Nobody. Why should they be afraid of anybody? Weakness already portrays that they aren't good enough to win. Respect your opponent but play your game to the best of your ability, bust your tail off and outwork the other team and hopefully a good result comes up.
  13. SouthernWingsFan

    Hey Hawks fans....

    If you're prepared to take it back just as much, by all means do so. Getting into other fan bases isn't my deal. I get it, I understand rivalries and all that jazz. We've seen plenty gams where refs played too much of a role where the Wings were on the losing end. It'll happen again at some point, as well as the Hawks like last night or any other team, whenever those game may be. Telling other fans that they are sour pusses though about officiating is rich when we've been sour about it plenty as well. Which is why I stay out of the blaming referees for a loss game as much as possible. It's a cop-out excuse.