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  1. Stupid draft...really really dumb...worst draft ever... I think I mocked it pretty well
  2. Stupid Zetterburg...we missed the playoffs!!
  3. I don't think anyone thought of late round picks like Jensen and Marchenko as being top tier guys...I think Jensen is a 2nd pair guy on a decent team based solely on his skating. On a Cup team he's a 3rd pairing guy who can play with the second unit when injuries hit. Given his draft position..he's a steal. Given his offensive instincts...I' love to see him on the wing for a bit Sproul was the OHL dman of the year and Oullett is smart...his skating never developed much so that hamstrings him. He's another bad team 2nd/ good team 3rd pairing guy who could have been more with better wheels. Sproul has been slow to develop...but the potential is there. He's big, has a cannon for a shot (RH) and he can skate. At 23 yrs old..he's at the crossroads. the tools for a top pairing ...or at the very least a really good second pairing ..are there. I've seen a fair amount of Vili...he's a top pairing guy potentially. Sambrook is another guy who has a future. Haven't seen enough of Hronek, Cholo or anyone else to say. I want to see how Holway develops in college.
  4. No s***..personal and vicious. Let's draft a Cheenk...Suzuki sounds he Chinese or Jap? Japanese, Chinese, Chuckie Cheese...who cares, just get him. We'll probably want to draft another player in an hour though
  5. He's 22...maybe if he was a girl from Memphis and we were Jerry Lawler...
  6. Twitter says we're on this smallish 22 year old guy from the SHL. We already have Filip we want multiple guys who's parents can't spell Phillip?
  7. Twitter says we're on this smallish 22 year old guy from the SHL. We already have Filip we want multiple guys who's parents can't spell Phillip?
  8. With the Steelheads elimination from the OHL playoffs...Vili has been called up to Grand Rapids. Be interesting to see if he plays or gets gets work as a "black ace"
  9. Little Bert is doing his Claude Lemieux imitation again this year...he had two goals last night to give five along with five assists in 8 playoff games
  10. Little Caesar was Marian Ilitch's nickname for Mike....I think it's a great name for the arena. I think they ought to publicize the genesis of the name a bit more
  11. Bubonic plague plus our 2nd for their 6th
  12. For a 2017 4th round pick....
  13. If they want a power forwarsd... we go D at nine...then we could move up and hope for a shot at Givani Smith's Guelph teammate Isaac Ratcliffe. He's a BIG wing. Don't see him falling to rd 2 Ideally...I'd like to go C at 9 and then D on trade back up into 1 for Foote or Hague or see what falls to us in Rd 2.
  14. Really easy?'s a picnic going against a team that can roll three good scoring lines out there. Your 230lb D and F's are going to love chasing after guys they can't keep up with for three periods. We need top end C more than we need D. I like our D prospects...guys like Hronek, Vili and Sambrook. I'd keep an eye on Holway as well. If the opportunity arises to come back into the 1st round to snaga guy like Hague..I'd be OK with that. But I'd much rather go with a C with top six potential at 9
  15. Bowman now calls him "Mein Kampf"