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  1. Targets for the Wings

    Ahhh...Draisaitil...THAT was a guy I really wanted Kenny to go balls to the wall and trade up for. Git him Kenny...Git him
  2. Red Wings In On Player From Russia

    I would mow his lawn, wash his car and...if such a person up his homely and lonely sister to get him back.
  3. New signing

    Oh're like can't just let it go. I imagine if we were to survive a nuclear holocaust we'd spend our final agony filled days arguing over who's lawn glowed brighter. You lumped the Silver...ok maybe he's copper.. Brett in with Leino. That's saying he sucked by association decent year elsewhere aside...Ville sucked. I think Lebda was an awesome UDFA signing. We haven't come close to finding a UDFA that good since. Given that he didn't play a full year anywhere after he left here...I suspect he had some injury issues
  4. New signing

    I'm sorry but WTF? You clearly stated he was a signing that didn't work out...I've clearly said all along that he was a decent 3rd pairing Dman....I give up...this conversation has gone completely off the rails
  5. Shattenkirk

    Hey we agree...I don't want him either. His value exceeds Green's so I think three years $6 mil is too cheap. I think he gets at least 5 years from some sucker for at least 6 mil.
  6. New signing

    Don't care if anyone throws out compliments or not...I think it's patently absurd to suggest that a UDFA that played 3rd pairing D for years on an elite team wasn't a good signing. It's like bitching about winning a million in the lottery instead of 25.
  7. Shattenkirk

    Why would Shattenkirk sign for 2 or 3 years at $5 mil...that's like saying "I'll consider it if he'll play for free"
  8. Shattenkirk

    Shattenkirk is the wrong guy at the wrong time
  9. New signing

    Again...I'm not saying he was a world beater...I'm saying you're out to lunch if you think getting Lebda's production from a UDFA is an example of a UDFA not doing much. Above you will find the 2003 NHL draft...our boy Brett's last eligible year. From the third round on most of the guys picked didn't play as long as he did. Lebda was a HELL of a value as a UDFA. A brilliant signing....
  10. New signing

    Played a regular shift for multiple seasons on an elite team and had a plus 16 season while doing people have incredibly small strike zones for "doing much". Think we're just going to have to agree to disagree...but I think the Wings brass would be delighted if Libor turned out to be as good as Brett Lebda I certainly don't think you can lump Lebda in with Leino...and even then Leino had on pretty good year..which is rare for a UDFA.
  11. New signing

    What he said was he didn't pan out...he most certainly did pan out...he saw regular minutes on one of the elite teams in the league. By definition, that's a successful signing. He was less effective in Toronto...a common theme for that era of Leafs teams. IIRC..he also had some injuries to his back and shoulder and that could have been a factor as well. Look...I'm not saying he was Nik...but the guy played a lot of minutes on some great teams. To say that was a UDFA signing that didn't work out is ridiculous on its face.
  12. New signing

    Please...stop...he played four years on a really good team. If he was bad...and remember good teams are good because they have good players...he wouldn't have lasted four years here. They would have shipped him out and found someone better. Which...if I believe you..would have been a remarkably low hurdle. Was he great? No...he was a 3rd pairing D man. But he was a GOOD 3rd pairing D man. He signed as a free agent...cost them nothing and helped them win a cup..make the finals another year and make the conference finals another year. If you think that run in Detroit is indicative of a FA that didn't pan have impossibly high standards
  13. New signing

    Brett Lebda played 3rd pairing D for four years on a Cup winner that contended two other years during his stay. I would turn cartwheels if this guy was Brett Lebda
  14. Mock Draft

    If Holland loves Vilardi, Glass or Mittlestadt that much more than anything that will be there at nine (Necas, al) then by all means trade up to 3. I wouldn't do it...but I don't have any Cup rings either
  15. New signing

    Exactly...he makes the Wings or he goes to Finland for another year and then another crack at the Winged wheel pinata in the fall of 2018. This does zero harm and gives us a chance to develop a LH D with some size.