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  1. It's like getting a free draft pick. I think that's worth getting excited about. He's only 1 year above draft age. If he were 1 year younger and put up those numbers, we'd probably be talking about picking him in the middle to late rounds. Now we might get a late-bloomer without giving up any assets. I don't see any reason to throw a wet blanket on this thing. The tier II league is a consideration, but he lead that league by 5 points in what was his first full pro year. That is something. And FWIW, Elias Patterson is from the same league and he's listed #2 in central scouting for European skaters, is in many top 10 draft rankings and I've seen as high as #5 overall. Ejdsell is obviously 3 years older, but he did outproduced Patterson and they were both in their first full pro year. Ejdsell's story seems to be that he was in the system of Farjestad (tier I SHL) and he did play in the SHL, but after they only gave him 22 games over a year and a half, he went to the lower league for more opportunity and broke out. Maybe just a late bloomer? Younger tall player sometimes do have to get used to their size. Maybe Farjestad overlooked him or buried him? Or maybe maybe he's nothing but an AHL player. Hope he signs so we can find out.
  2. You left out Matt Dumba in 2012. With Suter that's 2 top pairing defencemen in the bunch. 2 high end #7 picks: Shane Doan in 1994, Jason Arnott in 1993
  3. Don't see any news to that effect. it would be more helpful if you put a link or at least say what happened.
  4. I still think we won the lottery with Dekeyser. Not a #1, but a great pickup. If Victor can be a comparable piece that would be huge. Not expecting that, but it'd be great to pickup a big guy with potential.
  5. The Malik Report and eliteprospect links actually say he's 6'5". I don't see what's not to like here. Brunner was in his in his late 20s (maybe 26?). Leino too (26). Ejdsell is 21 we could get him in the AHL for some important development years.
  6. Yeah, something's not right with that claim. Capfriendly says the Devils are paying a cap recapture penalty for Kovalchuck until 24/25, so that's probably what they mean. The amount is only 250,000 each year, though, so it would be more likely that teams would take that on to sign him. Seems a little odd that a recapture penalty would be attached to the player if they traded him, though, and I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere else. TSN says his easiest and most likely route is signing with the Devils. If he does that, he doesn't need league-wide approval. So it looks like a return to the devils or a sign and trade.
  7. Yeah, that's a weird story. But it's hard to think it's as simple as him playing poorly - as stated in the tweet from the ass. coach that you quoted. The coach scratched him after the very first playoff game. It was a game they lost in overtime and he lead the team in ice time and played in overtime. If he was so bad, why'd they play him so much? And it was just a year after being named KHL playoff MVP when they won the cup. Maybe he just had one really bad stretch around that time. Or maybe he broke some team rule. He was still a point per game player that year so it doesn't look like a down year. Here's an article that looks at it as possibly some kind of rift with management: Or maybe a rift with the coach? For what it's worth, the coach that year, Sergei Zubov (always liked him as a player) wasn't brought back. And Kovy was renamed Captain when Datsyuk was injured. As for that playing into the idea that he's "finished," following that, this year he was second in the league for points and had his best year by far.
  8. The stat mistake is mine. I guess I didn't notice the 80 point season. Of course you're entitled to your opinion, I just don't know why you'd keep the same opinion after being shown that his stats aren't trending down since leaving the NHL. That is the usual way that people would consider a player to be finished. Comparing him to other players is beside the point. When people say someone is finished, they mean they're not what they were before. From the stats, Kovy does seem to be at the level when he started playing in the KHL. You're wrong on the 5 year age difference between them: Radulov (july 5 1986) and Kovy (apr 15 1983) = 3 years
  9. Radulov had 54 pts in 76 games this season and that equates to 0.71 points per game. That is exactly the same PPG as Radulov's last and final year in the NHL before leaving for the KHL (2007-08: 58pts in 81 games). So, your own example suggests that a long stay in the KHL doesn't effect a player's ability to play the NHL game (Radulov had 9 year there, Kovy 4.5). We also have Jagr's story to back that idea up. And Jagr was about 4 years older than Kovalchuk when he came back.
  10. I don't know why you're saying he's done. Is it just because he's 34? Or because we haven't seen him in a while? He just had his best season in the KHL. He had 78 pts in 60 game, while the previous 4 years he was about a point a game. Maybe that's the effect of playing with Datsyuk, but regardless the stats don't should evidence of his game slipping yet.
  11. It kind of makes sense for him to come back. He just won the Gagarin Cup for the 2nd time in 3 years and he could be looking for a new challenge and certain missing cup for his collection. I would consider us a low on likely spots. But, who knows, maybe Datsyuk talked us up. If he's looking for money, I think Vegas will be in a special situation to offer a huge contract. Edit: Hmm, I thought he was 33, I'd still be in for something like a 3 year deal.
  12. Signed

    Nevermind. please delete.
  13. I think they're fortunes are tied that of J.T. because I don't think they could get value in a trade due to the contract. The only trade idea that popped into my head could be something with the Avs since there's been rumors of them moving McKinnon, Duchene, or Landeskog. Something there might make sense for both sides. But I don't know how they'd deal with the salary difference. I don't foresee a big thing like that happening, though (but also I never would have guessed Subban for Weber) More doable, I'd try to shed the Hossa contract to add a new spark. Hossa's 38 and will be a 5.275 caphit for the next 4 years. He's still doing well and could still have demand, but his last 2 years are definitely his worst statistically and I think it will only continue at this point. And he's just outside the core, so he could be a way to shake things up, but not tear them down. He, like Toews, has a NMC, though, so I don't know if either could happen. Maybe they'll just hope to lose someone like Kruger (make's 3.08 mill) in the expansion draft to gain the room to bring someone in.
  14. I just see George as just representing the stupidity of CBC and Sportsnet. He's a music guy. Probably like Kliq, I grew up with him as the host of the metal and punk shows on Muchmusic. He still does a radio show and hosts concerts in his house that you can find on youtube. He's knowledgeable about music - I don't know why they put him for sports or that other political show he had. But then again Ron Maclean - who I like - was a weatherman so maybe they thought it was a similar career path.
  15. Well, I notice you left out Larkin - who he played 2nd most with. If you do believe Larkin is a good player, then AA did consistently play with at least one good player even under your standards. The other option is If you consider Larkin bad. If that's the case, then you've discounted our #2 and #3 centers and so you're really just saying he didn't play enough with Zetterberg which a huge demand for him to be on the 1st line at this point in his career. Anyway, AA's line mates were fine this year. He, Neilson, and Vanek had good chemistry together - especially around the middle of the season. That's why they played so much together.