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  1. One of the Swedish mafia's top hitman got it done tonight!
  2. Yeah, I'm feeling very good about things. We look good and that's without Larkin, Z, Neilson locked in. And Kronwall - even injured - will help the D (though it will lead to the problem of gets taken out).
  3. Only saw the end of the second and the 3rd, but that looked liked their best performance.
  4. Burns must be going for that homeless chic look.
  5. I think it's important for Mantha to get more top minutes in the AHL because he really hasn't been a dominant/high impact guy since he was in the QMHL. He had a tough first year pro with the broken leg, then he was pretty good last year, but we need him to be an elite scorer here, so let him get to that point in the AHL first. I hope he keeps ripping it up, gets his confidence up and then come up with guns blazing.
  6. So, Helm is our leading scorer and Larkin is our enforcer. Weird year so far.
  7. Got to take advantage of 15 guys on their bench
  8. Won it too.
  9. Haha. Larkin
  10. A local steak chef is a Wings fan.
  11. Agreed, but Howard's going to play some games this year. Might as well take a hot streak. Backup goalies do play more than one game in a row. Edit: Actually, scratch that. Early in the season you don't want to shake Mrazek and he's been great as well. Also, our success this season depends on Mrazek being lights out.
  12. Z back as center Larkin on the wing might be a good thing to get them going, but I hope they switch back at some point in the season. AA should be in over Ott or Miller. Kind of surprised that Howard didn't get another game after his great performance. Edit: Didn't notice Sproul in there. Good to see him get in there, but Marchenko should be the one out. XO been solid from what I've seen Also, Sproul and Smith looks like a really bad combo to me. They're both risky offensive guys. should be: Smith-Marchenko Ericsson-Sproul
  13. Pavalec was demoted by the Jets and is playing in the AHL so I'm sure the Jets wouldn't mind moving him.
  14. Didn't watch the game, but just watched the highlights and the 2 big breakaways were both clearly Smith's fault. He's been good so far this season, but he seems to still have these huge mistakes.