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  1. This is what "less can be more exciting" looks like.
  2. Maybe some Fu Manchu? Probably only the stoner hockey fans would get it.
  3. That article was posted 3 hours ago so you can't suggest that they've realized anything since then. There is a lot of people outside the WIngs fanbase that thought he should have been chosen.
  4. Most articles/ bits of coverage do seem to be pretty surprised that Mrazek was exposed/ not taken For example, Sportsnet, uses it their first example of a headscratcher move. Unrelated, but in that article, they have this tweet (I don't know how to copy/paste tweets) ✔@TomGulittiNHL Foley said VGK had list of picks ready at 4 p.m. PT Tues. before realizing they had 13 forwards (need 14) so switched from a D to a forward 5:26 PM - 21 Jun 2017 Wonder if that was XO switched to Nosek last minute.
  5. Bryan Rust maybe. Agreed. It's kind of crazy that the Habs have lost Emelin, traded Beaulieu for a 3rd, and traded Shegachyov away all in a couple weeks. Gotta think they'll feel those losses to the D corps. Shedding 3 solid or promising D men feels like their mocking us a bit, haha. They probably should have just let Vegas choose one of Beaulieu or Emelin. A 3rd isn't much of a gain and I think retaining either player would be more valuable.
  6. It might be a latex allergy. I had a friend with that when I was younger. It can actually be deadly. But there's things like lycra and cotton (though that would be hot to wear playing hockey) that are fine for people with that allergy. Never heard of anyone that was allergic to the alternatives as well. Or maybe it's the plastic cups for shoulder pads etcetera? Those would be harder to replace with another material.
  7. Or maybe Vegas is just building for the future and generally choosing younger players. That's what I'd do in their place (though Mrazek would be my choice of young players).
  8. If it's true, Nosek's not a great loss. As someone else said, the expansion draft is not there to help us out. The likelihood that it would be someone we'd be happy to lose (aka Ericsson) was very small. Losing him might give Frk a shot in one of our 3 free forward spots or maybe it's Bertuzzi, if the team thinks him ready. I don't think either of those options would hurt the roster in place of having Nosek. I'd just be glad, if we get away with exposing Mrazek.
  9. Just please don't listen to it on the radio. I could foresee a multi-car pileup if Pettersson is chosen.
  10. I think the real question is whether Foo is a fighter, cause I could support getting a Foo Fighter.
  11. Agreed. Not that I totally believe this is a message being sent, but it could be that Holland wants Mrazek to think Vegas or trade partners around the league don't even want him. That could be a message that would bring his alleged ego down and make him more willing to get things to work in Detroit and smooth out any conflicts he might be having.
  12. Well, one problem is than many of these teams were paying big time for their other goalie, so they were paying for goaltending (not like the aforementioned Hasek+Ozman. And a bunch of these guys are on Entry Level deals. That's Cam Ward, Emery, Leighton, Quick at least. I agree you should draft well and take advantage of the times when you have ETCs but that's not a long term idea unless you plan on getting great goalies through the draft endlessly. If that's the strategy then you could never re-sign a goalie once they'd earned the starting position. These guys got PAID later. That was my point on listing other year of hasek and Ozzy. You can get a few cheap years due to a player being young or old, but it's never been an approach for the wings despite what people sometimes say.
  13. I knew I recognized the name for some reason, but couldn't think of why. Bet San Lose regrets not taking Mantha.
  14. Hasek made 8 million each year 01-02 and 02-03 with us. Osgood made 3-4 million 00-04 We only had them for a low charge 07-09 because they were older in and not in demand. I don't want us signing 42 year old goalies as a strategy to win the cup (and I think Ozzy was 34). It was a special situation with Hasek and Ozzy that probably can't be replicated.
  15. I'll be pretty upset if we lose Mrazek. For now, I'm trusting that the organization wouldn't let that happen, though. I think a deal is very possible. The Holland quote was: “I’m not prepared to pay any future assets to protect players on our team.” For me that just excludes trades involving draft picks. That leaves the door open for an agreement where we left a different player exposed (Sheahan? XO?...) with the idea that they'd take that preferred player and leave Mrazek. P.S. I know they will take Fleury and they should, but he had a pretty bad season, other than the playoffs. I feel like the discussion of him being a knock out pick for them is exaggerated. Hell, both Howard and Mrazek have better career numbers (GAA + SV%).