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  1. Reread my post. I never said any that.You may not like hearing what I say, but at least I dont fabricate what other people say. I was a using a figure of speech. I said "I am going to laugh when..." It was not literal. Do you really think that I would literally laugh at the misery of another person? JC. I may be cynical at times, but at least I try to give you all the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming someone's a heartless dirtbag based on a comment that wasn't even supposed to be taken seriously. Had I known that anyone was going to take it so literally i would have chosen better words for sure. And if by any chance Jacob and his fiancee happened to see it, then I apologize. I would kill for a cup of coffee right now. Quick Kip, call the police!!! Neo is about murder someone! My career has nothing to do with it. Making a long term career choice based on things that are not certain in another person's life is unwise IMO. You disagree? Cool.Would it not be wiser for Trouba to wait until his fiancee's path is more certain to make a decision like that? He has a whole year left on his contract. Why not wait to sign that long term contract? What if they don't get married? What if any of the things I mentioned in regards to her career actually happen? They could, right? Reality is so cynical. If I was going to move to another city, away from my family, and likely take a financial hit in the process, I might wanna wait to see if any of my fiancee's "dreams" actually come to fruition first. Is that so wrong? It seems silly to me to make life decisions based on things that MIGHT happen when patience and time could be utilized to make a more definitive choice. Oh and I'll remember you said this the next time you post an opinion about a player's career choice, since apparently we aren't supposed to have such opinions. Nope. Not any of those things. Just someone who believes that one can do something selfless and unwise at the same time. I am allowed to have an opinion, right? Or aren't we allowed to do that in here anymore. Who is taking her dream away? Not me. If Trouba doesn't got to NY now and sign a long term deal now, does her "dream" suddenly die? Of course not? Are you implying that she's so fragile that she can't become a doctor without Jacob holding her hand.? Now that would be sad. I get making sacrifices for loved ones, check my previous posts. I admired Green for choosing his family over chasing a cup. As much as I have teased Suter for choosing to sign with Minnesota so that his wife could be closer to home, I actually respect his decision to do it, even though I didn't like it. But their family situations we also much more concrete. They weren't really taking any risks in doing so. Their choices were both unselfish and safe. Good qualities to have in a spouse and parent IMO. I just happen to believe that Trouba is potentially making a mistake that he could later regret. I just think that if he waits a little longer until his fiancee's future is more certain before making a long term commitment regarding his own future, there's a better chance everything works out for the best. If that opinion makes me a d**k, than I guess I am a d**k.
  2. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    Because when Larkin, Mantha, Veleno, Zadina, and Podholzin/Cozens/Zegras are all on the roster he will be our 6th best F.
  3. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    Big news there Brad. I'm sure he's the first kid ever to play hockey who's been dreaming of that.
  4. Is AA a top pair defenseman? Nope. Guys like AA are a lot easier to come by. Top pair D are much more valuable. Giving up something of lesser value to acquire something of greater value is smart management. Signing a long term deal to play in NY because ur fiancee MIGHT become your wife, and she MIGHT finish med school, and she MIGHT intern in NY, and MIGHT become a doctor will look pretty silly if it doesn't happen. It seems like a poor decision for him to make definitive career decisions based on things in his GF's life that are far from certain is all I am saying.
  5. I am going to break out in laughter when she flunks out of med school, gets an internship somewhere other than NY, or they break up altogether. Making those kinds of professional long term plans without even knowing what your long term family/personal situation is yet is just plain dumb and his agent should slap him upside the head.
  6. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    News From Around the NHL

    So 11.5 x 8= $92 million. If another team did sign him at 12 × 7, that would be $84 million. I thought having the extra year was supposed to help teams keep players by spreading out the contract another year. By my math, SJ should have been able to sign him for $10.5 million per year × 8 = 84 million. Signing him to the contract they did would be the equivalent of another team signing him to a 7 year deal worth 13.14 million per season in free agency. The Sharks actually paid him more than he would have gotten as a UFA. Their GM is a horrible negotiator.
  7. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    And yet he's still better than Broberg.
  8. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    News From Around the NHL

    If Holland was still GM, the Trouba news would have brought all of the Holland trolls out from hiding under their bridges. But Yzerman doesn't make the deal and it's all crickets.
  9. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    Yeah, well if I was playing against a team who liked to stack the blue line and I wanted to get across, I know what country I would get my players from.
  10. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    "The Russian 5" Documentary

    Well then that would mean she hasnt touched anything silver and shiny in 50 years.
  11. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    News From Around the NHL

    Trouba sounds like another Suter. Whipped as cream.
  12. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    News From Around the NHL

    Rangers not taking Byram for sure now. Assuming NJD doesnt go crazy and take Byram, that leaves Colorado and LAK to pass him up.
  13. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    If only you could go back in time 2 hours
  14. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    News From Around the NHL

    Crowded House never wanted EK either.
  15. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2019 Draft

    I think Byram has top pair potential. I think Cholowski tops out as a 2nd pair. If I can trade a 2nd pair D with a 1st rounder and get a legit 1D, its worth it to me. Its a steep price to pay, but true 1D guys are so hard to come by.