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  1. 13dangledangle

    Seider for Captain

    To say that's some high praise is an understatement. Cannot wait to see him over here and see him play against the big boys...And Yzerman must be feeling pretty good considering the doubt that surrounded the pick, he often states you gotta be lucky
  2. 4 goal nights are so rare. It's funny it was Dallas again (and so soon) and the irony of last year was Mantha is kinda funny too...Since the trade Vrana has a goal up on the big boy now. Looks like it is indeed so far working out for both teams-not that this small sample size really means anything. It is fun to see though
  3. 13dangledangle

    3/2 GDT - Red Wings at Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    The hard part I think would be finding a willing participant at the this point. Hopefully Mantha gets hot here soon then get him out while he’s hot. He’s sad to watch these days
  4. 13dangledangle

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 7:00 PM EST

    I loath him for some reason. I used to love Eddie 'O' when I was a kid and he was a leaf, as soon as he got the mic that fond memory of him tried to erase itself. Hes the one broadcaster in the league that Id rather not even watch the game hes calling then listen to his bulls*it for 2 hours Seems to be a common theme this year. Zero jam for this guy, hopefully he gets on a hot streak here so we can load him off for picks some where. It's something else to watch him float around out there with no visible interest in actually getting into the game
  5. 13dangledangle

    2/20 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 5:00 PM EST

    I didn’t even make it to your comment! I basically said what you already said haha..Oh well, I guess I just added a thing or two, teamwork makes the dream work!
  6. 13dangledangle

    2/20 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 5:00 PM EST

    He has been a bright spot for us thats for sure. I think he's just been unlucky so far...With the Kings he was stuck behind Quick for 5 years, then in Toronto spent time battling with Sparks and Reimer for 2 years then in 2016 they brought in Andersen. The next 2 years he was behind Gibson in Anaheim and Varlamov in Colorado (Calvin Pickard was also on this squad). He definitely IMO should have beat out Sparks and Reimer but this was also when Toronto were the goalie killers. Job seems to be his to lose now though, he gives them that confidence that Ozzy gave our guys years ago. ALSO it was amazing to see Brome finally pot one tonight too
  7. 13dangledangle

    2/19 GDT - Panthers at Red Wings - 7:00 EST

    You definitely can’t blame them for not having their heads in the game tonight. So damn sad to hear that Sergie Tchekmarev passed away, that post game presser with Blash when he broke down in tears was sad too. Rest In Peace Cheeka
  8. 13dangledangle

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I thought that was off point too, I skimmed through the article though and thought it said the top pick not top 3...yeah that’s BS as well. obviously everything isn’t going to go our way, but in the past few years absolutely nothing has so somethings gotta give
  9. 13dangledangle

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    It’s pretty ridiculous. What happened this past year IMO made a mockery of the NHL’s the entire draft system.
  10. 13dangledangle

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    https://redwingspipeline.com/fixing-nhl-draft-lottery/ Looks like they’ll be tweaking the lottery again (per LeBrun) in the new scenario given where we’ll no doubt finish this season we shouldn’t pick later then 3rd. It also talks lightly about Yzerman being very vocal to the league about the shortfalls of the draft. No telling what’s going to happen yet but it’s looking like our odds should definitely improve
  11. 13dangledangle

    Wings interested in Damir Zhafyarov

    I totally forgot Panarin went undrafted, then in his debut with Vityaz only recorded 18 points in 40 games. Id take shots on these types of players all day long if we can land them. The chances of it working out is slim but theres still a chance...We need all the draft picks and over sea's FA signings we can get so our odds of success increases exponentially
  12. 13dangledangle

    Tony DeAngelo

    Yeah I’m not big on any of our current young gunz either aside from, hopefully that is, Zadina. I was more thinking as we bring in Seider, Raymond, Berggren, Niederbach. The upside IF DeAngelo did workout though would be a massive boost for us. I honestly don’t see Yzerman pulling the trigger though, he just seems to be the opposite of the character guys he likes to bring in.
  13. 13dangledangle

    Tony DeAngelo

    I agree with this. I dont believe everyone hates him, I think like you said on any team there are players that obviously wont be best friends, or friends at all and thats ok. Tony is a risk/reward guy, but considering how our "kids" are going to be making up the majority of our roster for the next while I dont think its in the best interest of their development to take that risk on him, he may have a negative impact on the build.
  14. 13dangledangle

    Tony DeAngelo

    That was because he gave his unneeded opinion to Georgiev-Say what you will but his comments were not necessary at that point in time and by now he should know to shut his mouth. His opinions outside of hockey doesn't help his image either but Im not referring to those opinions. He's a great player, albeit he is defensive liability the fact he can put up 53 points in 68 games allows it to be accepted. There is 100% a divide on those who like\want him on their team, they waived him and not one team picked him up which should be a pretty good indicator that is it not my own lonely opinion.
  15. 13dangledangle

    Tony DeAngelo

    Being opinionated is not a bad thing, nor did I say that. Can it unfortunately show your true colours? Yes indeed, thus Tony is out of a job. Im starting to see how you guys have drove everyone away from here LOL