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  1. 13dangledangle

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    I remember heading into the cup finals against the Pens in 2009 and seeing Dats and Crosby on everything with titles like "Datsyuk VS Crosby: Who's better?" and I remember thinking ITS ABOUT TIME the magicman got some recognition for what he did on the ice-all 200 feet of it. That year we also had Hossa and he talked about the differences between the two players fairly often, and he always said Dats was the more spectacular playermaker. NHL players for years always named Dats as the player who absolutely blew their minds but it wasn't until those two years of back to back finals where he got the media coverage to showcase to the people yet to see him. As for the question 08 Z vs 18 Crosby? All I will say is if I had to choose one of them for their entire career in a winged wheel, Id definitely choose Crosby
  2. 13dangledangle

    Zetterberg & Fedorov VS Yzerman and Datsyuk

    Id go Yzerman and Dats...However as far as hypotheticals go, all four of them in their prime would be one hell of a sight to see...Put Feds on D and you have the best powerplay of all time
  3. 13dangledangle

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    Didn't Fedorov act like a ***** for more money then left the wings for less money then he was asking? Dats left to go back home to be with his daughter, I don't feel Dats tarnished his legacy anywhere close to Feds....I was already missing Stevie and Sergie, now Im missing Dats too
  4. 13dangledangle

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    I was 13 and remember being pi**ed right off. I hated Ottawa and I hated Yashin. Yzerman became my favorite player when I was 9 years old when my dad took me to maple leaf gardens to see the leafs vs wings. My eyes were glued to this dude making moves, moves I might add that Ive only seen in my dreams, well up to this point anyway. When the game was almost over my dad asked how I was liking the game, I said we need to stop by one of the stands on the way out and buy me an Yzerman jersey...Needless to say he was kinda pissed, it was almost blasphemy at that point for me less then an hour away from the leafs to route against them, but I did. AND its been glorious
  5. 13dangledangle

    2018-2019 Opening Night Roster - Dedicated to BlueAdams!

    After an article I saw today from Kenny Holland it most def seems like Z isn't coming back. The biggest hit we take from this imo is we seem to have a ton of wingers in the wheel house ready to go but who centers them? I believe Nielsen is best suited for a 3rd pairing role SO is the AA playing center thing done because he'd help us create 3 lines that can help score on a regular basis if he could play center Mantha Larkin Zadina Rasmussen Athanasiou Vanek Bertuzzi Nielsen Nyquist Abby Helm Frk Glendening (faceoff champion)/Witowski (face punching champion) Danny D Green Ericsson Daley Kronwall Hronek Chowlowski
  6. 13dangledangle

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    Jesus Christ I guess some things cant please some people. Ive read negative comments all over social media about this signing and it boggles my brain as there is legit ZERO reason not to be excited for 5 more years of Larkin, and he could have certainly commanded more money if he wanted to. Hes our guy, our future C according to most and someone we can definitely build a winning team around. ….AND he is most certainly NOT Nazim Kadri, I haven't seen DBoss act like a ***** even once.
  7. 13dangledangle

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    Yzerman because of his career here. Leadership, attitude and work ethic aside Stevies best years here were something else. Between 87 and 92 he put up some absolutely amazing numbers: 87- 50 G 52A 102P (in 64 games ?!) 88- 65G 90A 155P 89- 62G 65A 127P 90- 51G 57A 108P 91- 45G 58A 103P 92- 58G 79A 137P Those stats are insane, 732 points in his best 6 "prime" seasons (and they just so happened to be all back to back). If you took Feds best 6 seasons not back to back but overall it looks like this: 90- 31G 48A 79P 91- 32G 54A 86P 92-34G 53A 87P 93- 56G 64A 120P 95- 39G 68A 107P 02- 36G 47A 83P Feds totals up to 562 points in his best 6 seasons, that's 170 points less then Stevies best 6 seasons. Feds joined the club 3 years into Stevies 6 year tear and put up some amazing numbers too, just not nearly as crazy as what Yzerman achieved. The fact he was through and through a class act just puts icing on the cake.
  8. 13dangledangle

    Which Goalie Will Have The Better Season?

    I did. Equal parts of me was A) Im an assh*ole and this is funny and B) I would actually love to see Petr come in and become an awesome goalie for the Canes. Now I don't even for a second feel we should have kept him, but I do think hes a skilled netminder that IF he could put it all together he could be a beast of a goalie. Hes 100% showed us throughout his (short) career that he can play some incredible hockey, unfortunately for us its been followed by the Mrazek that sh*ts the bed and lets every other damn shot in the net. I hope he can put that game of his together and be the goalie he has the potential to be. As for Howie and Bernier go, I think they'll be a great tandem. Bernie wants to make a name for himself in Detroit and Howie just wants to stay the man here...Out of all the tandems we have had since Hasek and Ozzy I think our best was Ty Conklin. It seemed every game I actually got to sit down and watch the dude got a shutout. If Bernie is anything less then Ty Ill be surprised
  9. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    I remember when I first saw this. Goose came into the NHL on such a high note, he was leading the AHL in scoring and just looked like a pimp out there, holding onto the puck and controlling plays and then firing home ridiculous shot after shot. Tatar too, it looked like in their first two seasons that we had a Z and D clone system going, the euro twins 2.0 were here. Life was good at this point, we had all the faith (at least I did) that these two were going to take the torch from Datsyuk and Zetterberg. UNFORTUNATELY we all know how this played out. They both seemed to over achieve in their first two years and left us with what they are now, 20ish goals and 20ish assists a year. Now Id love to see a Goose from the past come back and take flight but I don't see it happening. So at this point Ill look to another flyer, AA (lame speed joke I know). Hopefully he can do the opposite and take those two years to grow and now become the player he has the potential to be. How one can give Nyquist a pass without noting his obvious regression is beyond me, but I do hope him and AA both show up with sh*t to prove.
  10. 13dangledangle

    Abdelkader Needs To Go

    I often frequent the Ol' US of A and can confirm, the beer sucks. Most of it tastes like watered down Panther piss. As for Abby, I remember when he rolled in the 08/09 cup finals...Its been downhill ever since, but most of that is him being put in situations he doesn't belong in-like ANYWHERE in the top 6. He is 100% the Maltby/Draper esc player who does a solid job defensively, can chip in the odd goal and as an added bonus will drop the gloves too. For years our teams been riddled with too many of them, for instance at one time we had Joakim Andersson, Cleary, Helm, Abby, AND Miller dressed at the same time??!! Mind boggling. I don't have a problem with Abby at all as his contract is moot at the moment and hes a solid bottom 6 player. My problem is I don't think we need him, Helm and Glendening, one or two of them could be moved and we could put kids in their place that can grow as part of our team. You know Babs would take Lukey G in a heartbeat
  11. 13dangledangle

    Rumors Thread

    I wasn't aware until I heard the interview with Blash that he didn't even practice with the team last year. Its not sounding good to me about Z returning, nor would I really want him to at that cost. Like Kickazz said he already should be in full conditioning, he didn't practice with the team last year and played less minutes so without any conditioning or team practices this season I don't see the point of coming back. His minutes will be reduced even more and he will most certainly be a losing a step on these young guns. If its true he cant train or practice then Z needs to hang em up, the beards got nothing to prove at the end of his glorious career.
  12. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    Agreed, I put my daughter into swimming lessons before she could walk and eight years later its turned into a huge passion of hers. Water can just be so unpredictable. I had a friend who drowned in highschool at the mouth of our harbour, he was a good swimmer but got caught a current and it took him right under and was found 3 days later washed up on the beach-by his dad of all people, it was a heartbreaking ordeal.
  13. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    I agree, things are being kept very vague at the moment. Just that he was on a vessel in the harbour, other people (friends) were also with him and he went for a swim jumping off the boat which he never came up from. They will rely on the coroners findings as well as the statements from all friends on board his boat, as around 5:00 this evening they still needed to talk to more people who were with him at the time-which also seemed odd that they didn't stick around to give their story.
  14. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/former-nhl-goaltender-ray-emery-dead-35-drowning-accident/ Sad news out of Hamilton this morning. Apparently Emery was swimming with friends around 6:00am this morning, dove in and never resurfaced. Thoughts are with his friends and family.
  15. 13dangledangle

    Hossa's Career Might Be Over Already

    I remember being sooo sad/angry we chose Franzen over Hoss. I loved Franzen but Hossa was in another league. All the best to Hoss recovering here, it sounds like a very painful thing to go through-and considering the medication doesn't work while playing hockey he obviously had no choice.