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  1. 13dangledangle

    BOLD Predictions for 2021 Season

    1. Mantha is named captain, injured for the season on opening night 2. Filip Zadina replaces Mantha on 1st line and scores 30 goals and 65 points in 56 games 3. Blashill gets hit by a Zadina slapshot and fractures his skull, undergoes surgery and sits out for season. Bylsma takes over remaining 52 games winning 45 of them, finally getting the Wings back into the playoffs and takes home the Jack Adams for his efforts
  2. 13dangledangle

    2021 Season

    I would have been way more surprised if he was claimed tbh. Does the "former 1st round pick" deserve another look? Absolutely he does, and no doubt he will get one sooner than later. Yzerman obviously thought this out from every angle and did what he thought was the right thing, and that is enough for me. I would have personally rather seen Nielsen or Erne on that list but whateves. Like others have said I dont see Svech's trajectory altering too much at this point in his career, injuries have plagued the young mans development. I hope for our sake and his of course that hes able to bounce back though
  3. 13dangledangle

    2020 Offseason

    I wasnt talking in a hockey sense...I was referring to him choosing the Kings for less money instead of staying in Edmonton because he would rather live in Los Angeles. I completely agree hes not going to fit in with any team, not unless he changes his attitude and starts putting the work in anyway. The problem is definitely him
  4. 13dangledangle

    2020 Offseason

    I think AA would take 1.2 to relocate and play in LA anyday out of the week then take 2.2 and stay in Edmonton. AA will fit right in in LA
  5. 13dangledangle

    Retro Jersey...Why the gray?

    Yeah this was a horrible attempt. I still loved the 2016 stadium jerseys, they had a very classy look with the white gloves. They could easily work the wing wheel into the top of the D a little better too to increase that look as well. This jersey like everyone has said is nothing more then their practice jersey, very strange
  6. 13dangledangle

    NHL 21

    I wasnt a fan of EA's response to why either tbh-we chose not to focus on the “resource-heavy task of porting the game to new console technology.” I mean it's only the new playstation, its probably not going to be that popular anyways...Bummer!
  7. 13dangledangle

    NHL 21

    this is true. It took me forever to figure out how to even access the legends on this last one. Looking forward to testing it out on the new console though
  8. 13dangledangle

    NHL 21

    I’m definitely going to get it but I’m holding out until I can get my hands on a PS5
  9. 13dangledangle

    2020 Offseason

    The story is as old time. All alcoholics or people with substance abuse problems cant be lumped together as having the same situation either. A ton of athletes whether its hockey, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, wrestling , boxing struggle with substance abuse. The toll these sports take on not only your body by pushing it passed its limits day in and day out, but the mind as well is the worse part. Being on the road all the time, away from family for extended periods of time would be a different kind of lonely. Its no mystery why falling to substances happen in these cases. The amount of people the struggle and deal with it without getting any help, without anyone even knowing they are struggling to me personally have character too. They show up for work every day, some even maintain an extremely positive outlook about everything too, then when work is over they suffer in silence, alone. Bobby Ryan woke one day and wanted to change himself for the better, good on him. To me it shows character for him to not only make the decision but see it through.
  10. 13dangledangle

    2020 Draft Thread

    I came to see what I missed earlier in the draft, nevermind...BURN IT DOWN
  11. 13dangledangle

    2020 Draft Thread

    100%. In no way did Drapes look pissed off or in any way "upset" about this pick. It also doesnt matter if we did picked #1, we would still have a "....or bust thread", but hey thats half the fun I guess. Im stoked about the kid, better believe that when we make the playoffs they will show Raymonds golden goal a million times just to remind everyone that hes clutch...Welcome to the club kid!
  12. 13dangledangle

    Free Agency General Rumor Thread

    Smith and Ehn are two completely different players, Smith is a high energy guy and Ehn is a very, very effective defensive shut down guy. Id also like to keep our youth movement going and keep them intead of Abby, Helm & Glendog.
  13. 13dangledangle

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    This. It's certainly nice to know that the rebuild is going to be getting results instead of the days ol' tire kicking. The man knows how to build a great hockey club, despite what some label as tinted glasses we are indeed very lucky he's here
  14. 13dangledangle

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    Larkin posts pics of him and his (lady) partner on the gram, as does Zadina. Feds came from a very authoritative situation in Russia where he couldnt do what he wanted to do and didnt have the money either. When he defected he came into freedom to do whatever he pleased and had more money then he ever dreamed of...Thus baller Feds was born
  15. 13dangledangle

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw Blueadams post the other day. I used to love the line threads/discussions, I was always yelled at for my combos. Good times, welcome back Blue.