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  1. 13dangledangle

    Husso's New Mask

    I just saw this on the Instagrams, It looked exactly like Vernon's helmet but missed the part where it was a tribute, that's pretty dope. Looking forward to seeing what this tandem can do this year!
  2. 13dangledangle

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Im hoping he hits a hot streak and we can unload him in the midst of it.
  3. 13dangledangle

    Pilgrimage to Detroit - Must Do Things

    Id still love a Konstantinov jersey! I started off with my first jersey when I was 10, Im from Leaf Nation (less then an hour outside Toronto) and my dad was slightly pissed I jumped ship to the Wings-but he got my Yzerman jersey for christmas none the less. #1: Yzerman- this man made me a wings fan #2: Fedorov- these guys were my one two for many many years #3: Zetterberg- I picked this up after his first playoff appearance. Clearly this kid had that little something extra. I still reallllly want a Datsyuk 2014 winter classic jersey, and am thinking of pulling the trigger on a Seider & Ned duo too. Love these guys
  4. 13dangledangle


    That's the truth. I remember when restaurants used to thrive there off of fresh local seafood. Now its all from China, Vietnam & India-and the majority of salmon and trout comes from Norway. Sad to see
  5. 13dangledangle

    12/14 - Isles @ Wings - 7:30 PM EDT

    I wanted to like him, heck I wanted to love him even. I thought little Z just needed some time, a little grooming. Nope. @mackel I apologize for you sir were correct this entire time. My red tinted glasses just didn’t allow me to see past the truth.
  6. 13dangledangle

    12/14 - Isles @ Wings - 7:30 PM EDT

    Man he gets a lot shots. For a dude that was going to fill the net with pucks he sure has a terrible shot. You’d think if your getting that many shots fairly consistently in a game you’d make shooting accuracy your #1 priority. Which he clearly is not doing. For this I blame Blashill too
  7. 13dangledangle

    12/10 GDT - Wings at Avalanche - 9:00 pm EST

    It’s embarrassing that DDK wears an A. Give it to Seider
  8. 13dangledangle

    New New Prospects Thread

    I was hoping for the best outta Zadina (for the Wings) BUT that clearly isn't happening. Yes he was a 6OA pick and Yes he has failed terribly to live of the his "filling the nets with pucks" promise, but we have this dude on our roster so Im looking at him as a player and wondering what his role is gonna be, where does he fit. He does have a role here, and I think thats the main narrative, not that hes a bust 6OA pick. Unlike Ras who has nothing going for him, Zadina has very useful tools that can help our club and give us depth once our other prospects start hitting the lineup.
  9. 13dangledangle

    11/24 - Turkey Day Eve GDT - Blues @ Wings - 7:30 PM EDT

    So it’s safe to say Ned’s looking like our goalie. That trades looking better and better for Stevie Y, best performance by a goalie in a Wings jersey in a while.
  10. 13dangledangle

    11/21 "Yote Hunting" GDT @ Arizona

    He actually looked like a Dekeyser clone on that play. Just cruising around the back of the night while 3 Yotes attempt to score. You are correct, that was terrible. Hopefully Neo is also correct and Holland overpays at the deadline.
  11. 13dangledangle

    11/21 "Yote Hunting" GDT @ Arizona

    Agreed. I dont get the Leddy hate, especially when DDK is out there playing like absolute trash but I assume its mostly trolling anyway. Leddy is probably the second best person we have, besides Larkin, that boosts our defence to offence transition. He routinely carried the puck across his blueline all the way to our opponents blueline, which is one of our problems.
  12. 13dangledangle

    11/18 "Don´t Give In" GDT @ Vegas

    I like Greiss too, he has played very well. Ned is just so dynamic in how he plays the game, it can be very exciting to watch. I don't disagree he needs a break though
  13. 13dangledangle

    11/18 "Don´t Give In" GDT @ Vegas

    Does anyone know who's in the net for tonight? Im hoping for Ned. At this point Im happy if Rayond, Seider & Ned play well despite the final score. It gives hope
  14. 13dangledangle

    11/16 "Wake Up Wings!!" GDT @Dallas

    Agreed 100%. I love Ned, that game easily could have been much worse, he kept them in much longer than they deserved to be. His puck handling skills are indeed ridiculous, it's amazing to watch and like you said a hell of an asset to have and it'd be crazy not to use it more.
  15. 13dangledangle

    11/16 "Wake Up Wings!!" GDT @Dallas

    I hope so, I only saw the last 10 minutes of last nights game and I get to watch tonights. I tuned in just as Raymond scored, it was all downhill after that. I can't take much more DDK, he's so damn slow and doesnt have the positioning to make up for it, Staal is also slow but his positioning far exceeds DDK's. BUT hopefully the Raymond & Seider train continue chugging along, that's super exciting to watch!