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  1. 13dangledangle

    Rumors Thread

    I wasn't aware until I heard the interview with Blash that he didn't even practice with the team last year. Its not sounding good to me about Z returning, nor would I really want him to at that cost. Like Kickazz said he already should be in full conditioning, he didn't practice with the team last year and played less minutes so without any conditioning or team practices this season I don't see the point of coming back. His minutes will be reduced even more and he will most certainly be a losing a step on these young guns. If its true he cant train or practice then Z needs to hang em up, the beards got nothing to prove at the end of his glorious career.
  2. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    Agreed, I put my daughter into swimming lessons before she could walk and eight years later its turned into a huge passion of hers. Water can just be so unpredictable. I had a friend who drowned in highschool at the mouth of our harbour, he was a good swimmer but got caught a current and it took him right under and was found 3 days later washed up on the beach-by his dad of all people, it was a heartbreaking ordeal.
  3. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    I agree, things are being kept very vague at the moment. Just that he was on a vessel in the harbour, other people (friends) were also with him and he went for a swim jumping off the boat which he never came up from. They will rely on the coroners findings as well as the statements from all friends on board his boat, as around 5:00 this evening they still needed to talk to more people who were with him at the time-which also seemed odd that they didn't stick around to give their story.
  4. 13dangledangle

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/former-nhl-goaltender-ray-emery-dead-35-drowning-accident/ Sad news out of Hamilton this morning. Apparently Emery was swimming with friends around 6:00am this morning, dove in and never resurfaced. Thoughts are with his friends and family.
  5. 13dangledangle

    Hossa's Career Might Be Over Already

    I remember being sooo sad/angry we chose Franzen over Hoss. I loved Franzen but Hossa was in another league. All the best to Hoss recovering here, it sounds like a very painful thing to go through-and considering the medication doesn't work while playing hockey he obviously had no choice.
  6. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Hanging around the red line? This must be sarcastic or perhaps you should re-watch that goal, Larkin won the faceoff and AA chased the puck and got a very fortunate bounce off Karlsson. Anyways either way I wont deny AA needs to up his defensive game but a lot of those plays of him looking for breakout passes are indeed set plays. You can see Larkin curl back a lot of the time trying to create time for AA to get time to break free, and when you have a player with his quick acceleration and high top end speed why not use it.
  7. 13dangledangle

    2nd thoughts?

    Tag Bertuzzi...Never heard of him before so I looked up to see if he was Tylers brother by chance, nope but his cousin and Todd's son...Anyone know his game or what he brings to the table? I find it funny he's so high up currently with only two points as a LW. I must say though, I do love the Bertuzzi's. Loved Todd and love Tyler so I assume Id love Tag too
  8. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Im not really sure why you quoted both of those posts, they say the same thing in both. That I didn't explain myself enough BUT I still believe in my first thought that AA can be a game changer. You're very much taking my words and conjuring up your own little fun park with them, hopefully its been fun for you.
  9. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    I stand by that, but I definitely didn't explain my thought of why enough. It was an under thought out late night brain fart. I do still stand by it though.
  10. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    I agree with what you're saying, and I obviously didn't explain my thoughts correctly. I didn't mean to imply their game was alike at all, they play different styles completely and have different pros and cons to their game. What I was comparing was that in my mind AA 100% has the ability to become that secondary scoring force like Franzen was. Franzen said many times he liked that with Detroit he wasn't the main guy and didn't have that pressure to be the guy (off point but AA looks like the kind of guy that would love to be the guy) behind Zetterberg & Datsyuk making his job a little easier in his mind. As for AA I think he can be the guy behind Larkin, Mantha and hopefully Zadina putting up quality numbers and at times providing us with a great spectacle along the way. His ceiling is higher then most, but how hard is he willing to work for it? Ive always liked his game and am happy hes sticking around. I just hope he puts the work in to reach the plateau some can see in him
  11. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    So Datsyuk isn't as good as Franzen? Until AA gets a chance at the playoffs lets keep it real. In skill level they are 100% comparable, both skilled players one difference being size which the other makes up in speed. AA and Franzen are waaaaayyyyyy more comparable to Dats and Mule. That's a can a worms I don't even want to have trolled into
  12. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    2007, 2008 & 2009 Franzens playoff performance was amazing, he scored 31 goals in 51 games He was one of the best playoff performers of any team in any recent years...However in his career he had 187 goals in 602 games, so riddle me why you guys are so focused of his 3 good playoff appearances? AA has one playoff under his belt and it was 1 goal in 5 games played and I hope he gets to play in more soooooon. AA has most certainly taken over at certain parts of games, his speed and skill lead to many tie ups as well as games winners. He could be quiet all game then score the tying goal at the end of the period and the game winner 6 seconds into overtime. I not once compared anything to franzens playoff performances because-as his stats point out were pretty fluky to how he performed overall. My point was comparing skillsets-Franzens was great hands, great shot and big size as AA doesn't have great size but makes up for it with his great speed, and also has great hands and a great shot. This was my only comparison and I believe it is more important during our transition then the likes of Helm, Abby or Glendening. That was my point.
  13. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Who compared him to that Franzen? That was a freak of nature run that he went on, one that Franzen himself couldn't duplicate. What I said was Franzen had that certain skill level that allowed him every now and then to just take over a game, AA has done this too
  14. 13dangledangle

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Yeah I don't really get the reason for the hate here. AA has that special thing like Franzen had where he can all of a sudden turn it on and embarrass the crap out of your team and steal a game. With more skill players coming in shortly I think its important to have other skilled players in the lineup for them to play with....If anything lose Helm, Abby or Glendening
  15. 13dangledangle

    Franzen to LTIR

    I'm not sure what number that was, I'm not sure if we have an actual number he sustained while playing. Franzen wasn't a rough player as we know, but he definitely played in the rough areas of the game so I'm sure he had a few in the beginning that went undetected. I like Roberts too, but theres no need for things like this in the game on a guy who everyone knows is suffering from concussions. At this point his brain had the strength of an eggshell