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  1. LadyRedWing


  2. LadyRedWing

    Decision for Backes hitting Nielson

    Turn, Turn, Turn! - The Byrds
  3. LadyRedWing

    NHLPA Poll results

    This player poll is making me Shake my head big time. I dont know if these fellows have a clue ...
  4. LadyRedWing

    Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    I promise I am not one of those Im trying to help post whatever comes up in my news feed if it isnt already here. I love the wings, and nah i wouldnt want trouble
  5. LadyRedWing

    Decision for Backes hitting Nielson

    He is suspended three games... per the score : backes suspended was it enough of a suspension, or should it have been more games? some are saying that it should be way more than three because it was a :"headshot" what do you all think? at the bottom of this paragraph on the score it says more to come..
  6. LadyRedWing

    Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    Thanks for the welcome LOL I will certainly not try to be a retread.
  7. LadyRedWing

    My World. Not too fancy Red Wings edits.

    Not a very fancy thing, but i have fun. I will add more later.
  8. Just glad to be here, I may have not been here long, but I hope to be here long into the future :)

  9. LadyRedWing

    Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    Yes, agree with the three year deal, I hope he is willing to take a little bit of a cut to stay. And on the neck injury it isnt clear, I do know for a fact he skated today and that was per Krupa from the Detroit News.
  10. LadyRedWing

    Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    SO should we resign the one that people wanted to trade off? Wings are still interested, what do you all think?
  11. Im excited this is finally coming out! cant wait to see
  12. I think he will Do great where he is going also, the Knights have a good set up. I hope Tatar's Future is very bright! I like the deal, we got some picks that were needed for him due to the rebuild that is coming!
  13. LadyRedWing

    Grade the deadline

    I'll Give it a B, reason being is that he did make a good deal for tatar, and he got rid of mrazek, which all in the inevitable end makes out better for Detroit. I mean we got what, 11 picks? there is bound to be one or two that could be nhl ready! I am not sure if most would agree with me on that, but It is a possibly is not ? anyhow, LGRW!
  14. LadyRedWing

    Next contracts for the young guns

    I don't know how they would feel about it, but I can say this much Id take less to have security on the team that I wanna be on . I think Larkin might, but I am not too sure about AA, I think Mantha could possibly. but we will have to see towards summer time what happens with all this - there are going to be some changes with those draft picks - we may get one possibly two that are NHL ready. At this point I believe it is a wait and see.