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  1. On 9/12/2023 at 11:47 PM, Axl Foley said:

    offensive minded forward with a blackhole for defense. Sounds exactly like what the Leafs need.

    Kane isnt getting top line minutes in Buffalo or Detroit.

    Kane would 100% be getting top line minutes in Detroit. DeBrincat-Larkin-Kane would easily be the top line if he were to sign with Detroit. But that's not happening so it's pretty moot anyways.

  2. 1 hour ago, Akakabuto said:

    Just saying thats always the report. Leafs interested in this, leafs the frontrunner to that and the leaf favorites to land they/them. 

    LOL Poulin isn't any expert, It was already reported at last trade deadline, That Patrick Kane wanted no part of Toronto. Kane reportedly wants top line minutes and that's not happening in Toronto. I still think it's either Buffalo or Detroit.

  3. 7 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    These are the right ballpark, though I'd probably quibble with Raymond and Ras' AAV a bit. I think both those contracts have some variability depending on how their seasons go. If they both have seasons like last year I think Raymond gets closer to 5.5 and Ras gets 4 million. The terms make sense though.

    Yeah 3 x $5,500,000 for Raymond makes the most sense.

    And i could see Ras getting around 4 x $4,000,000 as well.

    6 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    What's a "breakout year" in your view?

    If i were to venture a guess, A breakout season for Raymond would need to be in the 70-80 point range.

  4. 22 hours ago, joesuffP said:

    I’ll always have blind faith that Yzerman is smarter than me when building a team. Theirs no other person I would rather have as GM

    Same here.

    1 hour ago, Akakabuto said:

    Why are we talking about old Holland busts?

    Easily, because when you've that many busts. It sets back your rebuild quite a bit. We need to hit on most of our 1st round picks. And essentially we've about 4 busts under Holland that is setting the team back. 

  5. On 8/29/2023 at 6:56 PM, bIueadams said:

    Friedman said in his podcast that Elias Pettersson wants to win, and if the Nucks don't show improvement, he may not re-sign. He will be an RFA after this season, and Freidman suggested he may sign a short term contract with the Nucks so he can dip out once he's a full UFA. That or - obviously - the Nucks could opt to trade him. Young 100 pt center should net a good return.

    I would swap Larkin for Pettersson 1for1 no problem. Nucks get a center already locked up on contract, we get a younger better Swede center we can throw top dollar at.

    Berggren - Pettersson - Raymond
    Dower-Nilsson - Kasper - Soderblom


    :lol: Zero chance of Larkin waiving for Vancouver, Plus Canuck fans would want Seider in any Elias Pettersson deal, And that's a no go.

    17 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    I would not be surprised to see this happen.

    Patrick Kane does have ties to the Detroit area, Played for honey baked ham plus played in Plymouth lived with Pat Verbeek back in the day. Wouldn't rule out Kaner to Detroit. Even Jeff Marek a year ago mentioned Detroit as a real possibility for Patrick Kane this season.

  6. On 8/23/2023 at 9:49 PM, kipwinger said:

    Cya Nylander.

    Yup Nylander to the highest bidder. And who's willing to give him $10,000,000+ long term.

    On 8/23/2023 at 9:52 PM, bIueadams said:

    I'm more looking at that 4 years. Piggy nose is the kinda player you want locked down on an 8 year. Auston likely limited the team to 4. That tells me he's basically giving the Leafs 4 more years to win a cup, and if they don't, he jets on the open market.

    Exactly this.

  7. 17 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

    I don’t think Yzerman offered him anything at all. 

    Yes he was, According to Ansar Khan he was offered a two way deal. Basically meaning back to Grand Rapids. And you might get a call-up if we get a rash of injuries.

  8. On 7/17/2023 at 8:01 PM, Jonas Mahonas said:

    Soderblom doesnt see a single game with the big club.

    Kasper plays all 82 games in Detroit.  Scores 40+ pts.

    Berggren tears his ACL in Nov and misses the rest of the year.

    Raymond gets concussed in Dec and misses the rest of the year.

    Sprong fills in for Debrincat after Raymond goes down and finds instant chemistry with Larkin and Rasmussen.  Ends the season 35+ pts.

    Debrincat scores 25/30 playing most of the season with Compher and Kasper.

    Danielson gets brought up in November.  Scores 25+ pts.

    Lombardi gets brought up in Dec.  Scores 15+ pts.

    Edvinsson tears his ACL in February after putting together 2 great months back to back.

    Cossa wins 10+ games.

    Pretty hard to bring Danielson up in November, He either makes Detroit out of training camp, Or he goes back to the Brandon Wheat Kings those are his only two options.

  9. 8 x $9,000,000 would be my guess for Mo Seider, Yzerman needs to get him locked up now. Don't wait until next summer. Than 3 year bridge Lucas Raymond around $5,500,000 per.