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  1. 1 hour ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    I can't wait to draft Edvinsson in the 6 spot. 

    Simon Edvinsson is my top choice at 6th overall, Edvinsson-Seider would make a sweet top pairing some day.

  2. On 7/6/2021 at 1:33 AM, F.Michael said:

    Hush you!

    You're ruining the narrative that netminders picked in the 1st round are sumthin bad - waste of a pick sumthin - history of 1st round picks sumthin - sumthin sumthin .....

    Awe my bad, I take back everything i said. But i still agree it's bad karma to take goalies in the top 10.

  3. On 6/28/2021 at 10:42 AM, Scott R Lucidi said:

    Although Seider is our guy, Im getting the feeling Gustav Nyquist will come back to Detroit.  Would you take him at 3 years, 3 mil per?

    No thanks, Don't want either Nyquist or Tatar back.

  4. On 6/28/2021 at 5:16 PM, Neomaxizoomdweebie said:

    Hot take:

    Wings take Wally and Bruins take Cossa

    What does Petro do?

    Well Petru grew up a diehard Bruins fan, So he signs a 2 year deal with the Bruins more then likely.

  5. 19 hours ago, Hookersarethefuture said:

    I think some ppl are delusional about us not being a bottom team next year and reading way too much into a season where everyone faced the same teams over and over and avoided 75% of the league.

    Sure we dont have a ton of bad contracts on the team anymore (although im sure yzerman would add a few more for extra assets if he could) but we also dont have much scoring talent and much offense provided from the back end outside of hronek and now seider.

    Yzerman knows how important the next few drafts are and im sure he’ll try and help our lottery odds as well as helping the team get better. I’ll definitely be watching to see seider and hoping zadina finally takes big step. I can also see yzerman possibly trading bertuzzi/vrana at some point to get another 1st + while also “unintentionally” making us lose a few more games

    Also can see raymond/berggren being delayed and possibly veleno till the deadline but i do think things will start turning pretty fast  2 yrs from now

    If we can get wallstedt at 8 and get another 2nd  as well and move 37 and another 2nd into the first round and somehow leave with wallstedt/robertsson and raty/morrow that would be a nice opening night

    Yeah i'd be happy if we made those offers, Taking Wallstadt at 8th is fine just don't want him with the 6th pick. Getting Wallstadt and one of Robertson/Raty would be awesome.

  6. I'd be happy with either Mason McTavish or William Eklund. Just don't want Jesper Wallstadt at #6 would love to use the Caps #22 pick along with one of our Mid 2nds and take Sebastian Cossa though.

  7. 17 hours ago, BarkBurgerman said:

    No, not really. 1st round picks are 1st round picks. These are player we're talking about, who have value external to their draft pedigree.

    Is 2006 Zetterberg only worth a 7th because that's where he was drafted?
    Is 2017 Riley Sheahan worth a 1st because that's where he was drafted?

    Any pro scout, and I assume every single fan, will tell you Dennis Cholowski is not worth a 1st in a trade. Do you beg to differ?

    Cholowski would return a late 2nd early 3rd round pick. Doesn't matter because Zadina 100% returns a 1st round pick plus on top of rhe 23rd overall pick. Bottom line is Reinhart isn't worth that much especially a one year rental.

  8. On 6/20/2021 at 8:32 PM, BarkBurgerman said:

    Who said anything about three 1st round picks? Zadina is a Filppula/Hudler/Nyquist/Tatar level player. Cholowski is a Brendan Smith. I'm suggesting trading a late 1st + 2nd line winger + a 7th Dman for a young 2C.

    The last and most relevant season is cherry picking lol?

    LOL they're still 1st round picks rather you like it or not. First off fat chance of Reinhart signing long term with a rebuilding team, And secondly Reinhart is 26 years old so i hardly call him a young 2C.

  9. On 6/18/2021 at 2:19 PM, Hookersarethefuture said:

    In the New athletic podcast with max and craig , craig said theres less than 10% chance of either goalies being there in the 20’s as too many teams are interested in them . Maybe that’ll knock some sense into some people living in a dreamworld where we’ll get cossa at 22

    Who in their right mind would even suggest Jesper Wallstadt falling in the the 20's? Doubtful if Wallstadt goes past 13th overall. And Edmonton picks at 19th overall and i can easily see Holland taking Sebastian Cossa with that pick. if Yzerman wants Cossa he'll have to attach one of the Mid 2nds to the 22 pick and take Cossa lower then 19th overall.

  10. 8 hours ago, LeftWinger said:

    I do believe that Erne took Namestnikov's protection away. I am still hoping that Yzerman protects Stecher.

    Here is my updated list:

    Larkin, Vrana, Bertuzzi, Rasmussen, Erne, Fabbri and, yes Glendening.

    Hronek, Lindstrom(or Cholowski), Stecher


    ...the reason I protected Glenny is a team like Seattle might really want the type of player and locker room guy he is. I know that leaves Svech and Smith exposed, but I just feel that if Glenny was left open, he'd be taken. Especially all the hype he's gotten around TDL's in the last couple of season's. I am thinking with the likes of Namestnikov and Panik being exposed, we might be safe with not losing Svech or Smith, although I do believe Svech's time is up. Maybe Yzerman works out a trade with Seattle to take Svech...

    Glendening isn't worth protecting, Noway i'm protecting Glendening say over Givani Smith. This is bad asset management.

  11. On 6/18/2021 at 8:56 AM, BarkBurgerman said:

    >To BUF: 2021 WSH pick + Filip Zadina + Dennis Cholowski
    >To DET: Sam Reinhart


    >Sign Zach Hyman $6 million x 4
    >Sign Jamie Oleksiak $4 million x 3
    >Sign Mikko Lehtonen $2 million x 2

    Vrana - Reinhart - Bertuzzi
    Fabbri - Larkin - Hyman
    Namestnikov - Rasmussen - Erne
    Smith - Glendening - Panik

    Oleksiak - Hronek
    Lehtonen - Seider
    Dekeyser - Stecher


    Now that looks like a roster


    LOL On what planet is Sam Reinhart worth 3 1st round picks? First off fat chance he'd even sign long term with Detroit, And secondly Reinhart is in noway worth 3 1st round picks. I wouldn't even do Reinhart 1 for 1 for Zadina let alone adding Cholowsk and the Caps 22nd overall pick to the deal as well. FYI you didn't even sign Reinhart who's probably going to command around 7x7 and in noway is Reinhart even close to 1C territory.

  12. On 6/14/2021 at 10:45 AM, BarkBurgerman said:

    To DET: Zach Werenski
    To CBJ: Dennis Cholowski + Filip Zadina + WSH 2021 1st round pick

    At the end of next season: Sign Seth Jones as UFA

    2022/23 season:

    Jones - Seider
    Werenski - Hronek
    McIsaac - Lindstrom

    Noway is Yzerman dealing Filip Zadina, he's considered one of the unavailable's right now. By all reports Werenski plans on coming home to Detroit when his tenure is up in Columbus. therefore if true he hasn't got much value. Pretty much like the Trouba situation in Winnipeg.

  13. On 6/10/2021 at 10:48 AM, BarkBurgerman said:

    To LAK: Jakub Vrana
    To DET: 1st (2022) + 2nd (2021)
    (Mantha essentially flipped for two 1sts and two 2nds)

    To DET: Patrick Nolan + Shayne Gostisbehere
    To PHI: Svechnikov + Petruzzelli + 2nd round pick

    Bertuzzi - Larkin - Zadina
    Fabbri - Rasmussen - Erne
    Namestnikov - Nolan - Panik
    Smith - Glendening - Pearson/Veleno/Hirose/Barber

    Ghostbear - Hronek
    Dekeyser - Seider
    Cholowski - Stecher

    We're not dealing Vrana after just acquiring him, He's everything we would hope Mantha would be. And i'm pretty sure we can't trade Petruzzelli's rights as technically he's a pending UFA.

    On 6/14/2021 at 1:45 PM, nyqvististhefuture said:

    How kind of carolina , cant see anyone giving up a 1st at this point with free agency being so close

    No GM is giving up a 1st round pick for Dougie Hamilton, it's basically you're just giving up a pick perhaps 2nd or 3rd for the 8th years that's it.

  14. 14 hours ago, MelvinChive said:

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  15. 21 hours ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    $20 says the late first or one of the three 2nds ends up being a better player than the 6OA

    The way Yzerman drafted in Tampa, This is a very real possibility.

  16. On 5/27/2021 at 9:07 AM, Gniwder said:

    IDK, everyone said the same thing about Svechnikov, and he cleared twice I think last season... and one of the times I think he had 5 pts in 10 games.

    I think Lindstrom would clear. IDK about Smith and Cholo. Toss up. Smith might be the most dangerous one to waiver.

    I think GMs were concerned with Svechnikov's injuries. I can see Lindstrom possibly clearing. Not really sure about either Cholowski or Smith though.

    On 6/4/2021 at 5:17 PM, Gniwder said:


    Ras and Veleno will make Larkin expendable very soon

    You can't be serious, because neither Ras nor Veleno are even remotely in Larkins league. I'd be happy if Veleno turns out to be half the player Larkin is. And Ras not even going to go there.