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  1. On 8/23/2023 at 9:49 PM, kipwinger said:

    Cya Nylander.

    Yup Nylander to the highest bidder. And who's willing to give him $10,000,000+ long term.

    On 8/23/2023 at 9:52 PM, bIueadams said:

    I'm more looking at that 4 years. Piggy nose is the kinda player you want locked down on an 8 year. Auston likely limited the team to 4. That tells me he's basically giving the Leafs 4 more years to win a cup, and if they don't, he jets on the open market.

    Exactly this.

  2. 17 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

    I don’t think Yzerman offered him anything at all. 

    Yes he was, According to Ansar Khan he was offered a two way deal. Basically meaning back to Grand Rapids. And you might get a call-up if we get a rash of injuries.

  3. On 7/17/2023 at 8:01 PM, Jonas Mahonas said:

    Soderblom doesnt see a single game with the big club.

    Kasper plays all 82 games in Detroit.  Scores 40+ pts.

    Berggren tears his ACL in Nov and misses the rest of the year.

    Raymond gets concussed in Dec and misses the rest of the year.

    Sprong fills in for Debrincat after Raymond goes down and finds instant chemistry with Larkin and Rasmussen.  Ends the season 35+ pts.

    Debrincat scores 25/30 playing most of the season with Compher and Kasper.

    Danielson gets brought up in November.  Scores 25+ pts.

    Lombardi gets brought up in Dec.  Scores 15+ pts.

    Edvinsson tears his ACL in February after putting together 2 great months back to back.

    Cossa wins 10+ games.

    Pretty hard to bring Danielson up in November, He either makes Detroit out of training camp, Or he goes back to the Brandon Wheat Kings those are his only two options.

  4. On 7/15/2023 at 11:31 AM, LeftWinger said:

    Wonder what the delay in re-signing Veleno is. His QO is $874k, he has no arbritation rights. He did net 20 points last season and seemed to make some strides in the right direction. Is he exploring the RFA market? Could someone Offer Sheet him? I think a nice contract would be somewhere in between $1M to $1.3M, with no more than 3 years. Maybe he accepts the QO and gives The Wings that much more cap room for another acquisition. Maybe he'll be traded? 

    Still wondering if Serron Noel (22 years old) will get a contract somewhere, also getting more curious of Nolan Patrick. Although he did not play in 2022-23 (injury) he is still only 24, could he be a reclamation project? I'd really like to see Ryan Merkley get into the organization here. Very solid young (22) RHD that could possibly make some noise in our ranks. Basically it'd be a Zadina for Merkley swap with San Jose, and I believe we'd come out the winner in that one!


    He's the last player we've to sign, Shouldn't be much of an issue to get a deal done here.

    27 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:

    I say get a package together starting with Veleno in order to obtain Konecny or Boeser. Vancouver needs cap relief.

    Fabbri, Veleno, McIsaac is the package.

    to PHL : Fabbri, Veleno, McIsaac

    to DET : Konecny, 2025 2nd


    to VAN : Fabbri, Veleno, McIsaac

    to DET : Boeser, Tanner Pearson (LTIR for 1 more season) & 2024 1st (because we helped them out with their cap problem, we relived them of nearly $10M)(Top 10 protected of course to 2025)

    edit: Here is an armchair GM of the Boeser deal. (along with a couple of others. I signed Patrick and Merkley as reclamation projects.)



    You'd honestly sign Nolan Patrick? With his multiple concussions and migraine issues. He'd be Johan Franzen 2.0.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    agreed.  8x6 would be good for both sides.

    Yup 8x6 is my guess as well, That's pretty much meeting in the middle.

    8 hours ago, joesuffP said:

    Larkin + Raymond 


    Stutzle + Debrincat

    Larkin tells Ottawa to take a flying dump. They need to add Brady Tkachuk as well.

  6. 4 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    8.8 is a joke.  gtfo debrincat.  

    Any GM out there that give Cat 8.8M should be fired ASAP. Yzerman offering him 7.5M is way more than fair.

  7. 4 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    8.8 is a joke.  gtfo debrincat.  

    Wow what do you know, I'm famous for being quoted on Twitter. SMDH.

    35 minutes ago, F.Michael said:

    So much for a hometown discount…

    Yeah we all knew that Cat wasn't going to give us no hometown discount.

  8. 22 hours ago, bIueadams said:

    Hey TBL season ticket holder who sits right behind the bench and heard DeAngelo say slurs there. Good to see you again.

    You're right. I had it in my head that expiry for RFA was 26. Change Raymond to 3 year term and Berggren to 1.

    Happy liar?

    Ouch you hurt my wittle feeling, Calling me a liar for something you absolutely no nothing about.

    22 hours ago, Axl Foley said:

    So DeBrincat, Dumba, and Meier or DuBois?

    DeBrincat and Dumba could be real possibilities.

    10 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    If we sign Debrincat and Konecny, Raymond might become the new Filip Zadina.  I'd wait to see how he looks with 13 minutes of 2nd and 3rd line / 2nd pp unit ice time before paying him anything.  There's a strong correlation between 14 min of 1st line / 4 min 1st pp unit ice time and scoring.

    Sounds like Detroit is out of the running for Travis Konecny,Sounds like Danny Briere just wants way too much for him.

  9. 2 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    I don't buy that there are two 1st round picks involved.

    Yeah i call total BS on that one, There's absolutely no way Yzerman is giving up 2 potential 1st round picks for DeBrincat

  10. 5 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    Fingers crossed Zadina is going back the other way. Seems like every few years there's a guy who is adored (and apologized for) endlessly by 50% of the fanbase. Then they get traded and suck on another team and everybody finally realizes they sucked the whole time until the next guy comes along. Brendan Smith, Tomas Jurco, Mantha, and now Zadina all fit the bill. I'll be glad when the debate is finally put to bed.

    Supposedly the 17OA+42ndOA+Zadina, If that's true i can definitely live with it.

  11. 1 hour ago, bIueadams said:

    Marek says detroit is the destination for da bring cat


    Yup both Marek and Friedman have basically said Cat to hometown Detroit. Sounds like the deal is done. And they're trying to hash out the contract extension. Friedman mentioned that term is the sticking point.

  12. 8 hours ago, bIueadams said:

    We have x4 key players in need of extensions this coming year

    • Seider
    • Raymond
    • Rasmussen
    • Berggren

    Seider is the most important pillar on this team. IMO give him $9 x 8, full NMC. Make him the highest paid player on the team and gives him the respect that comes with that. Contract will expire when he's 31.

    Raymond gets $4.75 x 4. This matches Perron's value and indicates his value to the team. 4 years says we are committed to him, but he's not earned a huge deal yet. Contract expires when he's 25 and we still have RFA control.

    Rasmussen gets $4 x 6. Same AAV as Fabbri. He's willing to trade a little salary for our commitment to 6 years. Deal ends when he turns 30.

    Berggren we haven't seen enough of yet, so he gets bridged. Deal is $2 x 2. Indicates he has more value than Zadina at $1.875 AAV. Deal ends when he's 25 and we still have RFA control

    Total cost of extensions: $19.75

    This extension cost is a serious matter. As of today the Red Wings have $30 mil in cap space with only 15 players on the roster. The remaining 8 roster spots will almost certainly cost us $10 million. We can't afford to take cap dumps anymore, and I think we should absolutely sell at the TDL again in 2024 to sell Kubalik and Perron, freeing up another $7 mil in capspace.

    The year after, the only player needing extension, as of today, will be Zadina, who we can offer to go pound sand. I think that will be the time to go all in and push for the playoffs. So I wouldn't be surprised if Yzerman stays a little quiet this year, Then after the extensions and TDL are done he goes full pedal to the metal.

    Yeah that's smart taking Raymond up to free agency, It's either a 3 year bridge or a long term deal. Giving him 4 years takes him straight to free agency. Way too much risk there.

  13. On his latest 32 thoughts, Friedman is saying that Yzerman is now going after Travis Konecny. He fills most of the boxes that Yzerman is seeking.

    Pretty sure that Alex Debrincat to Detroit is dead now.


  14. 54 minutes ago, bIueadams said:

    He spewd slurs in the OHL, not with the bolts, and definitely not with the rags.


    I always find it funny when a crappy journeyman gets romanced.

    Chiasson is a pleasant surprise, but not anyone you re-up. Kamper was great in GR. We game him away for free. SY will drop Chiasson and position us for something better.  

    Wrong i'm a Lightning season ticket holder, He spewed a lot of racial slurs in Tampa, Hence why Yzerman moved him and he also spewed them with the Rangers hence why Rangers moved him. I sat right behind Tampa's bench and could hear his slurs. That's why i know from fact that he used racist slurs in Tampa.

  15. On 6/2/2023 at 10:24 AM, kipwinger said:

    So what does everyone think about bringing back Chiasson as the 13th forward? Guy can still score goals and keep up. Thoughts?

    I'm all for bringing him back on a cheap one year $900K deal, He was very solid for us on the PP and we can use another big body and the 4th line along with Elmer and Ras.

    On 6/1/2023 at 7:02 PM, Axl Foley said:

    what did TDA do again? was it legit racism? or just low supply, manufactured racism?

    He just spewed a lot of racial slurs both in Tampa and with the Rangers. He's just a major locker room cancer.

  16. 7 hours ago, bIueadams said:

    Dallas wins the trade

    Babcock to the Blue Jackets

    LOL Babcock and Laine, Are going to be like oil and water. Don't see that working out. Babcock always rubs players the wrong way,

    On 4/14/2023 at 11:54 AM, Walman6million said:

    Apart from Toews being sacked and the Leafs impending doom, the next best thing has been the Pens pissing the bed. Now theyve fired their president and GM lmao. Glorious. 

    I smell a classic Yzerman trade coming at the draft or the offseason...

    Pens, Flyers, and Preds are suddenly under new management. Do they want to shed some pieces? NYI, Jets, and Leafs might have total meltdowns this summer, especially if they exit the playoffs early.

    Ducks have the worst defense in like 20 years. Does Verbeek wanna give us a roster player for one of our glut of LHD prospects he would be familiar with?

    Erik Karlsson is still availble in SJS.

    NYR, Boston, and Edmonton may be forced to release or trade some good players in the offseason.

    Our goaltending failed us again this year. Is SY going to go out acquire soneone yet again?

    "In the chaos of war there is oppurtunity" - Jimmy Devalano

    As bad as free agency is, The available players up for trade. might balance it out.

  17. On 5/20/2023 at 1:14 PM, Mattm88 said:

    This crap has no place in hockey, he hasn't made it in the NHL so now he goes to the worlds to act tough. Joe needs to go not only from the worlds but the NHL as well, what a complete loser. 


    Perhaps morons like you should be banned, What happens at the worlds has no baring on what happens in the NHL LOOOOOZER.