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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/youth-hockey-canada-declining-participation-1.7231607 Canadian hockey is dying, while American hockey is growing rapidly. Thank you Gary Blesshim. Maybe they can start un-aliving some politicians until they decide to lower taxes, and the kids can afford pads again. But I guess you would need spooky guns for that
  2. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

    I have zero interest in Jeannot Berggren is worth more to me than what comes back in the philly trade The Minny trade is ridiculous, and they won't be looking to move Rossi Copper aint being traded But other than that, cool
  3. Jimmybigrigs69

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers Vs Florida Panthers

  4. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

  5. Jimmybigrigs69

    Prospect Floor/Ceiling

    Next AA. He'll wash out.
  6. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Id argue howre u gonna do it? We dont have the cash or the assets
  7. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

    Youn mean Kris Draper?
  8. Jimmybigrigs69

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    4th line grinder = i wreck shop
  9. Jimmybigrigs69

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    I just realized Ken made his son assistant GM of the Oilers lol and his kid was working for the Maple Leafs back when Ken was still managing Detroit...
  10. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Canucks not re-signing Casey DeSmith. Id like this pickup for us. Cheap reliable backup goalie. Can step in if Lyon or Husso falter.
  11. Jimmybigrigs69

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    My guess is Holland was a better manager than he was a scout. Hence why he was promoted from amatuer scout to scouting director so quickly in 80s. And he was good at that role. Again, the nuts on him to go with part time scout Hakan Andersson's pick of Lidstrom in the 3rd was ballsy good work. Hakan had been driving cabs only a year before that. Holland knows how to use his people well. The brain drain in the 2010s killed that man. Suddenly his right hand men were Ryan Martin, Tyler Wright, and Jeff Blashill... Martin had no background in hockey. Wright is already no longer even employed in pro hockey. And Dan friggin Bylsma got another HC job before blash could. Bad people = bad results
  12. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

    Or they have several guys at the same rank. Like if you have 20 guys tied for what you think is the 40th best player, might be smart to trade down and get a buncha picks in the 35-50 range. But I think we're going to be trading up. Yzerman is kinda known for that.
  13. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

    I don't think Seider at 6 was as much of a surprise to teams, that it was to fans and the media. The DEL isn't a league teams focus on scouting heavily. Maybe a team has a German born amatuer scout on staff, but up till today I've never heard of one. Andersson I know spends at least the first half of the season at home scouting Sweden. Not until late in the year does he start venturing out to view the other countries prospects, like Finland, Russia, Czechia etc... I assume most scouts do something similar and Germany is probably a last stop low priority country. My guess is this is why the Seider selection came out of nowhere for the media. I didn't even know who he was until about a month before the draft, but when I did start finding out, I was like oh damn this kids got stud written all over him. So im doubting the media had up to date info on Mo. And that's yet another example of teams not using McKenzie and CSS to draft their players lol. Friggin CSS had Mo ranked as the 6th european skater... guys ahead of him haven't even made the league yet and he's at 250 games played already. Great work by the scouts who couldnt get a job from a Pro or Junior team over there at CSS. Real reliable stuff I can use for drafting.
  14. Jimmybigrigs69

    2024 Draft

    You literally selected only the mock drafts that had him low, and then used that as the premise of your argument. I don't care how many mocks you read. I'm telling you your premise is wrong, because you selected a narrow amount of information to base it on. "I thought no one paid attention to draft rankings." Ummmm... I do? Because I'm a fan... not a scout of an NHL team? I literally detailed what it is to you, and why it exists, already.
  15. Jimmybigrigs69

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    Holland traded Vernon away almost immediately upon taking over. And Holland ran every draft from 87 to 97. He's literally directly responsible for drafting Fedorov, Lidstrom, Konstantinov, Kozlov, Osgood, Knuble, Primeau, Lapointe, Sillinger, McCarty, Drake, and Holmstrom. I also find it funny that you credit Andersson with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. But you don't consider the fact that Lidstrom and Holmstrom were also Andersson, not Jimmy Devellano. Oh and Klima, Kozloz, Fedorov, and Konstantinov... those were masterminded by Jim Lites, not Jimmy D. Do you still think Devellano drafted Steve Yzerman? Sorry to tell you, but that was Neil Smith. Probert and Kocur were both Neil Smith. Shanahan, Fetisov, Murphy, Maltby, Larionov, and Vernon trades all happened when Jimmy D gave GM responsibilities to Scotty Bowman. But do you know what trade Devellano did do? The Federko trade. Probably the worst trade in Red Wings history. But I guess he also did the best trade in Wings history when he got Draper for one dollar.... wait! Nope, that was Bryan Murray. Paul Coffey, Brad McCrimmon, and Dino Ciccarelli, also Bryan Murray. Now that I think about, the Wings were pretty much garbage under Devellano until Holland, Andersson, and Bowman came around. So really Devellano got handed an all star team by them. No wonder he had to step back in 97 and let Holland take over. Furthermore, Hakan Andersson was hired by Devellano based on the advice of Nick Polano and Crister Rockstrom. Devellano had never even met or spoken with Andersson before he hired him. The hiring was blind luck on Devellanos part. But do you know who Andersson credits with mentoring him and training him up to become a full time scout intead of a part timer who drives cab and guides fishermen? You guessed right: Ken Holland. So I guess you could say Ken is sorta responsible for Andersson's career? Boy, and aren't we lucky Holland actually had the nuts to listen to a part-time scout with no prior expierence only 1 year in, or we wouldn't have gotten Lidstrom in that draft. You can hate Holland for the failures post Lidstrom all you want, but that guy was an integral part of building all of the dynasty teams. And was the guy who successfully navigated us into the cap era to win more cups. He's in the HOF because smart folks responsible for that dont base their entire opinion of him on recency bias.