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  1. Akakabuto

    2021 Season

    So in other words: we know nothing. No report anywhere on what the 'upper body' injury is about?
  2. Akakabuto

    2021 Season

    Anybody knows what’s up with Bert?
  3. Akakabuto

    Goalie Flame War

    AfD is in the Bundestag no?
  4. Akakabuto

    Tony DeAngelo

    Idk, these guys looks pretty badass to me
  5. Akakabuto

    Tony DeAngelo

    Lars's wife's son you mean.
  6. Akakabuto

    Tony DeAngelo

    Master of puppets>Reign in blood>Peace sells..
  7. There he goes trying to act like Babcock again..
  8. Akakabuto

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I would certainly do it. Wings have two players on the roster with contracts that stretches beyond next season. Neal and Koskinen for 2 and 1 more year(s) after this season ends is very manageable. And 1st’s coming from Edmonton can end up anywhere from just outside the top 10 to the bottom 5.
  9. Akakabuto

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I guess Stevie wants to keep everything short term and is willing to pay players a little bit extra for shorter contracts.
  10. Akakabuto

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    Yup, pretty much sums it up. Just goes to show how meaningless talent is when you don't put in the work.
  11. Akakabuto

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    The number 3 on the trade board screencap you posted earlier might be something Very Manthaesque
  12. Akakabuto

    2021 Season

    We could have had Panarin..
  13. Akakabuto

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    I thought so too.
  14. Akakabuto

    2021 Season

    Filapoola on waivers.
  15. Akakabuto

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I literally stopped reading. I assumed he meant depth for Red Wings.