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  1. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    https://theathletic.com/2072164/ 14. Josh Anderson, Columbus Blue Jackets: Anderson has been on this list before and teams love what he brings to the table. But at this point, an extension in Columbus remains a possibility. One NHL source described contract talks between Anderson and the Blue Jackets as “fruitful” for the restricted free agent. One executive expressed concerns about what a trade for Anderson, who played just 26 games last season, might cost both in assets and in a long-term contract. “If he’s healthy, he’s a beast,” he said. “The problem is, if they want a big asset, you can’t do that. You can’t give a first-rounder for one year of a guy and then try to get him signed before UFA. (Agent Darren Ferris) is going to ask for seven times six and he had one ******* goal last year.” @kipwinger
  2. Akakabuto

    NHL Diversity

    How do we fix the NHL?
  3. Akakabuto

    2020 Draft Thread

    Especially before this draft when these kids havent played hockey in 6 months.
  4. Akakabuto

    2020 Draft Thread

  5. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    Its been reported some teams will have internal cap ceilings next year. Ottawa guaranteed to be among them. Talks also about how there is ownership in the NHL who is looking to sell their franchises. Again Ottawa probably in that group. The NHL(unlike, say, the NFL) relies heavily on attendence for revenue. Whats the look out for next season right now? Only 62 games? Thats a 25 percent drop in ticket sales. And probably huge drops in merch sales and other gameday related revenue. And thats if there will be any fans in the arenas at all. I really hope Chris Ilitch sees this as an opportunity to make us stronger for the future and to not put financial restraints on Yzerman! Many teams out there that have the capspace to weaponize but maybe can't because ownership wont let them.
  6. Akakabuto

    2020 Draft Thread

    Just saw there’s a player in this years draft named Gunnarwolfe Fontaine. WANT!
  7. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    Radko Gudas!
  8. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    I think I read somewhere Green has retired.
  9. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    Howie is coming back for another year, isn’t he?
  10. Akakabuto

    2020 Draft Thread

  11. Akakabuto

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    lol suck it avs
  12. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    I think you can put Bruins in that category aswell. A team that is one or two tiers above Blues or Islanders.
  13. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

  14. Akakabuto

    2020 Offseason

    Agreed. He doesn't fit the type we need and he's also too old in my opinion. Dude is 29 yo. We need to look for defenseman in the age group 23-26. Wings are, what, 5 to 8 years from possibly contending? 35-36 year old Torey Krug is gonna help us win the cup?
  15. Akakabuto

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    League opening in about two weeks btw.