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  2. Fingercots

    10/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 2 (OT)

    I don't know if anyone else has already said this (someone probably has) but DeKeyser looks like he will be the best defensive defenseman that the Wings have for many years to come. DeKeyser never seems to make mistakes, players can't get past him one-on-one, and the stick he plays with is so long that it seems to fool people and he manages to sweep and poke check the puck from ridiculous distances. If DeKeyser develops some legit offensive skills, he will go down as an all-time great defenseman.
  3. Fingercots

    Brunner Contract Talks

    If this proves to be accurate, this signing will be both upsetting and confusing. Didn't the Wings offer Brunner 2 and 3 year deals for roughly $3 mil per year? I hate to say that I don't want to see Brunner succeed but I can't help but think that he will have a far different experience on the Devils than he did on the Wings.
  4. Fingercots

    Red Wings Development Camp Roster

    What's the story with Parker Milner? I assume that nobody has drafted him but his performance last season put him up there with the best NCAA goalies. I realize that BC had a pretty awesome team last season (which probably made his job a bit easier) and that Milner didn't put up nearly as impressive numbers in the two previous seasons but I'm still surprised that nobody seems to talk about him. In all fairness, I'm a BC alum but I don't think that's the only reason why I'm excited that Milner might end up in the Wings organization. Milner looked damn good - check out his numbers on hockeydb -
  5. Fingercots

    Garth Snow...

    I guess both of the teams more or less conceded the fact that their scouts are horrendous and they would be willing to sacrifice a ton of prospects for one "sure thing" pick - and I'm not so sure that I believe the notion of a "sure thing" (Alexandre Daigle comes to mind)
  6. Fingercots

    Zach Parise

    How about this rumor - from (whatever happened to the divealanche website?) Zach Parise will be definitely the best available free agent on the market from 1st July. It is not likely the New Jersey Devils would find money for his huge contract. Then there are spreading bigger and bigger rumors about his next team. Members of the official forum of the Avalanche wrote “guaranteed” and “reliable” rumors which we have to report to you. 1. New Jersey should traded rights on Parise to Dallas Stars, but he refused it and the deal was canceled. 2. Parise has agreed with the Avs. New Jersey traded his rights there and acquired Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Chuck Kobasew, 2nd round in draft 2012 and 1st round in the next year. 3. Avs should receive also rights on the goalie Johan Hedberg. Parise would join the Avs mainly because of his good friendships with Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson. 4. Parise should verbally agreed on 7 year deal for 49 mil with the Avs. Do not forget that the receiving the rights does not have to mean anything. If Parise would decide to not sign with the Avs, our team would lose two players and two drafts for nothing. But it looks like Parise have already agreed on the deal and then the Avalanche avoided the possible fail. This all is one big rumor. For now, it looks different than previous rumors, but we simple could not believe it and wait on the official reports. But we would like to hear your opinions. Do you like this rumor? Do you prefer it? Would you be happy, if it will be done? Write us your opinions under this article in the discussion!
  7. Fingercots

    Draper the goal scorer

    Ken Holland might have to throw in a 6000 SUX to sweeten the deal.
  8. Fingercots

    Why I'm Thankful Babcock is the Wing's coach

    I'd be willing to bet that if the Caps don't at least win the eastern conference, Bruce Boudreau will be out of a job.
  9. Fingercots

    Michal Neuvirth

    Hey guys, I know this isn't Wings related but it's still a good NHL topic. Have any of you guys seen the young Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth play? It looks like this guy is already stealing the starting role from Varlamov and he hardly has any NHL experience. I wonder if he's going to hold up as a good NHL goalie or if he is going to fold. Also, will the Caps make it far in the playoffs if they stick with a young guy like Neuvirth?
  10. Fingercots

    WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

    The Wings were just dumping the puck in on too many possessions in the 3rd period- they didn't play to win, they just tried not to lose. It didn't work out too well.
  11. Fingercots

    2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    I hate to be superstitious but we need to win. LET'S GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Fingercots

    Instigator Rule

    Not only does the instigator rule NOT apply to Malkin, too many men on the ice will also NOT be called against the Penguins in a playoff game.
  13. Fingercots

    4/24 OOT Playoff Gameday

    If the Preds would have won on a power play goal in OT, I think Hossa would have been put on suicide watch. Hopefully the Blackhawks still choke some time soon.
  14. Fingercots

    this is gonna be fun

    Death Warrant's comments about the Phoenix Coyotes NOT having a strong offense seem a little inaccurate. Look at what they've been doing the last couple of weeks and look at their (relatively) new additions Stempniak and Wolski. Stempniak has been one of the hottest scorers in the league over the last few weeks.
  15. Fingercots

    6th Place in the West!

    About a week ago, Barry Melrose posted some video blog on ESPN and predicted that the Wings would finish in 6th place in he West. Could Melrose actually be correct for once?