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  1. akustyk

    Janmark nylen makes the Dallas roster

    I watched a couple SHL games with Janmark last year and can't say that I've been hugely impressed with him. That taking into account that SHL itself isn't really the highest level in European hockey... as for Cole... he could've proven valuable if the Wings advanced past 1st round in playoffs. that was the original idea of trading for him I guess
  2. akustyk

    Alexey Marchenko called up

    just watched the 1st period asking myself the same questions that came up early in this topic: who is this guy and why did he get the call before Sproul or Almqvist. he didn't look bad. for a defenseman 2 years away from NHL draft in his first ever game you can't ask for god knows what. but he was solid enough in his defensive game, used his brain and didn't cough the puck. but I do have to admit that I watched Canadian junior team anihiliate itself against Finland earlier this day. nothing that Wings or even Stars did this game was nearly that bad
  3. akustyk

    Pronger is done

    not surprised either. too bad, one hell of a defenseman who could easily played at high level until his 40th in this league. yes, he was a SOB to play against but also a very intelligent player with huge skills and knowledge of the game.
  4. akustyk

    Report: NHL to have 5 outdoor games in 2014-15.

    how about something like this? http://www.iihf.com/home-of-hockey/news/news-singleview/browse/2/recap/7197.html?tx_ttnews%5BpS%5D=1346450400&tx_ttnews%5BpL%5D=2591999&tx_ttnews%5Barc%5D=1&tx_ttnews%5BbackPid%5D=187&cHash=145372f9b6 I mean... not a Roman arena (in North America), but something big in a warmer climate... I've no problems with Outdoor games becoming annual gig, even multiple times a season. they're extreme fun to watch and fantastic opportunity to promote the game. IMHO better and for die-hard fan also much more interesting way to promote hockey. sure it doesn't make so huge impact as a single event, but..
  5. akustyk

    Maple Leafs plan cup parade?

    Maple Leafs under MLSE are definition of spectacular failure. and they prove it over and over again. I'm waiting for their plan to celebrate introduction of Phaneuf to HHOF announced later this season. because... you know... by Toronto standards this guy is already a lock...
  6. akustyk

    Maple Leafs plan cup parade?

    epic. only Maple Laughs could do something as epic. as if hockey fans in general had shortage of reasons to laugh at this abysmal franchise. now we'll get one more when Leafs hit their annual golf course in April...
  7. one of my all time favorite players and one I dreamt of seeing with Winged Wheel among all our great Swedes. $5.5M sounds heavy but this is money Wings pay not only for on ice point production but for more veteran leadership and cup hunger. I hope wee see Ray Bourque or Dave Andreychuk like story in 2014... can't wait to see Alfie debut in Motown... välkommen!
  8. akustyk

    Red Wings cut ties with Tom McCollum

    never know. at some point (around 2008 AFAIR) it all looked like Howard was a bust and was given too much time in minors to eventually not reach the NHL quality. and fans lost their patience. then he came in and... you know the rest. McCollum might yet make it, you never know.
  9. akustyk

    Red Wings select RW Anthony Mantha 20th Overall

    let me restate one thing I said before: this is a deep draft, and Mantha is Wings' highest pick since Kindl/Lapointe (I assume the later, knowing Wings traded their #18 pick to Sharks, being sure they'll get Mantha anyway) with scouting experts' consensus that the guy is ranked around #15 this year. so, yes, I absolutely think there's big chance for Mantha to gain good position in Wings organization and become a top 6 player sooner than later. Kenny won't rush him, that's for sure, but when he's in, he'll likely make more impact than guys like Nyquist or Smith who already impressed Wings fans. I'll even risk saying he might become Wings regular in late 2015-16 season and provide more impact than Brunner did this season. I'm quite OK with the fact that the buddy may have holes in his game at the age of 18. was he a complete player he'd probably get scooped right after Seth Jones or even before, right?
  10. akustyk

    Red Wings select RW Anthony Mantha 20th Overall

    I don't like this "questionable work ethics" thing, but certainly hope Wings scouts included this in their evaluation and apparently thought this can be corrected. otherwise... we got a player with top talent and size. a guy essentially around this 18th pick which is higher than the Wings have drafted for a good while. if you think Wings could've picked him at this 18th spot than you have to pass Kindl and move all the way to 1991 and Marty Lapointe at #10. and this is a deep draft! 100% happy? maybe around 2017 when Mantha becomes Wings regular. but at this point it has all signs of good pick up. good draft, high pick, addressing Wings needs and bringing raw offensive talent.
  11. akustyk

    2013 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

    no kidding... TSN (short from: Toronto Sports Network) is interviewing player drafted by Toronto... how is that possible? :D hearing Gauthier talk... I'm not sure I'd like him with Wings. dude sounds like someone who has IQ of a chimpanzee...
  12. akustyk

    2013 Stanley Cup Finals - Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    after the Bruins demolished Blackhawks in Game 3 I had an idea that this might work out and those f* would loose. but knowing how resilent those bastards are and how much sisu they have, I highly doubted Chicago will quickly lose the series like many predicted back then. I didn't expect them to come back that strong, though. hats off for amazing resilence and playoff spirit of Blackhawks. whatever people thought of them and how much undervaluated Quenville, they did great job in facing the adversity and playing through to the very end. that's a champion material, no doubt. it hurts to see them win it, especially this spoiled f* Kane get the Conn Smythe, but... they were the team to beat this year. too bad Wings couldn't pull off one more win in their series
  13. akustyk

    Stars hire Ruff as new coach

    I had to smile for this dumb photo but otherwise please f* off! seriously... that was one of the worst forced smiles I ever saw curious to see what will come out of this. Ruff isn't a bad coach to lead young teams, it might work for Stars...
  14. akustyk

    Who would you rather have: Marchand or Shaw?

    me too with Marchand, but I've been a big fan of him for quite some time. yes, he's a pest. but he's also an uber talented at being pest and and the same time being offensive threat. and it's not like he was bad at scoring and generating chances. yup, I'd love to see Marchand with the Wings, hands down
  15. akustyk

    3 1sts for 1st Overall?

    even if this was true, there is lik 0,01% chance that the star D-men will become the difference maker in his first NHL season. more like: they draft him now, add some decent pick/trade next season and around April 2015 there are signs of good team DNA, provided there's also veteran leadership to show the way. and it may land them playoffs, sure, but that's by far not meaning they'd be any successful. see: Washington Capitals.