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  1. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Great. So when Larkin is traded in his ninth season with the Wings, much like when Matt Duchene was traded from the Avalanche and we have our MacKinnon (drafted four years after Duchene ...hmmmm a player drafted in 2018? Maybe one that you regularly emasculate. ...or maybe just an Average Joe. Hmm. No matter. I digress.) Anyway, when we trade Larkin, we'll acquire players along the like of Samuel Girard, Vladislav Kamenev Andrew Hammond, and Shane Bowers as well as a first- second- and third-round pick in a three team trade with say... The Preds and The Sens. (Note: I didn't cherry pick these names or the picks. They're exactly whatever the Avs got or did not get from the Sens and Preds. I'm not and won't evaluating the talent or the picks or whom was picked with those picks in 2018. Just stating the facts, ma'am. Bold to indicate what was the return from the Preds and what the trash from the Sens was ) Speaking of the Sens. You really want to be in the debacle the Sens are in to rebuild?? You envy the situation that got them into the place where they are with picks in this draft. Okay. That's you, man. It's a hard pass from me. The Sens are a steaming trash heap that's somehow not on fire whilst sitting inside of an actual dumpster fire. No thank you. - You called AA a peripheral player and now you're saying "30 in '19." 30 what? Locker room tantrums? PIM? AA doesn't have 30 goals. He doesn't have 30 points. He has 27. That's not 30. What I said is that he is a problem child... and Steve is only willing to suffer a problem child for so long. Absolutely Steve Yzerman derailed Ken Holland's redemption story. Why wouldn't he? COVID-19. No, no. It's CAPTAIN-19. Anyway, Kenny should have stepped away earlier all those years ago and let Steve rise to his destined position as GM of our beloved Red Wings that much earlier. Then we wouldn't be in the situation we are now. Holland was selfish. Maybe he did Steve a favor by taking on that broken down old defenseman and peripheral player. Meanwhile, Steve Yzerman doesn't owe Ken Holland a damn thing except to derail him as a GM. Also, who won that trade. Sam Gagne. That's who. ...and as far as Steve building a team through high draft picks? Well, duh. With this team? What else is he gonna do. Even with ya boy Seider, the team he has currently looks poised to deposit a few more into his lap. So great. It's all going to plan. Also, I just named two players drafted in the third round, that he drafted that are doing pretty well with that previous team so... yeah... You may have missed my point there. Not all high draft picks. ...and even then some of those high draft picks he build his team around that you pointed out... he didn't draft. Some he inherited, some drafted, and some he traded for. So yeah, a complete overhaul is probably coming. I've never said that this team doesn't need it. Ultimately, I think you're right. It's coming. Yzerman has had the guts to trade a lot of players that people have said, "what? he traded who? wow!" So maybe you'll get your wish and Larkin will be traded.
  2. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Um. No. That's isn't necessarily what you do. There have been plenty of last place teams where the core hasn't been sold off at bargain basement wholesale prices. Which is obviously what Stevie was offered for Mantha, Bert and Larkin when he fielded those calls for them. Also, I trust Steve in selling low on a peripheral problem child forward who dragged this team down every time he was on the ice and not scoring on a break away. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As for trading a broken down old D-man that should have been sold multiple seasons ago... well, that should have been done by a certain General Manager who is no longer general or specifically managing this team. Not the God Emperor Steve Yzerman's job. ...and look who took him!! A certain manager that couldn't manage him to stay healthy in the first place and let him get injured moments after trading for him. We were lucky to get a bag of pucks for that old "defenseman". Hell, hadn't seen him play defense EVER. Finally! Extra first round picks? Who needs them when you make your first round draft picks count like drafting Seider in the first ...and in previous drafts you snagged the likes of Point and Cirelli in the third round. THE THIRD ROUND. Extra first round picks, WHO NEEDS 'EM!
  3. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    So, you're saying there's a chance that you wanna keep him, and Mantha, and Bert... and all of this is hyperbolic trolling. *wink* Also, I was thinking more along these lines:
  4. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I imagine that's a regular accessory even without a pandemic raging.
  5. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Yes. ...but how long do players like that make sense on this team. Sure, maybe Mantha, Bert, and even Larkin aren't here for our next (hopefully eventual) cup run, but you can't have a team made up of ONLY journeymen and constant castoffs or a team made up of eventual NHLers or career AHLers who are just filling the void. Who the eff wants to get drafted to that team... or sign here. Also: Embrace the virus. Love the virus. Become one with the virus. It is your duty. If you're meant to live you'll live. If you're meant to die. You'll die.
  6. e_prime

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Even Gretzky was tradable. Which means you have to think whether they're on the block or not GMs will make a pitch for them. So to say there weren't calls or weren't offer on these guys is laughable. As to why not sell them? Then who the f*** is on the ice for games? Seriously man, you can't trade all of the players just because. ...as to the second part. No s***. Get out and take a walk, man.
  7. e_prime


  8. e_prime


    UM ACTUALLY. https://www.wxyz.com/news/coronavirus/first-cases-of-coronavirus-confirmed-in-michigan-one-each-in-oakland-and-wayne-counties *heads to my bunker with my stockpile of toilet paper and hand sanitizer*
  9. e_prime


    The Wuhan Klan ain't nuthin' to f*** with.
  10. e_prime

    Are these press conferences necessary?

    Mantha *will* injure himself doing something stupid again.
  11. e_prime

    AA traded to oilers

    that's one way to describe it.
  12. e_prime

    AA traded to oilers

    Givani Smith says, "Hi"
  13. Right? It's not as if saying their names over and over... Helm, Bernier, Glendennnning, etc. is going to make a trade appear.
  14. Green is a shell of his former self. An unconditional 3rd round pick would have been a generous gift. Sam Gagne's contract is expiring there was nothing to unload. AA isn't going to be an easy re-signing.
  15. ...still doesn't make a whole helluva lot of sense. Plus w/ that 1st for Goodrow they traded Foote too?