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  1. Fixed it for you.
  2. Ken Holland certainly doesn't think so. 'specially with all that Mrazek s*** talking.
  3. To me the letting Filpulla go is more of a "Why didn't we flip Filp at the deadline?" rather than "Why didn't we re-sign him?" ...but that's the nature of being a "contender." Keeping those pending UFAs for the playoffs and then losing them to Free Agency. ...but if you know he had no desire to come back, then it truly is a question of why didn't you trade him??
  4. That doesn't help us fantasy book the territories, brother. I tried looking for clarification on the rules for cap space and when you have to be compliant, but it's pretty muddy waters out there on the interwebs. Capfriendly has a nice LTIR FAQ, but no definitive answer on when a player can be placed on LITR. I tried looking at the CBA as well... and would rather jam something into an orifice than continue to try to decipher that Newspeak.
  5. He's a'ight. Let's call it that.
  6. Who? Jon Snow? That guy knows nothing.
  7. I guess I'm just hoping that Holland has maybe learned something. Your two examples listed above seem like big gaffes, but at the time most thought we were a playoff team that could still go deep with either these two players or comparable replacements. Just spitballin' anyway...
  8. I get what you're saying, however he won't walk away... he'll get flipped at the deadline While haters will make you think it's Holland's fault, and apologists will blame Tatar's attitude, the reality of the situation is that Tatar wants to get paid/knows he can get paid, knows he can play on a better team and probably win elsewhere. Not every player in the league has to be a martyr for the team they currently play for. If you were a talented forward headed into your prime, would you want to spend those years mired on a team with an identity crisis?
  9. So basically, he doubled down on his goal tending tandem. Excellent. Maybe Mrazek just needed a swift kick in the pants. Hopefully this plays out well. If not, lets at least hope that Mrazek raises his trade value. Said it before, will say it again, and going to say it again right now. Goaltending is the least of our issues even with this little DRAMA playing out.
  10. Not a UFA but... Also... who? NVRMND Griffs signing ...and also:
  11. nhl.com is streaming sportsnet from their site. I dunno why that link isn't working.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/video/live-hockey-central/t-281072496/c-52341003
  13. Here are the words we DID NOT want to hear.