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  1. That was nyquististhefuture not Lefty.
  2. Everytime I don't watch... Drew Milller scores. What kind of fan club president am I?
  3. Agreed, but I'd probably still trade him for Trouba.
  4. ...and this:
  5. I'm just gonna leave this here:
  6. Let's send it over to e_prime for our daily Defenseman-Watch Update: If Trouba doesn’t have a NHL contract in place by December 1st, they do have a plan in place. “We have to contemplate everything, but it’s not something we are going to discuss as it involves our client and it’s a private matter,” he said, adding he’d spoken with Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff earlier in the day. “Any of the conversations we have with (the Jets) are very amicable and those are private, too.” On the Winnipeg Jets and Jacob Trouba … the Anaheim Ducks and Hampus Lindholm … Michael Traikos of the National Post: Though their situations are different, Jacob Trouba and Hampus Lindholm are at a similar crossroads. Both RFAs are 22-year old and would like more money and/or opportunity to show that they are young stars. “I think we all know that we wouldn’t be in this situation right now if it wasn’t a young man’s game,” said Kurt Overhardt, who represents Trouba. “Part of it is systemic. But the other part is the skill level of players coming out of junior and college and Europe is pretty incredible. “We’ve got 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds playing huge roles on teams. And at 22 years old, a player doesn’t want to stay around waiting if he thinks his ability is greater than the opportunity he’s been given, because there’s really great players in front of him.” Neither Trouba or Lindholm have much negotiating leverage as they wait for a deal to get done. “The season is more than three games,” said player agent Claude Lemieux, who represents Lindholm. “Trying to get a long-term deal is more than just the performance of the team during a short period of time. There’s definitely motivation from both sides to try and get a deal done.” Michael Traikos: Trouba’s agent Kurt Overhardt: “This is nothing like (Jonathan) Drouin. It shouldn’t be personal. We continue to speak to the club — everything’s amicable”
  7. You mean like their stellar 2 -2 start where their only definitive win was a 4-0 victory over the Flames? OT wins against Carolina and TO. Loss to Boston. ???That kind of crap????
  8. You know, we're not supposed to tell each other "how to fan" around here but... Hell, four games into the season, I'd rather have a guy tell me to suck it because he thinks somethings going right than people telling me how this team sucks before the puck even dropped for the first real game. Yes, the defense is weak which makes your goalie stand on his head and all your forwards have to play better defensively. ...but a win is a win and if Jimmy can pull off a win like that, we should be happy about it because in previous episodes of Red Wings hockey, he's been less than stellar in his role. ...and if we can pull out a win like that now, who's to say that it can't continue through the season? ....or that the defense won't get their s*** together? ...or we won't get a trade or two that miraculously launches us into the upper echelons of the league Yes, we are currently sitting in the lower rankings of the standings. Where we sit at .500. FOUR FREAKING GAMES into the season. Winnipeg, with their stacked defensive, offense that isn't in need of an Red Wing winger upgrade unless they're Larkin+, stars in the making - - Laine, Scheiffle, etc, are also 2 -2. Pulling out an OT win against a re-building Toronto, losing to Boston, winning against Carolina in OT. Scorching the Flames 4 - 0 in their first game, their only definitive win. That's a less than stellar start to the season, wouldn't you say? Are they lower tier? Some teams haven't even played four games. Does that make them lower-tier by definition? Nashville and the Isles sit below us in league standings... Buffalo sits below us in the standings within our division? Are they too lower tier? Lower-tier? That's like, just your opinion, man...
  9. Oh snap! My boy Drew scored! Missed the game due to work.
  10. Don't you pick on my boy Drew now. I know he's off to a slow start and everything, but he hasn't taken a puck to the face yet this year. He doesn't really pick-up stride until he takes one off the ol' noggin.
  11. Last one: These two will have at least one positive thing to say about the team by season's end.
  12. ^Thanks. Couldn't remember if Bruce was there from the start.
  13. The power of positivity will keep Darren Helm scoring. Not Trouba, but in in D-man talk... and something that will seem familiar 'round these parts (losing assets for nothing) ...but here is some Trouba talk If the situation drags out, you might think that Trouba would rethink the scenario, if it’s good for him in the short- and long-term to remain out. Bridge deal then trade him.
  14. Was Boudreau coaching the Ducks at the start of last season? Either way... Carlyle is no Boudreau.