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  1. Wait. What? They can take their clothes off? My wife's been lying to me for years.
  2. e_prime

    Hall of Fame Boards

    I see your mindflies, your crymsons... but I have three words for you: Eva Unit Zero. Also, I'm not on HFBoards. Eff that place. I'm ride or die LGW.
  3. e_prime

    Zadina Says It

    um... no.
  4. e_prime

    Zadina Says It

    CapFriendly dudes are website content managers not CBA professionals. I don't have an issue with this but... ...this also works. Let him start with the club. Test his mettle. Sink or swim, buddy.
  5. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    Is he the new Lazy and Sucks (tm) ?
  6. e_prime

    Rumors Thread

    You do realize that Kevin Hayes did indeed sign a contact with Philly for just over $7 million per season? https://www.capfriendly.com/players/kevin-hayes ...and agreed. Just do the lockout already. It's gonna happen.
  7. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    Daley and Ericsson both have modified clauses with 15 and 19 team no trade lists respectively. If I were Stevie, I'd have asked agents for updated lists upon hire. Is Kenny kicking tires yet? ...or still figuring out wtf to do with Lucic?
  8. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    I'll reassure myself by convincing myself that if Trouba is intends/is determined to sign long term with New York that Chevy would have gotten more.
  9. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    Everyone: We should've been in on Trouba Trouba: Nah. No thanks.
  10. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    The quotes from Trouba here have me more shook than anything he might say about the Rags or any other team that might court him. I mean, I get it... but if future wifey don't like it. It ain't gon' happen.
  11. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    What is he supposed to say, "Oh geez guys. I'm just glad to be outta that snowy sh!%hole Winnipeg. Can I have some fun in the city before my agent drops the fact that I'm not signing with New York long-term into their laps? I mean, FFS, they're called the RAGS for a reason, right? Call me Stevie."
  12. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    https://twitter.com/wpgjetspr/status/1140767329006968832?s=21 TRANSACTION: The Winnipeg Jets have acquired D - Neal Pionk and a first-round selection, 20th overall, in the 2019 NHL Draft from the New York Rangers in exchange for D - Jacob Trouba. is this a legit Jets account?
  13. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    Daaaaannnnngggg. Braun and Dillon signed for this year at 3.8 and 3.27 respectively. So... $33.57 for 5 defensemen.
  14. e_prime

    News From Around the NHL

    I'm pretty sure for some on here it was a dream. I mean, a pipe-dream, but you know some of the FANATICS on here.