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  1. Per Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Despite being in the playoff race, it sounds like the Blues will be moving defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Blues would like to get at least two pieces in a deal, a first round pick and a prospect. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals have spoken with the Blues about Shattenkirk. It’s believed Shattenkirk will sign with the Rangers this offseason. -- A first and a prospect is a hefty price for any team, but especially the Rangers. They don't have a lot of prospect depth and as he's likely to sign with you in the off-season... why would you give the Blues both a first and a prospect?
  2. Hot take!! I do not disagree! Plainly and simply, the Wings need to give guys they expect to play a certain role the opportunity to play that role. If their expectation was that Jurco was going to be a bottom-six grinder they should have given up on that experiment a while ago. If their expectation was that he was going to be a top-six scoring winger they needed to give him more time and opportunity in that role.
  3. Rags can't really pay the price that the Blues currently want for Shatty. Thusfar there's been no real speculation on return for Smith presented by anyone who might be "in the know."
  4. “The thought is that Sheahan is having a miserable year,” Kypreos added, noting that the 25-year-old centreman has no goals and sits at minus-19 through 58 games. While some may speculate that the Leafs could look for a discount given Shanahan and Babcock’s connection to Detroit, Kypreos shot down that idea. “The feeling is, regardless of being goalless, that could cost you as much as a first-rounder if the Leafs want him,”Kypreos said.
  5. Kypreos said it on HNIC. (So take that for what it's worth. *twocents*) Smith to TOR was also brought up. Larry Brooks speculates Smith to Rags. all via Malik
  6. Pray one falls from the sky? ... Convert Drew Miller to Defense?
  7. I'm just saying that not every player is the same and not every player "earns their spot" the same way. We could have learned that he wasn't NHL material several years ago if they went a different route. If there's one thing that I hope the Wings management is learning is that "over-ripening" in the A just doesn't work anymore. ...sorry I'll drag my Jurco talk back to the Jurco thread. Good on KH for getting a third for him. Also, "No" to Shatty!
  8. Vanek may have had a stint with MTL before, but who knows... Berevin's got a set on him and if he thinks, however unlikely, this could be their year? Ya never know.
  9. Well duh. I mean that's LGW for ya. Forewarning, I'm playing devils advocate here ...but, if you're putting a guy who's supposed to be a second line scorer on the fourth line (with say... Glenny and "Mah Boy" Drew) aren't you misusing him? Oh. Right. Earning a spot. ...and how well did Mantha do playing minutes with Disney and Drew? ...and how well is he playing with top six talent? Like Dickie said, put Janmark or Jarnkrok in that same role and how well would they have faired?
  10. Before Blash there was Babcock and he did the same thing! This is all about the system we play and coaching of the system. Sometimes it seems they're trying to fit square pegs into round holes. I don't want to get started in on how much of an opportunity he was given but, didn't Blash have Jurco in GR? ...and didn't Jurco score down there when he was given the opportunity with the right line mates. No one should be surprised if Jurco starts putting up some points in a different system. Everyone should be surprised if he starts playing like a goddamned superstar.
  11. Somebody beat me to it.
  12. I would not, could not trade Larkin for Trouba. oof. Too much "Green Eggs and Ham"
  13. Th' Peg has an entire year (and probably a new head coach) to play Trouba before they really need to consider moving him. So, you're unlikely to get him for a middle/lower 1st and a "lower level player." IF you're sold on getting Trouba -- you're gonna have to pay to get Trouba.
  14. Trouba + their pick for [DWR Player of choice] + our pick ?
  15. Trouba for pick. Straight up. No chasers.