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  1. No way Blash plays AA over Nielsen
  2. KH is a genius, he traded 7th round for a 1st rounder
  3. Mantha-Z-Nyquist Larkin-Nielsen-Tatar Abdelkader-AA-Baby Bert Helm-She-LG Kwitowski
  4. Maybe it means that KH will move Mrazek?
  5. McCollum back for 7th rounder...
  6. So our line-up should be something like: Mantha - Z - Nyquist Larkin - Nielsen - Tatar Abdelkader - AA - Baby Bert Helm - She - LG (*Kwitowski*) I can see him as a 4th line forward I would still go after Grigorenko/Yakupov short term. Daley - Green Deke - Jensen Errorson/Kronwall - Ouellet 7th Def : Kwitowski/McIlarth
  7. I disagree, our biggest weakness is our GM
  8. Wanna be Norton 2.0 Makes sense for KH
  9. Kronwall is pretty much finished. He can't play as a top D. Same can be said for Errorson. My feeling is that Kronwall will be on longterm injured list. It leave us with Jensen and Ouellet as a top 4 D and those two are depth Def 6-7-8 on 30 teams in NHL. Las Vegas could have a better D than us. Going after Daley as a top D shows that we are in deep trouble. Thing with KH is that he thinks that we are playoff team...
  10. It seems like Alzner is going to Mtl, $4.5M/5 years... reported by Ward For Daley, anything more than 2 years over $3M will be mistake
  11. My guess is 3-4 years for Daley... KH needs to do something stupid on July 1st
  12. KH is building Grand Rapids
  13. My feeling is a longterm 3-4 years for Daley between $3-4M per season.