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  1. We needs to keep Blash next season... it will be once again deep draft and I like our chances getting high picks with Blash/KH on board... what I don't like is KH selecting the players.
  2. Coreau's best stats = his height
  3. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    If we don't have Dahlin I would go with Tkachuk with our top pick. You never have enough quality C and same can be said for D... With the Vegas pick we pick D (Woo/Samuelsson) and/or we trade up (we have 2 high 2nd draft pick) and go after Wilde.
  4. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    As long as we move up 6 places they can move even 7 places I don't care.
  5. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Another sign Future looks brighter....
  6. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    It's done....
  7. Rumors Thread

    I like Rangers moves, rebuilt on the fly: - Ryan Spooner- Vladislav Namestnikov- Libor Hajek- Brett Howden- 2x 1st round picks in 2018
  8. Rumors Thread

    Great trade for Tatar... What's going on with Green?
  9. Rumors Thread

    What's going on with Green???
  10. Rumors Thread

    That's our franchise players
  11. Rumors Thread

    Green at 50% and our 6th for Tampa 7th
  12. Rumors Thread

    Green MUST be traded. Any trade involving Tatar/Nyquist can wait... I don't think that they will have more value next year but if we can clean up some cap space I would be for it. Plan should be 3-4 years... create a cap space, trade for the bad contracts (with max 3 years remaining) with high draft picks and prospects...
  13. Rumors Thread

    “If it’s not this time period, and it’s not at the draft, then the reality is, it’s probably a year from now,” Holland said. “My mindset isn’t so much about 2017-18 and ’18-’19. It’s about ’19-’20 and trying to acquire assets that I’m hoping can impact this team down the road. It's confirmed, KH is crazy....
  14. Rumors Thread

    KH watch : trying to get Ray Bourque for Larionov and top prospect Grigorenko. Question is: who do we have on the block???