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  1. Cicada

  2. McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    supposedly Ruslan Salei and Stefan Liv also on the plane
  3. just a shame that dats looks a little too much like justin bieber there
  4. Sounds like more Versus/NBC for the next few years

    but with VS rebranding as NBC Sports, it does ask some intersting questions of where the channel is going, and the NHL will be at the forefront of it... i this deal is good for the nhl
  5. Campbell calls (likely Savard) "Fake Artist" in email

    yeah, but the onus of that article was related to the actual complaint... they never went any deeper and actually looked into the emails and what else they say.. the info has been out there for a year and it took a blogger a year to flesh out the details
  6. good day but bad night....

    i'm a browser here, and when i takes me 5 minutes to work out what the f**k is being said i just end up skipping the thread...
  7. Prospects Camp: Detroit 6, Dallas 1

    going to be good to get Malik onto a place where he doesn't just post stuff from other places.. he's got really good insight.. incase people don't know he's joining KK full time soon
  8. New numbers for a couple of Wings

    i don't think so.. Kyle Quincey had #4 before he was waived a couple of years back
  9. How Does a Goalie Stop This?

    i knew i'd seen that move before.. the Chicago game was a few season back but i remembered the move
  10. Classy

    come on, throwing an octupus in enemy territory, you're asking for it
  11. Anyone else missing McCarty?

    not really tbh... good player, but his time is past
  12. Now that the regular season is over

    that was more of a cap situation though after we claimed Miller and Lilja came back
  13. Identify this Autograph!

    looks like a 'doug' to me at the start, although in fairness, it could be anytihng
  14. Who we get to play, and how...

    crap, sorry.. delete
  15. Who we get to play, and how...

    Right, so now that it's almost all done, this is how i think it is.. We we play Phoenix if we win, OR if we lose in overtime and Los Angeles don't win We play Vancouver if we lose in overtime and Los Angeles win, OR if we lose and Los Angeles also lose We play San Jose if we lose AND Los Angeles get at least a point looking at it, i think we're very unlikely to play Vancouver