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  1. Peadydog


  2. Peadydog

    4th Annual Playoff Money On The Board!

    What a way to start! One game, and I'm in for $16!! Can't wait for Sunday!
  3. Peadydog

    4th Annual Playoff Money On The Board!

    Love doing this. $1 for every point from the D $1 for goals from Pavel, Mule, and Nyquist $5 per win $10 per shut out $15 per series win
  4. Peadydog

    'Twas The Night Before Playoffs

    ‘Twas The Night Before Playoffs ‘Twas the night before Playoffs and all through the Joe Not a player was skating, not fast and not slow. The jerseys were hung from the rafters with care Stevie, Sid, Gordie, Terry, Ted, Nick and Alex were there. The fans in Detroit were all snug in their beds, While Stanley Cup fever danced ‘round in their heads. Our young guns Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist you see Would star in their dreams of what would soon be. Next day on the ice there would be such a clatter, That, for true fans of hockey, nothing else would matter. Away to the arena, we fly like a flash, (Unless we can’t get tickets, ‘cause we don’t have the cash). The laser light show on the freshly groomed ice Would light up the way as we welcome our guys! Then, what to our wondering eyes should appear? But the best of the NHL, at least so far this year. With Z as our Captain, and now Daniel Alfredsson Or Swedish lineup is second to none. More rapid than eagles, the players they came, And we whistled and shouted, and called them by name. “Now Kindl! Now Kronwall! Now, go, Kyle Quincey! On Datsyuk! On DeKeyser! And, now, Luke Glendening! Into the Playoffs! With the best of the League! There’s no turning back! There will be no fatigue!” “There’s Toman Jurco, Ryan Sproul, and Todd Bertuzzi David Legwand! Riley Sheahan! It makes us all woozy! Thanks to Petr Mrazek and Brendan Smith! We got to this point, this team knows no quit!” No rest for the weary, surely we’ll whelm! Here’s Franzen! And Ericsson! And now Darren Helm!! There’s Tootoo! and Andersson! and Jimmy in net. Drew Miller, Landon Ferraro, the best fourth line yet! They say we’re getting old, we know that’s not true We simply reload and reload, that’s what we do! With Lashoff and Abby and don’t forget Cory Our young guys can bring it, there’ll be no worry! As the Bruins and the Lightning and Penguins all cry, When they meet with the Wings, and their Stanley dreams die. As the Blackhawks do crumble and the Sharks meet with fate, The Blues and the Wild will just have to wait. Then, dressed up so nicely, in the best they could find, The coaches line up, with the trainers behind. There’s Renny, and Bill Peters, and head coach Mike Babcock And, on the bench, The Monster, our faithful back-up! We moved to the East We all had some fears Would we keep the streak alive? Yes! Now it’s 23 years!! Our eyes, how they twinkle! Our hearts are so merry! With Redmond to comment, or maybe Don Cherry. With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Mike soon had assured us we had nothing to dread. He spoke not a word; these guys know how to win To the Finals we go, we can do this again. They spring to the ice, as the referees whistle, In pursuit of the Cup they will fly like a missile. And the fans will exclaim, whether they lose or they win, “Go, Red Wings! We Love You! What a great year it’s been!” GO WINGS!!!
  5. When twitter works-
  6. Peadydog

    I couldn't help but notice... (rant)

    The reason this is embarrassing is that it states "Guarantee your chance to see these marquee Original Six matchups" Any other descriptor rather than Original Six would be OK. Maybe even Original Six + Cindy.
  7. Peadydog

    Blackhawks Letter of Appreciation

    If you are implying the Wings "let go" of Scotty Bowman, you have it wrong. Scotty went to Chicago to have the opportunity to work with his son. As a parent, I can tell you that I love Scotty even more for his understanding of what is important in life.
  8. Peadydog

    Money on the Board - playoff style!

    As one who is old enough to remember (but young enough to still have my memory intact!), this is great. Thanks!
  9. Peadydog

    Money on the Board - playoff style!

    I think to honor Mike Illitch would be great. I'm guessing I'm older than most of you, but I remember the days before Mr. Illitch bought the Wings. Yes, I started being a fan in the late 60's. I lived through Bruce Norris and The Darkness with Harkness. My dad was a season ticket holder in the 40's, and he taught me well. The whole reason the Wings are such a great organization starts at the top. I remember watching games on tv when Mr. Illitch first bought the club, and during intermission seeing the Little Caesar player of the game. He was such a promoter of youth hockey in Detroit. I think he has earned the honor! Great idea!
  10. Peadydog

    2013 Thank You Hockeytown - Player Message

    I especially liked the fact that this obviously wasn't scripted. These guys spoke from their hearts, even though we all know their hearts were breaking just a bit.
  11. Peadydog

    Money on the Board - playoff style!

    Sorry - didn't realize that.
  12. Peadydog

    An open letter to the Western Conference

    Totally love this! Thanks. My only regret, living in Colorado, is that the Wings will only be here once a year, instead of twice.
  13. Red Datsyuk, no question!
  14. I'm sorry, but this is just my pet peeve. "EST" stands for Eastern STANDARD Time. We are currently on DAYLIGHT time. So, the game actually starts at 8 EDT. The best way to say it is simply 8ET (Eastern Time), and then there is no need to worry about whether we are on Standard or Daylight time. As you can tell, I'm just a bit wound up about this game 7!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Peadydog

    Datsyuk | Because It's The Cup (Fan Promo)

    That was incredible!! Thanks!! But, not entirely original...