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  1. I have two extra tickets for the classic section 21 row 88 with seat backs. Face value is 250 a seat $400 or best offer
  2. I have two extra tickets for the classic section 21 row 88 with seat backs. Face value is 250 a seat $400 or best offer Text or call 817 846 7104.
  3. Griffins GM 7 - tonight

    Little off topic, but the NHL network should also broadcast the Calder cup games!! GRRR
  4. 2012 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 1

    VAN/LAK: 4-3 STL/SJS: 4-2 PHX/CHI: 4-3 NSH/DET: 4-3 NYR/OTT: 4-1 BOS/WSH: 4-2 NJD/FLA: 4-1 PIT/PHI: 4-3 WC Champion: VAN EC Champion: PIT SCF Champion: PIT Also going for Reverse Psychology Mojo
  5. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Since 1994, I've never ever ever ever thought that we would lose. This is the first year that I don't really have much confidence in the team. Too many 1/2 broken players, too many mental mistakes and lack of execution. If Howard plays the best hockey of his life and one of our role players gets streaky and two of either Dats, Z, Fil or Mule carry the team on their back, we limit the turnovers to less than 1/10 of our passes and while we don't allow for any odd man rushes, we will win, however I predict we lose in six. I really hope they don't lose in the first round, but they have looked mediocre at best as of late with terrible lapses in defensive coverage. I've been pissed off about the loss they handed to us back on December 15th. Now, we realize how monumental that game was. For those that didn't see it, we kicked their ass the whole game. The Wings held on to the puck all night. Rinne had 37 quality saves. We went 2/2 on the powerplay and went into the 3rd with a 3-2 lead. At that time, the defence was tight and the team was playing with a ton of poise and confidence. And then came Weber :/ Weber had two goals a power-play blast with 4:24 left in the 3rd and a blue-line flukey knuckler three minutes later. Had we won that game, we would have home ice. HUGE. The best "X" factor is Filpula seems to really elevate his game when he plays opposite to Rinne. GO WINGS!!!!!!!!
  6. West: (8) King vs (1) Canucks => Canucks in 6 (7) Sharks vs (2) Blues => Blues in 5 (6) Hawks vs (4) Coyotes => Hawks in5 (5) Wings vs (4) Preds => Preds in 6 Round 2 (1) Canucks vs (6) Hawks => Hawks in 7 (2) Blues vs (4) Preds => Blues in 7 Round 3 (6) Hawks vs (2) Blues => Blues in 7 East: Round 1 (8) Sens vs (1) Rangers => Rangers in 5 (7) Caps vs (2) Bruins => Bruins in 5 (6) Devis vs (3) Panthers => Devils in 4 (5) Flyers vs (4) Penguins => ?/? toss up here I'll take Flyers in 7 Round 2 (1) Rangers vs (6) Devils => Rangers in 6 (2) Bruins vs (5) Flyers => Bruins in 6 Round 3 (1) Rangers vs (2) Bruins => Rangers in 7 Finals Rangers vs Blues Blues in 7
  7. WC-Central Race

    St. Louis is overachieving. If their system gets into abit of a funk, they have to possibility to drop really fast. But beyond speculation, their biggest issue staying competitive is going to be their schedule. The last 1/3 of their season is PACKED with away games. They too (like the Wings) have excelled at home, but that is unlikely to last on the road. IMO, they are are really good team, but not as good as their points in the standings. Chicago is Chicago. What they do at the trade deadline is my biggest concern. If they add a legitimate top 6 forward and stay healthy, they can easily beat us in a 7 games series. Fortunately, they have a pretty tough last 1/3 of the season. At this point, the Wings are winning, but not playing as well as they have and their schedule isn't bad down the road! At no point in time (that I can recall), has winning the division ever been more important!
  8. McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    I feel so horrible for all of these players families. THis is so devastating.
  9. Fantastic post. He usually sucks in the regular season, but this guy is a beast in the playoffs. Everyone hates to play against him and he'll beat the s*** out of you when your in front of the net. Only problem is we'll end up killing more penalties. Safe signing. Bottom line, is this years trade deadline will be like Christmas for Wings fans. We'll move Hudler and maybe a minor league/picks and end up with another superstar and maybe a role player. The thin layer of talent available today isn't worth spending money. All of the GM's that are (over)paying for free agents are going to be regretting their cap situation next year when the CBA drops the cap.
  10. Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg

    First of all, you would gather more TV money with more interdivision matchups and higher ratings, therefore more revenue. In today's NHL, there is no such concept as a weak division, as they are supposed to be equal in potential and all have the capacity to win against any team. The NHL radio (Sirus) is all over this as a done deal. I'd love to see the Wings end up in the (L)eastern conference. Think of all of the advantages. I'd love to debate the benefits of the playoffs.
  11. Brad McCrimmon will not return for 2011/2012

    Yah!!!! Finally, a move to put us back into contention. Hopefully, we can break the top 10 defense in the league next season with a competent coach. I bet they have someone in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced someone prior to the SCF's.
  12. Kook! You are the MAN!!!!! Well done!
  13. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    WOW, Wow, wow, wow, wow! What a way to break San Jose's confidence. We need to rattle Anti a little more. He is due for his token bad game. 55 changed this game. THe rest of the Wings followed.
  14. WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Thats what happens when you go into the third and don't play to win. That stated, I like our chances. We need a little puck luck. Lets see if the hockey gods smile on us tonight!
  15. Photoshop Wait(?): Biding time for Round 2

    CLASSIC!!!! Maybe he'll trust his eyes for Dr. Ramani for game 7!