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  1. RedWingsRox

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Great career, lots of highlight reel moments, perfect time to retire. Any chance he can put on a jersey on opening night, participate in the warm up skate, get out on the ice one more time so the fans can give him a proper farewell?
  2. RedWingsRox


  3. RedWingsRox

    Bylsma joins the Wings

    Great ... now we're just missing some forwards, some dmen, and a goalie ... then we're all set.
  4. RedWingsRox

    Bylsma joins the Wings

    Good acquisition, a lot of ex head coaches do very well as assistants. I think Bylsma's glory days are over (see his stint in Buffalo) so Blashill has nothing to worry about. I mean after all, Blashill made the hire, not GM.
  5. RedWingsRox

    Our draft position

    Looks like Detroit might end up 27th, VCR just got a point. What are the rules? We have slim chance at 1st ??
  6. RedWingsRox

    Holland and Blashill expected to return

    Another 2 years of this same ... 2020 can't come fast enough. Has anyone told the Ilitch family that NO ONE is following the 'Detroit model' anymore.
  7. Karlsson and Tatar are such different needs. But this is not bad of a trade. Wished we could have gotten something for Green though.
  8. RedWingsRox


    It really wasn't the 'good' hockey that was captivating. It was the drama and the stories ... like Datsyuk going for that elusive gold. Like OAR tying it with a minute left short-handed to take it to OT. The fact that all teams were put together with NHL castaways, retired players, no names, etc. levelled the playing field. I was OK with it ... if NHL doesn't allow the player to go to next games ... no big deal. This gives a lot of chances to lesser known players to have their moment of glory.
  9. RedWingsRox


    Yah, I think you're in the minority pal. As if he would do that for you for $1m a year ... lol.
  10. RedWingsRox


    Seriously, Dats should stay in KHL ... don't think of coming back. He was getting real slow in his last year here. I don't think he would last in the faster younger NHL .. it was a great throwback to see him on competitive ice but wouldn't want him in a Red Wings jersey again.
  11. RedWingsRox


    Congrats Magic Man ... you got that gold! Now let's hope no one on the team test positive and ruins it for you.
  12. RedWingsRox


    Oh my ... it's quite a game, at least in the 3rd period. Germany leads 3-2 with like 3 minutes left, OAR gets a penalty and OAR scores on a short handed with a minute left to tie it up. Looks like OT baby! Will #13 get the elusive gold medal to add to his achievements?
  13. RedWingsRox


    Here we go ... Olympic men's hockey finals about to start. One last time to see The Magic Man play.
  14. RedWingsRox

    Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    Great ... a little high on the first couple of years but I think it averages itself out in terms of value in year 3 and 4 if Tatar can keep up the 25 goals per year. But how this existing team is one of the highest salary team pushing cap issues, I'll NEVER understand.
  15. RedWingsRox

    New arena construction updates

    Unfortunately, this year's Wings will be one of the most unexciting team to watch moving to a new arena ... ... sorry for the pessimism