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  1. Yah, the last 25 years.
  2. Team does know that there is no way that they can catch up to Avs in terms of worst point standings, right? What is the record for worst points total for a Wings team in the modern era and is this year's team close or in the running for this prestigious title?
  3. I don't know whether to jump up and down and celebrate or to throw something at my TV. If the Wings can beat Wash and Pitts back to back ... where the hell was the team all season? When it's too late, they're going to creep up in the standings to 9th spot ...
  4. Jedi Awakens?
  5. I hope OP was kidding ... but knowing Holland, he just might pull a Samuelsson and sign the Magic Man in 19-20 ... but no, we should not. He has dramatically decline even last year. But I do think he did the right thing and left last year ... this crap is not worth staying around for.
  6. 3 pages for a game ... I think it reflects the dramatic drop in interest for this team.
  7. Fire Sale ... only way that KH redeems himself is if he can get rid of these players and load up on good 2nd or 3rd round picks: Erickson, Glendening, Abelkater, Helm. Mrazek I don't know why it bothers me that the Wings have the highest payroll and we are like a bottom feeder, it's not my money, but it does. If we had one of the lowest salary team, then it'd be like ... OK, we are rebuilding, we can find a young talented free agent with cap space but we are choking ourselves to death.
  8. We are sitting at 37 pts after 37 games. Streak is OVER! We might as well get an early start on the fire sale and get draft picks.
  9. Holland is getting old .. the game has gone past him. Time to step down or get out of the way, be Vice President or something and let someone else be the GM, day to day hockey ops.
  10. Probably a more entertaining game than the real one tomorrow.
  11. So, how are the tickets going for the actual game ??!! Good idea on paper but it's one of those 'who the hell cares?' games!
  12. How the hell is this the team with the highest payroll? Great team to move into new arena!
  13. This team ... . Less than mediocre but not bad enough to be first in the draft .. in la la land.
  14. Well, got to give this Red Wings team one thing, they are consistent ... consistently sh*tty !!
  15. Well, I'll be damned. I don't have to come on here after the game and regurgitate how crappy this team is ... now that's what is frustrating. If they can play like this, why can't they do it 3 out of 4 nights or 4 out of 5 nights? Before I get all giddy, let's see if this is the start of something different first. After thought, just saw the boxscore. Bernier was in net for the 1st two periods, now I see why we scored 4!