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  1. ElCapitan


  2. ElCapitan

    Kronwall Injury Update

    Mike Haynes has toned it down a bit but is still a jack wagon. He was far worse when he was announcing on the radio. One time I heard him call Darren McCarty a ****** bag on the air. His comments from last night's game have made national news & I'm sure he's catching crap for it. http://www.bing.com/search?q=avalanche+announcer&form=OSDSRC
  3. ElCapitan

    Our friend @HockeyyInsiderr lists anti-lockout teams...

    That's right, in any business/industry a great product, marketed properly, will be more profitable. That's how Ilitch rebuilt the Wings and (hopefully) that's what Pegula's plan of action is. I really enjoyed that video clip & if that's what Mr. I truly said...Amen.
  4. ElCapitan

    Fedorov 5 years/50 mil - 10 years later

    Federov never played for Colorado! When I first saw this I was a bit alarmed, thinking I had a bad case of amnesia, but then I realized you meant CBJ.
  5. ElCapitan

    Holland Content with Current Roster

    Thanks, got to see it in Austin this spring!
  6. ElCapitan


    Especially with the style of game he's played over the years. I love Homer but really want to give the younger guys a chance.
  7. ElCapitan

    Holland Content with Current Roster

    This is what I posted over the current "Doan" thread: From Kukla's Korner: http://www.kuklaskor...n_standing_pat/ There's a lot of posturing going on, and almost all of the lack of player signings are out of anyone's control. It's almost like trying to control the weather. Good luck with that. If an appealing move can be made, I really think Holland will try. There just not that much above the crap line this year.
  8. ElCapitan

    Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    From Kukla's Korner: http://www.kuklaskor...n_standing_pat/
  9. ElCapitan

    Wolski signs with Washington

    True. He was having a very good year (09-10) for Colorado & was traded to Phoenix for Mueller @ the deadline. Then he had 18 points in 18 games for Phoenix for the remainder of the year. I'm not sure what happened to him but he's been on a free-fall since. For 600K though...
  10. ElCapitan

    Wolski signs with Washington

    http://www.kuklaskor..._medium=twitter If true, this is a steal.
  11. ElCapitan

    Brenden Morrow Trade-able?

    I've always liked him. Hard-nosed & can play. He's had a lot of injuries but that comes with how he plays.
  12. ElCapitan

    Brenden Morrow Trade-able?

    http://www.stltoday....a4bcf6878.html? Mods: Thanks for fixing/improving my post.
  13. Yes, I meant Kocur, sorry. Tootoo is definitely more of an agitator, like Maltby. I wasn't referring to Tootoo's punching ability, rather his willingness to fight. Unless I'm mistaken, Tootoo fights way more than Maltby ever did. It will be nice to have a guy who will defend the cheep shots that I'm sick of seeing go without repercussion.
  14. ElCapitan


    Very well could be either way. My thinking was that if a KHL team is offering him 10 mil. that Semin thinks a "discount" or "lower amount" would be around 7-8 mil. Who really knows though.