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  1. Tonight is a legitimate reason why its nice to have a guy willing to get physical. Zero spark. Zero energy. Nobody making any effort or attempt to energize the team and shift the status quo of a lethargic game.
  2. I'll throw Jiri Fischer's name into the discussion- since he's not 45 and could hypothetically still be a productive player. A big, physical body on the blue line would be great
  3. Forgive me if this has already been posted, but: "He’s been in the league about 15 plus years, it’s not any secret what he brings to a team," said Holland. "He obviously brings a dimension of physicality. He has no problem dropping the gloves. He’s a vocal leader on the bench." "It was pretty interesting," said Detroit coach Mike Babcock. "We had May in exhibition for a couple of games and no one gets hacked or whacked. When we don’t have him, we get run. We don’t have a team that twists off helmets at stoppages. You get tired of seeing it all the time. It’s just nice when you get someone to look after that stuff." So that right there pretty much shoots down the Softy-Crowd excuse of May being "worthless" because "physical players dont PREVENT injuries and cheapshots"
  4. Skilled? Yes. Balanced? Not a chance. What exactly are you compensating for and balancing by adding a skilled, finesse forward?
  5. McCarty now has 2 goals tonight
  6. There are 1000 reasons to criticize this team, but the play of Chris Osgood is not on that list. Thats just crazy talk
  7. I would also argue that perhaps his biggest flaw is that he isnt a motivator. A good manager of assets, but I dont see him getting 'a lot out of a little'. He's not an asskicker or a motivator by any means.
  8. He continually shows that he has no idea who to manage/coach an enforcer. His method for dressing/scratching Downey is completely opposite to the philosophies of coaches who actively and productively manage multiple enforcers
  9. This would be a perfect time to send out Downey to take a few runs at people or drop em with Hordichuk to get a spark. Sure glad Matt Ellis is out there!!!
  10. Haha c'mon, have you BEEN to the Joe? A strong represention of Downriver, Taylor MI whitetrash.
  11. Seriously? I'm jealous. The Joe is a church 95% of the time. It'd be a blessing if the Detroit fans decided to take the initiative to create chants
  12. Glad we dont have Downey in there tonight. God knows that a fight would just depress the team even more!
  13. I know, its an emotional rollercoaster to score 2 goals in he first 4 mins